Here is a broad range of some popular infomercials that you might be interested in. Well we will leave the TV Hat out of the practicality category... It's more of a gag gift than anything even demonstrated on the Colbert report. Becky Worley goes over each product in a casual, fun demonstration showing us what she liked and disliked about the Cami Secret, Kangaroo Keeper, 30 Second Smile, TV Hat and Forearm Forklift.


1.  Cami Secret: Grade C-

It's meant to be an alternative to a camisole. It's a small panel to cover low cut tops and dresses and pins onto the bra.

  • First of all, the problem is that the material doesn't hang right so it doesn't look good.
  • The material tends to flip out of the top.
  • If you have a larger bust you can't adjust the hooks on you're bra straps.

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The Baby Bullet caught the attention of quite a few parents who are concerned about food additives and preservatives in store bought baby food. It would be nice to have the ability to prepare healthy meals to kids at prices far less than you can find in stores. Watch as these ladies put this gadget to the rigors of pureeing and blending of many fruits and vegetables. Baby Bryson even does some taste testing... we need to know if babys will enjoy the food too!

KFVS12 News

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The Swivel Store claims to store all your spices in 4 inches of cabinet space.Who doesn't need a little help organizing their spices, especially when you've got tight cabinet shelves? Depending on how many spices you use and what size of jars they are in will depend if this spice rack will work for you or not.
Watch the video review below to see if this kitchen gadget is right for you.

Infomercial Claims

  • Store, slide and swivel items all  in one place.
  • Can use with spices, pills and medications, craft and art supplies, garage clutter and more
  • No installation required stores in a 4x4 inch space.
  • The unique design slides forward, then swivels like a revolving doo.
  • Holds up to 20 spices right where you can see and reach them with ease.
  • Measures 11 1/8" L x 4 1/8" W x 10 3/4" H

How to Use the Swivel Store

Both the top and bottom racks need to have an equal amount of weight with heavier items in the back.
You'll have to be a bit careful pulling out the shelves and you can only pull one out at a time.
You're cabinets will need to have a height and depth of 11 inches.
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It never ceases to amaze me how many egg gadgets they can come up with in an attempt to solve the dilemma of peeling eggs. So what's the big fuss about peeling eggs anyway? A product called Eggies claims to make all your egg dilemma a thing of the past... We'll see about that!

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In this Fast Brite review, you'll see the difference of a regular dull and foggy headlight, a professional lens restoration and the use of Fast Brite. You'll remember that the infomercial has pretty big claims. restore your headlights to a show room shine in 30 seconds? Hmmm we'll see about that!

Dallas News |

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Everyone's has a favorite place to relax and kick back. Sometimes our couch or easy chairs deteriorate and are a bit on the droopy side. That's where Furniture Fix comes in. It's meant to be a quick fix to extend the life of a saggy seat cushion. These day's many of us can't afford to replace a whole chair or couch. Find out if this As Seen on TV product really works.

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Does EZ Moves Furniture Slides Really Work?

by Theresa on November 9, 2011 · 1 comment

EZ Moves furniture slides would be a dream come true for anyone trying to lift or move heavy objects on their own. The creators of EZ Moves promise that the "power bar" gives you Herculean strength "ten times your natural strength". Watch this video to find out if it really works as advertised.

In the demonstration above, Lynn tries moving a couch and fridge. She inserts the power bar, slides in the sliders and was successful at moving them. Chad tries the EZ moves on a vehicle but no luck there!
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Electric potato peelerRotato Express is an electric potato peeler which promises to save you from the time consuming mess of peeling fruits and vegetables. Not to mention the nicks, scrapes and cuts associated with using a manual peeler. Sound interesting but skeptical? You may be wondering what the downsides are....

How Rotato Express Works

  • Secure the food on the bottom spokes, lower the upper arm and rest the cutter arm on top of the food. Press a button and a few seconds later the peel is gone. You can run it on batteries or by plugging it in an outlet.
  • It comes in either white or black but for some reason the company doesn't allow you a choice of colors.
  • Comes with an extra two blades and a thumb knife which you can keep stored inside the base.

The Test

Marcy is a mom of two and doesn't care too much for messy and time consuming chores like peeling potatoes. So she goes to work peeling up several fruits and veges with the Rotato Express.

First try peeling - Pototo falls off
Second time peeling - Blade comes off the arm
Third time - It actually works and she's on a roll peeling a potato, an apple, a lemon, a kiwi and a turnip

Other Consumer Concerns

  • The most common complaint was of the blade holder not holding the blade and some have it pop off and fly across the room while in use. Quite dangerous!
  • Smaller fruits and vegetables will have too much peeled away. In these cases its best to use a hand peeler.
  • If your fruits and veges are more ripe than it makes a big mess and peels away too much.
  • The instructions don't show a clear illustration of how to put the blade on once it's popped off.

The Rotato Express overall does save you time if you can get the blade to stay.  You'll need to have patience to get this peeler going. Now onto our next kitchen gadget review all about Micro Smores.


Micro S'mores anyone? During these cold winter days, how about enjoying a camping favorite in the comfort of your kitchen? If you enjoy making and eating S'mores indoors have a look at the micro smore maker with the (I kid you not) "patented fusion technology".

How to make microwave S'mores

You also get the recipe book with 24 unique Smore recipes. Try some unique combinations...  How about peanut butter cups, toffee chocolate and raspberry chocolate?

Comparison With and Without the Smores Maker

  • They were cooked evenly and actually were full of flavor.
  • Without the S'more Maker the marshmallows aren't moist and are tough and chewy.
  • Heats up your S'mores in 10 seconds flat.
  • No need to take out the tin foil or heat the oven.
  • Fun for for kids and adults alike.
  • It melts the chocolate evenly without leaving a mess.
  • The plunger helps to keep the S'more cooking evenly. Without it, the marshmallow expands and the S'more dismantles while melting.

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Glass Wizard vs Paper Towel and Glass Cleaner

by Theresa on January 9, 2011 · 1 comment

You might be wondering if the Glass Wizard is any better than using good ol paper towel and glass cleaner. I could see if you've got small kids putting their hand prints everywhere or you need to reach and clean difficult corners you may be interested in this newest As Seen on TV gadget... that is, if it really works as advertised!

Glass Wizard Replacement Bonnet

I've heard that some of you have ordered the Windshield Wonder only to receive the Glass Wizard in it's place. It looks like Glass Wizard may be an upgraded, replacement product.

What You Get With the Glass Wizard

The handle is 18 inches long while the head is wedge shaped and swivels and gets into corners quite well.  It comes with two replacement bonnets for regular cleaning, a grime buster bonnet for heavy duty cleaning as well as a small spray bottle.

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