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Hello web surfer!  I'm Theresa Kruger from Calgary, Canada. Welcome to my site!

Have you ever caught yourself watching infomercials or the home shopping channel? If you've ever been awake in the middle of the night watching TV, you've probably heard this familiar phrase: "But wait, there's more!" It is a classic line in the world of late-night infomercials. I have to admit that for years I've had (and still do) have a slight obsession for these products. I hate to admit this but ... I always want to jump up out of bed, grab the phone and buy stuff! I've bought quite a few of them over the years. Many to this day I couldn't live without. Others I wish I'd never laid my eyes on!!

What makes infomercials so compelling anyway?

There's something about the commercial, the product, the pitch and the offer that compels (some of us) to pick up the phone and take out our credit card and "make the call."

  • We can always relate with the product. It always conveys a problem and a solution that we can identify with.
  • Infomercials are fascinating because they offer cures for almost everything-Including sagging earlobes, yellow teeth, heavy furniture and fat, arthritic dogs. No I'm not kidding!!=)
  • There are other things -- good value for your money, the belief that there's more, there's always the extra bonus.

Want to find out if those infomercial products are as great as they sound on TV??
Over time I got a little bit smarter about my purchases. I started searching the net for anyone who had tried the product before I did.

Do you find yourself endlessly searching the web for comparisons or reviews? I get a bit annoyed when I see other sites giving misleading information on products only to promote their own.   How do we know who to believe?

I created this site to provide REAL objective, unbiased reviews on the most popular TV products so you can avoid the bad and buy the good!

You Deserve Better!

Easy to read, fun and thorough reviews without all the "in your face advertising".

Here's the deal… I don't have time and the money to buy EVERY single infomercial product on the market. ( There are over 1,400 of them!) What I CAN do is to  look for both positive and negative reviews from actual consumers and summarize them for you. Whenever I can and if it's available, I will also include an unbiased video review of the product being tested. Video reviews don't lie!

My reviews are summaries of the most important product facts in an easy to read format. I will  give you the pros, cons and best uses for each product.

Yes, I want to help put an end to buyer's remorse.  How are my reviews different?
Unlike other sites, I’m not trying to sell you anything. I want to create this blog to help you make an informed product decision by giving you all the information you need from real life consumers! Big Difference!

I want your opinion too! I do appreciate you!

I want my reviews to be as much of a conversation as possible. Keeping up a site would be a lonely thing, if nobody was commenting or interacting.  At the end of each of my reviews, please feel free to leave your own personal comments on your thoughts, ideas for new product reviews, tips and tricks... and whatever else you can think of! You can also send me a personal email by heading over to the "Contact" page and filling and submitting that form.

Lets have some fun with this, ok?

I don't want to get overly serious with this site either. Yes I want to give you great reviews but lets have a little fun along the way.   I want to make this enjoyable for both of us because I know I'm gonna be around for a long, long time!

Hope you enjoy my site!!

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1 Eve Z July 5, 2009

I really appreciate your effort. Thank you.

2 Monica December 15, 2009

Thanks for setting up this website! It’s really informative, especially considering all the disinformation that’s available on the web.

3 Jeremy from We Took The Bait January 22, 2010

Every As Seen On TV website I visit is a self-proclaimed authority on “unbiased” reviews. Each review on the site is a glowing evaluation of the product in question, with a direct link to purchase the product. Your site is the first I’ve stumbled across that isn’t a thinly veiled sales-pitch. Glad to see there’s some honesty and integrity left on the Web!

4 Theresa January 25, 2010

Oh thanks Jeremy! I agree, there are some so called review sites that are blatant ads. Even some copies of infomercials on You Tube are being called reviews. That’s ridiculous! The more the DRTV sites do these things to promote their products the more distrust they create.

Those review sites that are nothing but sales pitches…”Oh yeah I tried this product and its sooo great.” Bla Bla Bla or they put stars beside their product like its been rated by others. Of course they have to market their product but some go too far!

5 Maya Ranselaar May 24, 2011

hi theresa
im looking for a product i saw on tv last week .. its a hair curling product,,, heated clips with no rollers!… just heated clips!.. you wind your hair around your own finger, then put the clips on the hair.
can you please help me find them .

6 Kerry O'Donnell June 16, 2011

Hi – I’m actually looking for a best in class informercial producer. Possible someone may direct me to an appropriate contact(s)?

Thanks – Kerry

7 J Cerick August 4, 2011

Who is the manufacturer of the Heeltastic package?