Simoniz Fix It Put To the Test – Does It Fix Vehicle Scratches?

by Theresa on February 19, 2009 · 0 comments

simoniz fix it

Simoniz Fix It is made by Simoniz the name detailers are suppose to trust.  I'm not sure why they put their name behind this product! Consumers seem a little angry at Billy Mays and want to kick his butt for recommending Fix It. That's a bad sign... If you're looking for a quick fix for your vehicles nicks scratches and dings, here's a video of Fix It put to the test and quick review.

Simoniz Fix It Claims

  • It's magic! The scratch disappears right before your eyes!"
  • Quick and easy way to repair scratches and swirls in your car’s finish.
  • Requires three easy steps - Apply Fix It polish to your scratch, rub Fix It in with the power buffer and wipe away.
  • The microscopic polishing agents penetrate deep into the scratch and renews the finish to a like new shine.
  • Repairs, fills and seals pesky blemishes in any color car.
  • Resins fill the scratch on contact and UV hardeners cure in the sunlight.

Fix It Put to the Test

In the car product review Bill (not Billy Mays) tests out a car with three types of scratches: minor, medium and severe.  Bill starts with a small scratch, first buffing it then wiping it off with the microfiber cloth. “It looks like it did a very good job on minor scratches,” he said.  He then tries the medium scratch which after drying the fix it only improved the scratch but the scratch is still there.  They try it on the big scratch and it doesn't seem to improve it at all.

What Do Consumers Think?

  1. It only works on superficial scratches.
  2. Other consumers are having terrible customer service issues since its automated voice at
  3. The free turbo vac gift that's included with a purchase is a bit of a joke and doesn't do much of anything.
  4. Get this!  You can return your product for a full refund minus shipping and handling only if the [tags]Simoniz Fix It[/tags] product is unopened. So how can you try and use it without opening it?

Final Verdict

Simoniz Fix It works as a quick fix for minor scratches only. It basically just seals the scratch which will in the long term prevent moisture from going into it. There are too many angry consumers to count.  The cost comes to around $40 with S/H and is completely not worth it!

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