Can You Really Grow Longer Lashes With Rapid Lash?

by Theresa on December 7, 2009 · 34 comments

Rapid Lash claims to grow longer lashes naturally. You may have heard about this eye lash growth serum on the news. The story goes that Glaucoma patients received drug treatments for their eye condition. Then began seeing a surprising side effect...full, long, lush eyelashes. The ingredients in the glaucoma drugs that are responsible for this are prostaglandin and cloprostenol. Cloprostenol began to appear in more and more products, like Rapid Lash. But there's a lot of controversy around these two key ingredients. You might be wondering if these eyelash growth products are safe.

Long before Rapid Lash came out there were similar products already on the market.  I found a lady who's used several different eye lash renewal serums for over two years. If you're interested in watching her video below, she explains how they've worked for her. She also answers some common questions many of you have about the safety of these products.

Find out if Rapid Lash works

Advice From The Makers of Rapid Lash

Keep in mind results will vary with each person. It's essential to use this product as recommended on a nightly basis to ensure optimal results. Make sure you apply only a thin line to your upper eyelash. It increases the darkness, thickness and length of your lashes within 4-6 weeks.


  • Many Rapid Lash users do report that it adds length, thickness and volume of eyelashes and eyebrows too!
  • The tube lasts longer than 1 month which allows you to at least use it for a full cycle so you can see if it really works for you.
  • There's also an improvement in darkening your lashes which is good if you're a a natural blonde.
  • For the vast majority of Rapid Lash users they have not had any problems.
Rapid Lash is applied just like a liquid eyeliner.

Rapid Lash is applied just like a liquid eyeliner.


  • The price is a bit high since its around $45 for .1 fl oz. You need to keep buying the product to keep your lashes long. (Although you're lashes won't disappear over night if you don't use it.)
  • A few ladies report having allergic reactions to one or more of the ingredients in the product and experience swelling and itchiness around the eyes.
  • Some ladies experience slight reactions such as itchiness and redness on eyelids but not enough to cause them to stop using the product.
  • If you are planning to use it for your eyebrows as well as your eyelashes, your going to run out of the product  before one month is up which may end up being costly.
  • Some ladies are seeing results in a few weeks while others it takes up to 3 months.
  • Normally if you regularly pluck or wax your eyebrows over time these areas won't grow back eyebrow hair. If you start to use Rapid Lash on your eyebrows, it will fill in these areas where you don't want eyebrow hair growing.

Rapid Lash is one beauty product that really does work and yes there are small minority that do report problems with reactions but all in all, the majority who try Rapid Lash are very happy (almost shocked) that it works so well.

Other Alternatives to Rapid Lash

If you're worried about using Rapid Lash have a look at this video.There are several alternative treatments to get longer lashes such as eyelash extensions and tinting to name a few. I've tried the eyelash tinting at a hair salon and it does work but only lasts about a month.

YouTube Preview Image

Below, Laura has been doing beauty product reviews and tutorials on her YouTube channel for three years. She has tried eyelash growth products during that period of time. I like Laura's review because shes not just trying to sell products. She really cares about find the safest, most effective eyelash growth serum for less.

YouTube Preview Image

These are the products she has tried over the years and her results.

1. Jan Marini Age Intervention - Used it for 18 months and felt it worked really well. Expensive around $110-$160 for .2 fl oz. After she found other products flooding the market and she wondered if there was something better.

2. Enormous Lash by Intuit Beauty - $95 for .2 fl oz. She was very impressed with it and it gave amazing length. Eyelashes became longer and stronger and started to curl which didn't happen with the others.

3. Lilash Eyelash Stimulator - Very impressed with that extra bit of growth and length that she never got with the other products. After seeing results with this product he felt that this was as long as her eyelashes would ever get. It costs $140 for .2 fl oz.

Amazon has a variety of eyelash growth products as well as consumers experience with the product

These are answers to some common questions

  1. After trying all these products what do you recommend - She would recommend Rapid Lash (old formulation) or Lilash. Rapid Lash is selling a new formulation which she hasn't tried so the product to try (by default) is Lilash.
  2. How do you apply them - You apply all of them pretty much the same way. It's just like a liquid eye eyeliner brush and you run it along the base of the top eyelashes before bed.
  3. Do you apply it to your lower lashes -Some ladies want to apply it to the lower lash but it's much better to concentrate on the upper lashes since the product will seep through to the lower lash.
  4. Have you suffered any side effects - Eyelash growth products have been quite controversial over the years with many FDA investigations done. She has used then for a really long time and hasn't had any side effects. Some users have seen darkening of irises or skin at the top of lash line slightly redder. She feels that this was from the first generation of the Jan Marini product which was pulled from the market. Laura also tried Jan Marini but the only effect she had was her eyes stung slightly if she got the product in her eyes. She hasn't had that problem with Enormous Lash and Lilash.
  5. How long does it take to notice a difference -It takes 4-6 weeks before she noticed any change in her eyelashes.
  6. Do you're eyelashes stop growing if you stop using the product -After she stopped using the products for 2-3 months she didn't notice a difference. Her eyelashes were still healthy and long.
  7. Are there cheaper alternatives - Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator around $5 and people are getting good results with it. And also Mavala Double Lash around $20.
  8. What eyelash serum are you trying now -Shes trying the reformulated Enormous Lash. The reason she wants to try it is that it's parabin free and there is no added derivative from the glaucoma medicine (Prostaglandin) so its more natural safer formulation.

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1 Riley January 11, 2010

I use Revitalash for my lashes and have seen amazing results. I have tried every lash thickener under the sun and none worked as well as Revitalash!! Plus a doctor created it so I feel very safe using it.

2 kelly March 23, 2010

Can you wear false eyelashes (strip lashes) while using any of these applicators?

3 Barbara April 15, 2010

Can you apply mascara after using these products after giving them time to dry??? I have heard that there are lash growth products that can be used in conjunction with your daily eye make-up routine.

4 Theresa April 15, 2010

Let me give the company a call tomorrow. I have two questions to ask them now and I’ll write their response here.

5 Theresa April 27, 2010

Yes your right. I called the company and they mentioned that after the product dries on your lashes, it’s safe for you to apply your makeup as you normally would. This includes mascara and eye makeup.

Also it’s safe to use with false eyelashes. Again you have to let it fully dry before applying them.

6 shubee April 29, 2010

I been using revitalash and for me to a cleaner look better apply something into your eyes when everything is dry to avoid mess…with my eyebrow there’s no need for me to do more about it coz it already have its perfect shape, thanks to the famous and trusted eyebrow shaper no other than the revitabrow.! Use it! It work fast and effective.

7 Nance May 23, 2010

Have you tried Rapid Lash?

8 Meg May 30, 2010

I just saw your 10 minute video re: lash thickening and lengthening formulas. As an RN, I saw first hand the effects of prescription drops on patients’ lashes. I witnessed other nurses getting eye drops just to lengthen their lashes. I value my vision too much to go that far, however, these new products do interest me. This is a beneficial service you are providing. I would like to view your follow-up video, but do not know where to find it. Could you please direct me to where I might see your updated review. Thank you.

9 Theresa June 2, 2010

Hey Meg, I know what you mean. It worries me too but the draw of natural, long lashes is just too much. I think I will end up trying either Lilash or Rapid Lash. Here’s a list of Laura’s videos on Youtube. She’s got quite a few right here.

10 Cheska June 7, 2010

I have been using a mascara however I have never been satisfied on it. It brings discomfort to me, like itchiness. Thanks for the information here, I’ll definitely try Revitalash. As what I have read from your testimonials that it’s good. I just checked the site for Revitalash and I’m really impressed on how they care for Cancer patients. Any advise or suggestions for those who have tried it already?

11 hannee June 9, 2010

I haven’t try Rapid Lash. But RevitaLash really works for me. I used to have thin lashes but when I tried the product, I now have fuller and thicker lashes. Especially when you use the mascara too. It really looks you stunning. The price is worth it!

12 alexa June 10, 2010

I have tried Rapidlash before but it just don’t work with me so i decided to switch to RevitaLash and here now I feel so happy with the results. Find it so effective in just 3 mos.
.-= alexa´s last blog ..When in Rome =-.

13 Joyce June 11, 2010

Well latisse is too expensive for me, way beyond my price range. I’ve been using revitalash eyelash conditioner and had an amazing experience with the results. I’ve been using it for a year now and it’s where i found satisfaction with how my lasher are right now. I can’t wait to get another one.

14 norma June 11, 2010

Well, Revitalash has been working wonders for me. I just can’t explain how amazing the product is. I really noticed my short and dull lashes changing and ehancing naturally, looking fuller, stronger and darker after 7-8 weeks of using it. And also the main reason why i’m sticking with revitalash is the reasonable price. Not that expensive compared to lattise.

15 Sandy June 11, 2010

I really wanted to have long and full lashes. I tried home remedies but none worked and just irritated my eyes. I switched to an eyelash conditioner as my friend recommends. She told me to try Revitalash. I have been using Revitalash for 10 weeks, now I have fuller, darker,curlier lashes without any signs of side effects!! Though it took some time, it is worth the wait!! 3 weeks is a short time, I noticed changes on my lashes on the 6th or 7th week. But no regrets!! I love the results.

16 norma June 14, 2010

Haven’t heard of rapid lash. I am using Revitalash now and so far I don’t have any regrets. I’ve been using it for about a year now. I did notice after 6-7 weeks, my lashes were really looking fuller and darker, how amazing, isn’t it? I love the price as well, not that expensive compared to other brands.

17 Kathy June 14, 2010

For me revitalash is really great. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now and I can see my lashes changing gorgeously. and exactly, I was really impressed on this company when I found out that they pay back to cancer patients. Im not having any thought of switching to different brand. I love revitalash.

18 vernie June 14, 2010

I only tried Revitalash for my eyelashes, never had regrets since the 1st day. I noticed how my lashes enhanced naturally. Looking fuller and darker after 5-6 weeks of use. One thing, I never felt any itchiness and irritations. So, I don’t have plans to switch to another brand. I am loving Revitalash.

19 Jennifer June 17, 2010

I recommend Revitalash as well. With Revitalash, after 3 months use my lashes are now fuller, darker and longer. I didn’t have irritations. It’s cheaper and they donate to a cancer fighting community as well.

20 Nicole June 18, 2010

I haven’t try using Latisse. But I’ve been using RevitaLash for 6 weeks now, and I noticed that my lashes are getting fuller, thicker and healthier… I’ll keep on using this product.

21 Hannah B. June 18, 2010

I am a loyal Revitalash user, though I’ve tried some of the other products out there.Revitalash was one of the first eye lash growth products on the market and was developed by an eye Doctor, so I know it’s safe. It took about 8-9 weeks to see a noticable difference (doesn’t happen overnight). With mascara, my lashes touch my brow bone!! I get comments all the time.

22 Mel June 18, 2010

I have tried other products and regretted it! That’s why I switched to Revitalash after reading a lot of comments and reviews. I agree with Vernie, with Revitalash I had no irritations or discolorations. And it really made a difference in my lashes.

23 jacki June 26, 2010

ive just finished 5 months of chemo and have no eyelashes or eyebrows has anyone tried theese products after chemo and had good results

24 amanda July 2, 2010

a friend of mine been using revitalash she’s from chemo also and thanks for this product she’s having eyebrow and lashes now….i really believe on this product. Revitalash is so great ad amazing.
.-= amanda´s last blog ..When in Rome =-.

25 Ophelia July 8, 2010

Just wanna share this to you ladies, I discovered a new eyelash conditioner and it’s fabulous. It’s very affordable and it made my lashes thicker and luscious looking. It is MaximumLash Eyelash Conditioner. I am using it for 6 weeks now just apply it once daily and within four weeks and notice you’ll have fuller, thicker and healthier looking lashes. I recommend it also. Try it and you will never regret.

26 PAMELA July 9, 2010

I have used Revitalash on my own curiosity because im a frustrated on my lashes. Its short thin and brittle but it change everything since I tried revitalash its long thick and fuller. I now have an amazing natural look that doesn’t require a whole lot of work in the morning to get ready.

27 antonette July 16, 2010

love everything about RevitaLash. I can already see a huge difference. I am sooo glad I tried it. I would recommend this product to anyone!

28 Chelly July 19, 2010

A friend gave me revitalash to try it for mu dull lashes and from then I have been buying the product. It reall gave me satisfaction plus the factor that it has a very reasonable price.

29 Mackenzie July 22, 2010

I have been a happy Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner user It took about 5 months to see a noticeable difference on my lash it is now longer and thicker. I’ll stick with the one that’s more affordable!!!

30 Damaris July 24, 2010

Revitalash used to work on my eyelashes for approx 3 months with a concentrated period of 6 weeks usage daily. My eyelashes have changed and grown significanly longer.

31 Anastasia July 25, 2010

Like you Mackenzie I am also using Maximumlash eyelash conditioner! And I agree with you that the product is amazing. The difference it made to my lashes and my face is awesome.

32 Jessa July 26, 2010

Well, I only found satisfaction by the time I used revitalash. It really proved basing on how my lashes are right now. I am absolutely loving it. I recommend this product for those who have problems with their lashes – jessa

33 Loraine July 26, 2010

I as well Jessa is using revitalash eyelash conditioner for my eyelashes. My sister recommended it to me before for my short, brittle and fragile lashes and because of revitalash it’s now naturally enhanced looking healthier and fuller. Great product. I extremely recommend it to you girls.

34 Ophelia July 27, 2010

I suppose it all depends on individual. I’m a loyal Maximumlash eyelash conditioner customer so as most of my friends and family. Results are fantastic. We have not had any of those scary side effects as reported and it can’t be all of us are just that lucky. I think credit is due to Maximulash. Great products ever!