Smooth Away is the Latest Hair Removal Craze

by Theresa on March 12, 2009 · 5 comments

Does Smooth Away Work?

Smooth Away has been around in many forms over the years. It seems like there’s some sort of hair removal craze going on all over the net. Even a lot of interest among guys!  I see that the same company has many older versions of the product with the same name. They started with cream and the hair removal pads. Now it's just the pads. Well I finally bought Smooth Away and tried it for the first time last night...Here's how it went!

The Smooth Away kit contains the following

1 large applicator
1 small applicator
4 large and 4 small Smooth Away replacement pads

If you buy them online for $15 plus s/h you can get a second kit for free.
Better yet, you can save postage and handling by buying it at your local Bed Bath and Beyond for $10. Yesss!

Heartland News did a great review on Smooth Away. They had four different ladies give it a try...


  • Smooth Away ReviewNo more blades! Seriously, I am so tired of getting razor burn and cutting myself.
  • You apply it on dry legs and don't have to prep your legs with cream or lotion.
  • It exfoliates your skin at the same you're removing hair. My skin is not itchy and really smooth right now.
  • It's actually completely painless.  It kind of feels like rubbing super fine sandpaper on your skin. I'm sure if you push to hard you're skin could get irritated.
  • I have somewhat fine hair and I didn’t feel any irritation or little bumps on my skin except for the face area. BTW I tried it for demonstration purposes on my face but I just want everyone to know I don't have a mustache. :-)


  • The major shortcoming is that it doesn't work so well if you have thick, course hair.
  • You’ll also go through the pads fairly quickly.
  • The [tags]smooth-away[/tags]pads are most effective when they’re brand new. Then once you start buffing you’ll notice that the pads effectiveness will diminish.
  • You'll have to keep buying the pads since there's no way to clean or reuse them. Depending on how much hair growth you have you'll at least use one large pad per leg. Overtime this could get really expensive.
  • If you have sensitive skin especially your face area it will feel raw after using it.
  • It doesn't remove the entire hair like waxing does.
  • I've seen two ladies report that they had mysterious charges showing up on their debit cards. Please watch these videos on Smooth Away order issues.

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Final Thoughts
Smooth Away doesn't seem to work for everyone. Too bad...they infomercial sure got all us ladies talking! Everyone’s hair is different though so it may not work for you unless your hair is more of a fine texture. For $10 I think it's worth a shot and you won't break the bank with this hair removal system. From smooth hairless skin to the newest toe stretching is Pampered Toes!

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1 ileana August 19, 2009

im 13 and i wanted to try it. but im not sure now and frankly quite nervous to. i bought it at wal-mart and i might try it today. i will post my results tomorrow.

2 lynne September 16, 2009

I tried this a couple of months ago and it didn’t work at all for me. I guess my hair is just too course. I worked on 1 leg for about 45 minutes and all I had was sparse areas of hair removal. I know people who have used it though and love it. Must depend on hair texture.

3 Tessa December 2, 2009

Hey! I’ve been using Smooth Away for about a year now and the little face one works really good for annoying mustache hairs! Hehe but the big one for your legs aren’t the best! I suggest the face one though!

4 Theresa December 3, 2009

Oh glad to hear at least one of em works! =) I’ve heard some ladies find it too sensitive to use on their upper lip but good thing it’s working for you.

5 Mon October 2, 2010

I used it in the store with a new pad and it took away some fine hairs on the arm but it took a lot of rubbing, I felt irritated on my skin after and as another posted commented it only took SOME off, not all..this would not work on courser hair and it’s not worth using fine sandpaper (that’s what it felt like) on my sensitive skin.