Two Women Have Identical Problems Ordering Online

by Theresa on April 20, 2009 · 0 comments

Problems ordering online seem to be an issue for the Smooth Away Company.  Both WINK News and Fox 8 News recently talked to two ladies. They both had identical stories of phantom charges showing up on their bank statements. Not all infomercial sites are bad but there seems to be a few out there that have issues with billing. Here are a few things to consider when ordering online or over the phone from these companies.

Above, Don Patterson had mysterious charges showing up after ordering from the Smooth Away site. It looks like she was automatically enrolled in two discount membership sites. The names are Savings2Go and Leisure Plus. They phoned the Smooth Away office and they agreed that they do offer third party membership services to Smooth Away customers.

Connie brought her [tags]problems ordering online[/tags] debit card issue to the attention of FOX8 News. She used a debit card for her trial purchase and a few weeks later noticed some extra mysterious charges.

Things to consider when ordering over the phone or online

  1. Always review your bank and credit card statements every month. I find it helpful to write down theThings to consider when ordering onlineamounts and dates of everything I buy online. Many times the company name displayed on the credit card statement is under a different name than the product you ordered. So it's nice to have a check list of what was bought so you can double check your purchases at the end of the month.
  2. When you make purchases online or over the phone, always use your credit card instead of your debit card. Credit card companies offer more protection against fraud.
  3. Check what the shipping costs are for the original item and also for any additional free or discounted product they want to send you. This is especially true for Canadians ordering from companies located in the U.S. There’s such a huge delivery charge, many times it’s not worth buying the product.
  4. Look for pre-checked boxes that automatically sign you up for other goods or services. Uncheck them so you don't get charged.
  5. Watch for implied consent automatic renewal subscriptions. You get something free for a while then after a short time get billed automatically and repeatedly.
  6. Some internet sales firms don't have enough customer service representatives to service all of their customer inquiries. Connie had to wait 2 hours to get someone on the phone that could help her!

Have you had problems ordering online?  Not all As Seen on TV product sites are as bad as Smooth Away.  Some make the order process confusing. For some companies, it just doesn’t seem to be a priority to show or explain the order clearly as your going through the check out process.

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