Consumer Results of Using Liquid Leather

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Liquid Leather type products have been around for decades. No other infomercial opens with quite as big a bang as this one. Actually it's not so much a bang as a stab.  Viewers see a male hand plunges a knife deep into its teal-colored cushion.  Normally there could be only a couple of ways to deal with such an outrage. Either send the entire piece to the dump or duct tape the hole...but not with Liquid Leather.  All you need is a little dab and a little heat and you can have that sofa looking like new again. Well we can all hope that it works that way!

How Is Liquid Leather Supposed to Work?

Liquid Leather Repair Kit

Liquid Leather isn't leather at all. It's a urethane compound that solidifies into leather like pliancy when heated. According to the directions, you first clean the leather with soap and warm water. Then you simply spread it, peanut butter-style, over the afflicted area.  Then use a piece of grain paper that impresses a pattern into the urethane that matches that of the stricken spot. Then apply heat for two minutes and remove the paper. There you have it! You have a perfectly matched, indistinguishable repair! Is it really all that easy? Here's the downside...

Here's What Consumer Experienced

  • Liquid Leather Repair - Does it Work?Even with your best efforts and if you follow the directions very carefully, you may not get a color tone that matches exactly. You'll be looking at a slightly off-color patch on your car, couch or jacket for years to come.
  • Even if you get it to match when the mix is wet, the color changes somewhat when it dries.
  • Consumers report that the finished repair usually will look worse than the original damaged area.
  • The tear may be in a curved area like a couch cushion, so applying heat might be a challenge.
  • It's really messy to work with.
  • Even if you do repair it and it looks half decent there are reports that the fixed area will start to crumble and pull apart because it's not flexible.

Leather Restoration Alternatives on Amazon

Liquid Leather gets two thumbs down. You need to be a professional in the field of leather repair to make this [tags]Liquid Leather[/tags] to work properly. I don't understand why this product is still being sold on the market after all these years. Kind of makes you wonder! BTW Here's another cool little auto  gadget, it's called the Tire Minder. Let's see if it actually works!

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