Does Ethos Really Save You Money?

by Theresa on December 2, 2008 · 0 comments

Ethos Gas Booster seems to be at every gas station and auto store in the country! You probably wondered if it really works. Is it worth buying at $28 for a 16 oz bottle?

Better gas mileage and cleaner environment… yeah we all want that! Well even though gas prices have gone down somewhat, I still wanted to do a little research on Ethos. Sure enough there are several News Stations that have already run some tests. There is WRG-TV News in Memphis, Fox News in Texas and Arizona.  I’ve also read tons of consumer reviews and I’ve summarized the results for you. Here's one review for you to watch.

How does Ethos work?

It basically reformulates the fuel you add to your vehicle.  Reformulated fuel burns more efficiently which in turn reduces emissions and increases your gas mileage!

There are benefits from ethos reformulating your fuel.

  • Lubricates the engine.
  • Fuel now has cleansing properties.
  • Carbon deposits are removed which results in better fuel combustion in the engine and less toxic emissions.
  • Less maintenance, engine runs smoother, reduces engine heat.
  • Horsepower increases.
  • Unused fuel is saved in the fuel tank, waiting to be used efficiently by the engine, instead of exhausted in the form of toxic emissions.

Ethos Instructions
The instructions tell you to put about 4 ounces of Ethos per 10 gallons of gas every time you fill up.  It also says you must add Ethos to your oil the first time and then every time you change the oil, one ounce per quart.

What does the emissions test tell you?
To test if Ethos works they run emissions tests before and after adding Ethos.  Levels of the following: hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide are measured before and after using ethos.

What are they looking for in these tests?
They are looking to reduce emissions containing hydrocarbons which is really just unburned fuel being spit out the gas pipe.  If hydrocarbons go down in the tests that means the fuel economy has gone up because you are burning more in your engine. Bad emissions mean bad fuel economy. Good emissions mean good fuel economy.

News Station Test Summaries

Test 1

  • 1985 Toyota
  • Normal mileage 22 miles per gallon

Emissions Test Results

  • Hydrocarbons - Decreased by half
  • Carbon monoxide - Increased
  • Nitrice oxide - Cut in half
  • From these tests they come to the conclusion that the truck is now burning fuel more efficiently which exceeds the ethos guarantee of 30% increased fuel efficiency.
  • When they measured the gas mileage though it's still at 22 miles a gallon.

Test 2

  • 1982 Toyota Corolla
  • They did not measure the miles per gallon - only emissions

Before Ethos

  • Hydrocarbons 96-100 parts
  • Carbon monoxide 0.12

After Ethos and 20 miles of driving

  • Hydrocarbons are 7
  • Carbon Monoxide is 0
  • He drove one more week on the road with Ethos and his emission levels remained the same.
  • They did not mention the miles per gallon comparison but they assumed the mpg had improved due to the emissions tests.

Test 3

  • 2005 Toyota Highlander
  • Normal Mileage 24 miles per gallon
  • No emissions test done

After Using Ethos and Driving 103 miles

  • An increase of three miles per gallon or about 11%.

Here’s the deal: Does adding Ethos save you money?

After doing the math, that translates to a savings of $2 on a 500 mile trip in our vehicle.

Here's a comment from another Ethos Buyer.

I'm not too sure any of you will see a legit increase in gas economy, but anyone who's running an older car, say 10-15 years or more, will GREATLY benefit from using this product. I completely reversed a number of conditions in my vehicle, and my 1995 car runs like it did the day I got it. It's remarkable. I could have paid $2000 for a new tranny, tune up, oil change, etc, and instead, I paid about $40 in Ethos FR and my car's running like it's 1997 again. I don't think this will do much in a new car, but old car, you NEED to be using this product. You'll save thousands in repair bills, and might not need a new car for years and years.

Does Ethos really save you money?

Does Ethos really save you money?


  • Ethos says you will see results on your second tank of gas.
  • Ethos guarantees and delivers a prompt refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Cleans up a dirty system and restores power to your car if it's in good operating condition.
  • Ethos is non-toxic, non-hazardous... so much so that you can actually drink it!
  • Lubricates and cleanses injectors, filters, fuel lines and  carburetors.
  • Works with any fuel used in car, trucks, buses, RV’s, ships, trains and generators.


  • This is a very expensive additive to not work at all.
  • It saves fuel on some vehicles and not others.


1.  If you are doing a mileage test on Ethos-You need to disconnect the battery for up to 45 minutes to reset the fuel sensors. Here is a forum I found that talks about this as well as other [tags]Ethos[/tags]tips and tricks.

2.  I've read that there are apparently some issues calibrating exhaust sensors to some newer, post 2004 models, which can be remedied by resetting the computer by removing the battery cable for a brief period.

Ethos is fairly expensive, now selling at around $35 US retail for a 32 oz bottle. I've seen sites that offer you a 25% discount for either being a prefered customer or a wholesale distributor.  By the way, are you wondering how effective the  Tornado Fuel Saver works? I did a review on that a few weeks back if you want to check it out!

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