Pitchmen is a New Pitch Perfect Reality Series on Discovery Channel

by Theresa on April 25, 2009 · 10 comments

Pitchmen is the newest reality show on Discovery Channel. I had a chance to sit down and watch the first episode last Wednesday and it sure was a treat! Wasn't sure how long I could stand seeing Billy and Anthony, but the show was really well done. It's almost like a remake of “American Inventor." Except this is something Billy and Anthony do in their everyday life. It follows the adventures of pitchmen Billy Mays and Anthony "Sully" Sullivan.  They search worldwide for inventions that they believe can make it big.
Just like on "American Inventor", we hear heartbreaking stories of inventors who have remortgaged their houses, spend their child’s education savings. Literally staking everything they own and then some, on their inventions.  Billy and Sully are introduced to the product and they can tell within the first 30 seconds if the invention will be a success or not. For a few lucky individuals, having Billy and Sully falling in love with their products and deciding to pitch it to the masses could be the turning point that changes their lives forever.  Will their fall short? Or with Billy and Sully's backing, run their gadgets all the way to glory?

Pitchmen - First Episode

The first episode gave us a glimpse of how new products are uncovered. There were two potential goldmines...The one you see in the video is called "Impact Gel". It's not just any shoe insert! It has an amazing ability to cushion and protect the soles of your feet. Mays and Sullivan are introduced to the product in a pitch meeting.  I couldn't stand watching this part... The inventor co-inventor places his hand between two sheets of the gel and smashes it with a hammer. It's a great demonstration with lots of shock value. But that's the point. It immediately captures Billy and Sully’s interest.

The second product is "GPS Pal". It's a cup-like device that you can use to move your GPS device off the dashboard and onto one of the cup holders of your vehicle. It stores the extra wires in the back and it’s designed to allow drivers to easily store and move their GPS.

Pitchmen Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan

Pitchmen Show with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan

In the end both Mays and Sullivan are thrilled with "Impact Gel".  Mays seems to be a little luke-warm about the "GPS Pal." His concern is that it's a product with no visual excitement and that it doesn't have mass appeal since GPS isn't used by everyone.

In the end they produce and test commercials for both inventions. It's really fascinating to see just how these [tags]pitchmen[/tags]ads are put together. It was quite funny with the "Impact Gel" spot. They wanted Billy to put his gel-wrapped hand under a car wheel and he refused! The viewers get an update on the long term potential and sales figures of both products.

Pitchmen is a real treat and I'm really looking forward to next week's show. Now I wonder if someone could explain why Billy Mays is selling now selling health insurance like it was a type of new mop!  You can catch Pitchmen on Discovery Channel on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  I found this interesting little quiz on the Discovery site. What infomercial product are you? It's an Infomercial personality quiz and lots of fun! Take the quiz here. If you want to check on what's coming up in each show have a look Discovery Channels Pitchmen site. Lots of shows on infomercials these days. As if you haven't had enough,  CNBC had a show last week about the  As Seen on TV Industry throughout the years.

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1 Cindie L May 3, 2009

I have come up with the perfect – D-matting system for all dogs. Instantly gets the matts to fall out of the dogs fur!
How do I pitch this to Pitchmen?

2 Leslie May 3, 2009

I’ve watch a couple episodes now and was a little annoyed by their “squabbling” and now on the second episode with their continued squabbling taking center stage to the real issues, I probably will not continue watching this show. Ok, a little bit of personality conflict may make the show interesting, but for heaven sake, Sully, you don’t walk on water!! Come down a notch, you’re not a movie star, you JUST do INFOMERCIALS!! You can be quite annoying yourself, so have some tolerance for the rest of the mortals on the set!!

3 Theresa May 12, 2009

If you have a product you’d like to pitch to the “Pitchmen” here’s where you can apply. I emailed Discovery Channel and this is what they had to say….

Since programs you see on Discovery and other networks such as “Pitchmen” are pre-produced well in advance of broadcast, the producers of the show have already chosen the products/people who will be featured in this particular series of episodes. If the program is successful enough (ratings-wise), that could possibly result in Discovery renewing the show for a second season and there might be a casting call for new products/people at that time. You can keep an eye on the fan site for such news:

Pitchmen Site

Although we don’t have contact information for the cast of the “Pitchmen” show, you can try sending mail to the postal address on the following site:

Sullivan Productions

I actually checked the Sullivan Productions site and there is a link on the left hand side specifically for applying to show your invention to them.

4 Ida J May 30, 2009

Excited about your show. It’ll be a huge success…I just know it. And I wanna be on the show with my inventions too!

5 Douglas Ricks June 17, 2009

I am a young inventor trying to get my break in this industry iam 22 from washington dc i have a wide vairety of new products

6 Real Inventor June 22, 2009

I think the show is great for “real inventors”. The show featuring the GatorBlade this Wed, is featuring a product that has been copied from a wiper called Scrublade that has been on the market for 4 years. Sully and Billy have been aware of this for the past year and are still putting it on the show which is very wrong. I wouldn’t trust these two as far as I could throw them! To the so called “inventor”, does it give you satisfaction stealing someones hard work and passing it off as your own!?

7 Theresa June 22, 2009

Ohhh you’ve got to be kidding! I’d be p*ssed if I was you!! I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m really shocked that Billy and Sully pulled off something like that. Of all people in the industry to be ripping off other inventors products. I see your website there at http://www.scrublade.com

I know the original makers of the Snuggie also stole the idea from a couple who created the Freedom Blanket about 10 years earlier. I’m wondering how widespread this problem is. I’m curious if you are going to pursue legal action or not or if you want to just spread the word about your situation. Maybe we could prevent other inventors from possibly having something like this happen to them. Bloggers and Twitterers would have a hayday with Billy May if they found out about your story. They’re always writing about him. Anyways, I wish I could help in some way. Please let me know.

8 Theresa September 9, 2010

If you’re interested in applying for the new Pitchmen show, here is the link!

9 Jack Zhang December 15, 2010

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10 Talia May 4, 2011

No website yet, I am a single mother of 2 children, I have 2 inventions, one being my favorite, the best part is is that it is cheap to make and would be promoted my the commmunity, parents, the world, schools ect. Please get back to me, I need to know what steps to take from hear.