Does the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Stand Up Over Time?

by Theresa on December 13, 2010 · 0 comments

The Buxton Cell Phone Wallet is meant to organize all your personal belongings into a small 7 accordian style pocket/wallet.  Sometimes you want to organize all your personal and then transfer them into another purse quickly and easily. This was the idea behind this wallet, although does it really stand up to general wear and tear?
Buxton wallet review

Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Claims

  • Sue puts it to the test and lets us know what she thinks of all the compartments.
  • Genuine leather exterior with seven accordion style pockets.
  • Organizes all of your basic belongings to hold IDs, credit cards, cash and essentials.
  • The compartments have a magnetic clasp for your MP3 player, cell phone and camera as well as hooks to hold your key chain.
  • It comes with a wrist and shoulder strap as well as a belt loop.
  • Many pockets and compartments in black, red, brown.


Its great that you can transfer your belongs from one purse to another easily and efficiently.
It will instantly organizes all of your basic personal beauty items and belongings so you can find what you need to quickly and easily.


The quality isn't as good as you'd expect from the Buxton company. It looks good at first glance but from people who have actually owned this purse say the following...

  • After two months of use the zipper is pulled to one side.
  • Threads are frayed and coming apart.
  • Change pocket is very small and you can't fit bills in.
  • Instead of being sewn, the cell phone compartment glued not sewn to the wallet compartment.

The Buxton Cell Phone Wallet just like the Buxton Bag is not that great quality for the long haul. Their advice to spend a little bit more and get a wallet and cell phone combo that will last for you.

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