Does Cash4Gold Give You the Best Return?

by Theresa on March 26, 2009 · 2 comments

Cash4Gold was recently shown during the last Super Bowl infomercial. Who could forget, all that bling and the odd mix...MC Hammer and Ed McMahon both hawking Cash4Gold’s service which converts precious metals to cash. The Cash4Gold infomercial spot opens with the Cash4Gold logo and a “Heeere’s money!” from McMahon. He places a pair of unwanted gold cufflinks into the Cash4Gold bag. Hammer and McMahon each show increasingly ludicrous items that can be traded for cash. Hammer sells his gold medallion and of all things... a gold sledge hammer and parachute pants. McMahon trades in his gold hip replacement, gold microphone, gold golf clubs and even gold toilet. Sounds like rough times for poor Ed!

Cash4Gold vs CashforGold USA- There is a difference

Cash4Gold vs CashforGold USA- There is a difference

Now that both stocks and the dollar are down, people are looking for the best places to get cash for gold jewelry. You can safely sell your old jewelry for three times more, now than just five years ago. Pawn brokers are reporting that people from all walks of life are raiding their jewelry boxes and bringing in old scrap jewelry. The selling of gold is up 50% from last year.

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So is Cash4Gold the best place to sell your gold jewelry? Several online refiners and ads seen on TV have sprouted up making the decision much more difficult. During a recent Fox News investigation they put some of the better known "sell cash for gold" companies to the test. They purchased three identical gold necklaces from a department store and had them appraised. Then they sent one necklace off to "Cash4Gold USA", "Cash 4 Gold", and "Broken Gold". The fastest and highest paying results were from "Cash for Gold USA" with a payment of $15.50. Cash4Gold paid $5.52 while "Broken Gold" paid $5.60. Don't forget that Cash4Gold and CashforGoldUSA is are different companies with completely different returns.

If Cash4Gold offers the least return and is the best place to sell your gold and precious medal, when is the best time to sell it? At Kitco Bullion Dealers in Montreal, analyst Jon Nadler expects that by summer the dollar will begin to recover and gold will return to stabilized level of $650 - $750 an ounce. So there is a window of opportunity for people to get the best cash when they sell unwanted gold coins and jewelry.

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1 Garrett March 27, 2009

The problem with all of these sites is that they refuse to tell you how much hey pay for gold (or silver) per gram. You can call them, berate them, plead with them, interrogate them and they will never give up their “formula”. That is because they are intent on paying well below what the items are worth… even as scrap. I checked ALL of them. The only place I found that was up front was the Silver and Gold Exchange at They post what they pay right on their website via a live chart linked to the current price of gold and silver. I sent my items to them and received more than I expected.

2 Theresa March 28, 2009

I guess the nice thing is that you call both the Silver and Gold Exchange and Cashforgold USA and find the best return before you send in your jewelry. I’m sure rates vary from day to day.