The Buxton Bag from Hell-See Why Ladies Hate This Purse!

by Theresa on January 4, 2009 · 6 comments

The Buxton Bag looks like a pretty neat expandable purse to organize all your personal items.  No more purse problems with this handy dandy personal organizer. Apparently the TV infomercial shows you can put anything but the kitchen sink in it.  Buxton has been around for a long time and has a very good reputation for quality leather product. This is why I was very surprised about reports this product is made so poorly!

Buxton bag with free listen up! Oooh Ahhhh!

Buxton bag with my lil reminder! Ohh Ahh!

What are the Buxton Bag Features?

  • It’s a leather purse or small bag with adjustable straps.
  • You can then wear it over the shoulder or across the chest.
  • It has seven different sized compartments.
  • The [tags]buxton bag[/tags]purse expands to accommodate all of your purse items.
  • It also has zippers on the inside and outside the bag.
  • Looks quite sleek and stylish.
  • You can tuck your cell phone on the shoulder strap pocket.
  • Your keys and purse can still be in a safe location yet in a convenient spot to quickly access them.

This video is hilarious. Watch how they struggle to get all the items in and actually close the bag without busting a zipper.

Buxton Bag Negative Feedback

I can’t believe how much negative feedback there is… It’s completely ridiculous. Whoever was contracted out to make these purses REALLY messed up.   As you can see most women are not exactly thrilled with it.

  • There’s a terrible odor that’s so bad you have to air it out in a separate room before you use it.
  • Anyone with a common type of cell phone found that the phone holder doesn't hold very snugly. Length wise it is fine but there seems to be too much depth.
  • The snaps are very weak and cannot hold a full purse closed.
  • Zippers and zipper pulls break. Some zippers break even before customers get to try out the purse! Good Lord..
  • The purse is made of very thin leather which starts to peel after one week. Also the leather starts coming apart at the stitching.
  • One lady reported that she has a medium size purse and tried to fit half of her stuff in the Buxton. She couldn’t get the flap to close.
  • If you put a lot of stuff in the flap that folds over it’s quite bulky and won’t close right.
  • The inner mesh pockets rip if you get anything caught in them.
  • The zippers on the side of the purse unzip themselves.
  • The strap moves up and down and some reports of it breaking after 2 days of use.
  • There’s been one report of the lining falling apart after one week of use.
Buxton Bag from hell

Buxton Bag is Cheaply Made

The Buxton Bag Organizer from hell is a good name for it! Most ladies are ending up throwing away their purse because of the condition of it after a couple weeks. Purse contents are spilling out as they are going about their daily business.  Like many of you, I was really impressed with the infomercial.  Thought this was the answer to all my purse problems. WRONG! The idea looks pretty good, but the product is horrible! Well hopefully the next two beauty products I'll review will have better results.

The Buxton Bag does have a new version over at QVC and it is getting some good reviews. Although the strap seems to stick out like a sore thumb because is a completely different color than the bag. BTW Joy over at 365PWords had a VERY bad experience with ordering this bag. Oh I forgot to mention that the customer service is terrible.. Well that about does it for this infomercial product. :-(

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1 365pwords January 4, 2009

Theresa – thanks for stopping by my blog. (I actually thought the poodle pix were hysterical and very artful.) By any chance did you see my post on the Buxton Bag? Talk about an “as seen on TV” piece of crap! I would write something on it for your blog, but you don’t seem to have a category for it…

365pwords’s last blog post..Purposeful Path for 2009: forget New Year’s Resolutions; pick a “theme”

2 Samantha September 23, 2009

Hey Theresa,

I got another negative for you about the Buxton Over The Shoulder Organizer Bag.

Yesterday I had places to go and while I was outside it started raining pretty bad. When I got onto the bus to get where I was going I had black dye smeared all over my white t-shirt. With this, it is obvious that the bag is a piece of crap in rainy weather and is a total fraud. Genuine Leather – HA! Big Joke.

3 Theresa September 26, 2009

Wow that’s nuts! Not only does it not hold all your belongings you have to worry about it getting all wet and smearing your clothes with dye. What a joke eh? Did you end up chucking it?

4 Jeffrey May 30, 2010

O.K. First off, I have a buxton and I love it. It is genuine leather and works just fine holding all the crap I need to carry around every day. First of all, the commercial is ridiculous. No one would ever try to put that much stuff in there, if you do you’re asking for it to break. Secondly, this thing costs very little, if you want a Gucci bag, go buy one! I got mine for $14.99 and it’s more than paid for itself.

5 Abby July 20, 2010

After a while, the dye on the bag rubs off all over your clothes. It stained my blouse where I could not get out the dye.
The zippers on the side unzip allowing my things to fall out. I know it is priced low contrasted to other bags but, I still think that quality should have been a priority in the making of it.

6 Sonia Westfall May 4, 2011

This company for Buxton bags sucksss, I called to ask why my order was taking so long and they ask me “so you want to cancel your order”, I said no and they cancelled it anyway, Now I am trying to call to ask what happened and their customer service phone doesn’t give you a change to talk with a human being. I waited for 8 weeks for this crap