CNBC Takes an Inside Look at the As Seen on TV Industry

by Theresa on April 22, 2009 · 0 comments

CNBC takes you inside the world of the infomercials starting tonight at 9pm ET and 6pm PT. You can catch it again at 1am ET and 10pm PT. Hosted by Darren Rovell, he goes inside the $150 Billion [tags]infomercial scam[/tags] industry of direct response infomercials. He shows us how Ginsu Knife, ShamWow and Snuggie have become household names throughout the years. You can take a peak in the CNBC video below.

Rovell sits down with the industry heavyweights. He talks to inventor Ron Popeil, annoying pitch man Billy Mays and Telebrands CEO, AJ Khubani. The show tests which products are busts or buys, and uncovers the psychology behind why some sales pitches hit out of the park while others strikeout.

The whole science and skill of how they create the ads are kind of interesting. How they push your buttons like that...those bastards. I just wish ALL the products worked exactly as advertised. The formula sounds simple: Product + Pitch + Pizazz = Infomercial. But it's really a combination of skill and science as well as the right amount of silliness that goes into creating an ad that will make you get up and buy.

It should be interesting. I love that Ron Popeil. In the video, he's sitting there tinkering with his Pocket Fisherman in his outdoor pool...what a character. I just hope they don't gloat about all the money they are making even during times of recession. Here are some more videos that give you a quick peek of the [tags]CNBC-As-Seen-on-TV[/tags] show from the CNBC site.

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