Pampered Toes Promises a Spa-Like Experience For Your Feet

by Theresa on March 11, 2009 · 33 comments

Pampered Toes Are Just OK

Pampered Toes are marketed to ladies who want to sooth their aching feet after wearing tight or high heeled shoes. It's supposed to relieve cramping and pain and promises a sensational spa experience for your feet.  Want to know if they're really all that great?

Pampered Toes Claims

  • They're a flexible gel that you put over your toes to help separate them.
  • They increase the circulation to your toes and in just a few minutes help relax them.
  • You can either cool them in the fridge or warm them in a microwave to give you extra relaxation benefits.
  • One size fits all - I'm not really sure about that. Please see Irene's comment below.

Do Pampered Toes Work?

Pampered Toes Infomercial
"Everyday we cram our feet into tight uncomfortable shoes that cramp and irritate our toes. It's no wonder our feet have so much by the end of the day."

"The new way to relieve hours of torture with just a few minutes of relaxation."

You’re supposed to gently stretch the gel unit and insert the toes into the corresponding slots. It recommends you wear pampered toes for 10 minutes.


  • It's not that easy to slide your toes in.
  • They feel weird at first and then feel uncomfortable after only a few minutes. Then your toes start to hurt. The infomercial clearly says that after a few minutes of wearing them your feet will feel great.
  • The ladies that tried them on really didn't care for them. They'd rather sooth their aching feet in hot water.
  • They gave them 2 out of 5 score.
  • You can buy Pampered Toes at Walgreens for 10 bucks.
Toe separators work great and cost about $1-2 bucks!

Toe separators work too - Around $1-2 bucks!

If you're still interested in trying out a pair, they are available on eBay for less as well as stores that sell As Seen on TV products.

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Pampered toes are really no big deal. Infomercials always have ways to make something look more appealing than it actually is. On the one hand, I personally do like having my toes stretched during a foot massage. It does relieve some stress but that’s an actual massage, not just putting something on your toes to stretch them apart. By the way, if you've ever seen those Strap Perfect infomercials and wondered if those worked please check out the link. I think ladies are getting a bit more use out of this compared to Pampered Toes.

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1 Irene March 21, 2009

I can’t believe that any woman who has left a positive comment about Pampered Toes has actually tried them. They claim “one size fits all–for men and women.” I have a size 10 foot and they are WAY TOO BIG for me. I even cut off the big and small toes to try to use them on my middle toes and they are still too big. This product is a fraud!

2 Theresa March 21, 2009

Wow! If they’re too big for you they’re definitely to big for everyone else! What a gimmick. And in the infomercial, they show all those women with fake testimonials telling us how they fixed their foot problems. You can buy those cheap foam toe separators for a couple of bucks and they’ll work better than pampered toes. :-)

3 Lynne May 12, 2009

The above post is incorrect. On the package it clearly states you CAN”T put in microwave or freezer. My dil has really tiny toes and chubby and they fit her. I have big feet size 10 and they fit me. It does say however, not to wear them if you diabetes or poor circulation so if they improve your circulation then wondering why you can’t wear them??

4 Theresa May 12, 2009

Hi Lynne, That’s interesting that in the directions it says you can’t use them in the microwave or freezer. At the Pampered Toes site and on the infomercial they say you CAN do this!

They are even promoting the fact that Pampered Toes is for poor circulation and the instructions actually say it’s not for those poor circulation? Wow what in the world is this companies motive for doing this? Maybe their trying to protect themselves from any potential lawsuit. How bizarre!

5 Helen May 31, 2009

Pampered Toes are WAY too big for my size seven feet… Thought they’d be good for my feet because I’m on my feet nearly ten hours a day at work so bought them (without checking reviews) to help relax tired feet and the end of each day…. not sure they help since cannot fit them on toes… especially the smallest two on each foot…. too bad the customer service lines are SOOOOOO busy they cannot take calls except when I’m working… hmmmmmm…. next time I’ll speak with my Yogi before I purchase items that make claims such as Pampered Toes ad statements. Buyer beware….

6 Theresa June 1, 2009

Oh geeze…what a pain in the butt for that chintzy little product eh? They should have at least put out two sizes a small and medium. How ridiculous!

7 Cristina July 13, 2009

The thing about this product is that it’s something you have to use a couple of times to get use to. The first time I used it was a bit uncomfortable and I had a hard time putting them on. But after a few uses I got used to my toes being spread apart and it slipped on much easier. I mean if you think about it if you hardly ever stretch your toes out how is it not going to hurt the first time? Also I wear size 8 1/2 to 9′s in shoes and these fit me just fine.

8 Em August 4, 2009

I just got these things tonight and while they are a little crazy feeling at first, your toes will adjust. Also, I have a size 7.5 foot and they fit just fine. You have to read the directions to figure out how to put them on correctly. They look big, but end up fitting just fine.

9 Theresa August 4, 2009

Thanks so much for the update! :-)

10 Michèle September 11, 2009

what a scam!! i live in europe and you can only but them online or on TV and they cost 50 euro’s that like 60 dollars!!!

11 Theresa September 14, 2009

Wow that’s absolutely ridiculous. I know what you mean Michele…it’s the same for us Canadians. The shipping and handling charges are so high it’s not worth buying a US product. That’s why I always buy these infomercial products in stores or at the Calgary Stampede exhibition that runs every July.

12 Leslie September 14, 2009

Just bought Pampered Toes at Ross a few days ago for $6.99 and they are AMAZING!! Been using them everyday since. I wear a size 4 shoe and they fit me just fine. LOVE them!! I am so surprised to see all of the negative reviews.

13 Shawna September 20, 2009

I bought them a while back and did not feel they did much for me; however I don’t wear uncomfortable shoes AND I have fred flintstone type toes. I am a size 6.5 and they fit just fine. Two night ago my husband tried them and WOW. He works for a package delivery company so is on his feet all day. His toes are SO squished together and he is loving how they are actually helping. He said “I can see air between my toes”. I think this product can definitely help and some of the people commenting are just complainers.

14 Theresa September 21, 2009

Appreciate your comments Shawna…I don’t think anyone means to complain though. They’re just sharing their point of view. But anyways, I still think standard toe separators would work just as good as Pampered toes! :)

15 Els October 15, 2009

Personally, I love them. I used to wear heels daily, and I would get foot cramps because they were changing the shape of my feet. Now, my feet a completely different shape.
I wanted to get them somewhat back to normal, so I decided to buy the pampered toes. If you buy them and expect them not to hurt, then you don’t know what they’re doing. They’re spacing your toes – which your bone structure is no longer used to if you’re used to wearing heels. Of course they’re going to hurt. (I think ‘sore’ is a more appropriate word). But if you really want to space your toes, then this is how to do it. By the way, I wear a size 9 shoe, and they work just fine for me.
My problem with toe separators is that they would always fall out. The pampered toes stay on!!

16 Pam November 26, 2009

I LOVE them. First time I purchased a competing plastic version that was available & it was painful & impossible to put on your feet, no real give to them. I got these & they work wonderfully. Easy to put on & wear. It took the muscles a little to adjust to the stretching. It greatly helps my Plantar Fasciitis! I wear a size 9 1/2W shoe & have no problem with fit.

17 chrissy January 2, 2010

I love them. I do toe scrunching and bending exercises with them on and the pain that I normally get in the joint of my big toe gets worked out like a massage.

18 mary February 1, 2010

I bought a pair on sale for $4.00 and they are great. I have used toe seperators when i get a pedicure, and those hurt, can’t wait to take them off. The gel in these is what makes the difference. Give them a chance. They really are awesome.

19 Christina R March 2, 2010

My mom bought me them and i think i like them.. I have a 7.5 shoe and arthritis and i think it helps stretch out my toes.. My feet feel better..

20 Georgina Smith (princess george) June 11, 2010

I got these, today, I like them, a nice stretch for the toes, very handy for painting toe nails as I find the normal insert thing pop out, fit my toes in fine,

I like it, G

21 JJ June 15, 2010

Can these help with bunions??

22 Theresa June 21, 2010

It would give some relief and yes they do claim it’s suppose to help bunions. If you’re interested, there’s another product that really helped my bunions. It’s called Barefoot Science Insoles. You can read more about it here.

23 michelle July 28, 2010

i got these a week ago, and when i wrestled one onto my chubby toes (i wear a mens 8.5 skate-style sneakers, womens shoes are just too tight) it felt like someone was strangling all my toes with tourniquets! holy cow did they hurt! i lasted about 2 seconds before i had to rip it off. i just tried one on again to see if maybe i was over-exaggerating the pain, but nope, my toes are wayyyy too fat for these things and they make my toes feel like they are going to explode off my feet. too bad, cause i could really use something like this. its also too bad i bought these for 4 bucks at a flea market instead of target or cvs cause i would so return these.

24 JOY August 27, 2010


25 joan l September 12, 2010

Many of the comments are from people working for the company..They are junk! Dont waste your time or MONEY.

26 Michelle October 13, 2010

Pamper toes are currently being advertised in the UK . Whereas you can buy them for $10.00 in the US they are on sale for £40.00 = $63.53 in the UK!What a rip-off!

27 Cynthia October 20, 2010

I tried these after learning about the benefits in yoga class. The first few timesyou put them on they are not comfortable. If you use them regularly and leave them on for longer periods of time they feel great and make your feet feel fantastic. My feet are a size 7. Remember when you exercised for the first time in years? Nothing feels good right away…perseverence is key!

28 Julie October 21, 2010

These were made for “Big Foot”. I have tried and tried without success to get these to fit between all of my toes. I can only fit my big toe and the next one in it.

29 Haych December 26, 2010

I recently saw these advertised on UK shopping channels and thought about buying them. They were advertised for £39.99 which is ridiculous but are on Ebay for alot less :)

Theres some very mixed reviews on these, so not sure whether to get them. My feet are are UK size 3,(36) which is pretty small. Just wondering if they would even fit…..

30 Theresa December 29, 2010

I just found them for less on eBay UK if you’re interested. Also do you have stores that sell As Seen on TV products? Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Walgreens. They normally have them in the beauty isle.

31 Haych December 30, 2010

Hiya Theresa.

I’ve found them on Ebay for £2.50 lol, so going to get a pair. I guess I really can’t go wrong at that price :)
We don’t have such stores in the UK I’m afraid. Some stores do sell a few ‘seen on tv’ products, but nothing like the US by the sounds of things.
But then again, Ebay’s got everything :D

32 mehran April 1, 2011

dear sir:’
i need one set pampered toes please information for buy .
thank you

33 Rose October 23, 2012

If you lube your toes and feet up with some cocoa butter vaseline first, they slide on super-easy, plus you’ll moisturize dry skin, and smell good too! I wear a size 9 wide shoe, and they fit great.