Strap Perfect Helps To Hide Annoying Bra Straps

by Theresa on March 10, 2009 · 27 comments

Strap Perfect I think is a really awesome idea. I nearly jumped for joy when I heard you can actually hide your bra straps while wearing halter top shirts, blouses or sports tops. I know it’s in fashion to show your straps but I personally just can't do it. I think Strap Perfect just might be something you can make great use out of in the upcoming summer months. Now just maybe us ladies can stop wrestling with bra straps and at the same time give the girls a lift! You might want to watch these two video reviews. It seems like we're getting two different results here.

Watch This Strap Perfect Video Review

Strap Perfect Before and After Pics

What's Included?
Nine Strap Perfect in total - 3 in black, 3 in clear and 3 in nude. The bonus gift if ordered online is the "invisible hemming" your clothes. Hmmm that's an interesting bonus.

How Strap Perfect Works

You first loosen your bra straps so it has enough give for when you pull them back to put the Strap Perfect piece in. After you slip it on, you can adjust it up and down your back to whatever height you want.


  • You don't have to buy a separate racer back bra just to hide your straps. You can now wear your favorite bras.
  • Instantly transforms a bra that has lost its support.
  • If you are more well endowed and having problems finding supportive bras, this may be the answer.
  • Helps keep your bra straps on your shoulders.
  • You do get a decent subtle lift.
  • Completely hides your straps with all sorts of tops.
  • It doesn't stick out on your back through your shirt or blouse.
  • Your back will feel more straightened.
  • I've heard of Strap Perfect being bought at Walmart or Walgreens.

Comments from Ladies

Perfect Strap Before and After

I've seen a few comments where ladies liked using it with a workout bra."It feels better. I feel more free. like when I go running now, I can move my arms better without the pressure of my bra straps."

In another [tags]strap perfect[/tags]video I happened to see, the lady liked the feel of Strap Perfect but she found it hard to put on by herself. It hid her straps really well and she was excited that she was finally able to wear her top.


  • A bit of a hassle to put on and it's not as quick and easy as it appears on TV. It might take you some practice and the first time it might take you a few minutes to get it right.
  • It doesn’t seem to work on all bras and with all tops. One lady mentioned that it didn't work with her Victoria Secret bra. She mentioned that the bra was tight and uncomfortable and Strap Perfect kept sliding down.

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In Review
Strap Perfect, I think is at least worth a try just for the pure thrill of being able to wear tops you've never been able to wear before. It appears to work as advertised, although I'm sure it depends on what type of bra you're wearing. The majority of comments I've read say that they enjoy wearing it and that the benefits of being able to wear their favorite top or sports bra outweighs the negative points. If you're interested in seeing other beauty product reviews please check out this link. :-)

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1 rebecca March 19, 2009

I love this. my boyfriend bopught them for me and i didnt think they would work for me, im a 42DD. After haveing my son things werent like use to be(if you know what I mean) even push up bras just didn tcut it. this product made things a lot better and i fit into my shirts a lot better. thanksw

2 Theresa March 19, 2009

Nice! I’m sure we can probably all use a little lift! I’m thinking of picking one up myself to wear with all my summer tops. Was it easy enough to take on and off by yourself?

3 Tina March 19, 2009

this is actually aggravating it doesn’t want to slide easily and it only works on blouses with no sleeves and not tank tops

4 Theresa March 19, 2009

Ahhh nooo! Are you serious?? Like a skimpier tank top or just a regular one… I guess Strap Perfect is not working for everyone. I’m a little disappointed. :-(

5 Dorothy March 23, 2009

I bought it at Wal-Mart, and you get 6 total, plus 24 pieces of the tape. The strap perfect was a bit of a hassle to put on myself, but worth it in the end. The tape however, was a different story. It doesn’t hold or stick at all. It is pretty much worthless.

6 Theresa March 23, 2009

Thanks Dorothy! I thought that hemming tape was such a gimmicky bonus. I’m glad the Strap Perfect works for you. So Walmart’s the place to go then…Walmarts got a good return policy so I’m gonna give them a shot..what the heck. :-)

7 Helen March 30, 2009

I bought this from the drugstore, mine look a lot different and are much harder to se then the ones feaytured here- the only real part i like about it is that it works better then a push up bra for a “boost”. It hurts your back like heck! it digs into my shoulders and my back/neck ache for days. its also really difficult to slide up and down, and hard to put on. Plus, your bra sticks out in the back when you put it on. It feels uncomfortable and tight. and it pulls my bra up so much my boobs are like falling out of the bottom. I duno about this. doesnt work for me, and im only an A-cup.

8 Theresa March 30, 2009

Hi Helen! Yeah I guess the girls in the video above that tried on Strap Perfect never wore it continuously to find out if they really like it. I did see another video review where the girls wore the Strap Perfect for a week and they said it hurt their back as well.

I’m only speculating here but I’m also wondering if the width of someones back and shoulders would make a difference. I could see it pulling the straps more and putting more stress on the shoulders. Also I think the wider the bra straps the more comfortable your bra is as well. But I can totally see how much of a pain it would be to put on and take off every day.

9 Stacy May 15, 2009

I love my strap perfect. I have no problem putting them on by myself and it hides my straps on every tank top that I wear. The only negative feedback I would have is that you can see the outline of it under your top. But overall, good product. I would definately buy them again.

10 Theresa May 16, 2009

Right on! That’s good to hear…Thanks Stacy!

11 bindia June 3, 2009

will this product work if i have problems with a bra digging into my shoulders? i have bruses on my shoulders from the bra digging into them. will this help to take the pain off my shoulders?

12 Elizabeth June 24, 2009

i just bought it from CVS for 10 dollars. im really glad i did. it works quite nicely. and i had no problem putting it on. it’s actually pretty easy. well there is one downside thoguh. if you’re wearing a thin t- shirt it kinda sticks out. the material is plastic, and just a bit thick. but like, only if someone looks at it, will they see the outlining. if your shirt is flowy in that area, then no problem at all.

overall: i recommend it.

13 S Sullivan July 5, 2009

The product you show on this site is not the Strap Perfect, but The Strapper. I have The Strapper and have found it usually works alright. They can be difficult to adjust without popping off your straps, and mine tends to gradually slide up, showing my straps at the top later in the day. I think the Strap Perfect may be better than The Strapper at staying on because of the way it’s made, and hopefully, it doesn’t ride up. I’d like to give it a try.

14 Tammi July 7, 2009

I bought these from Walgreens for $9.99. They are fantastic. I have been able to wear them with tank tops, racer back tops, and t-shirts. No one ever knows they are there. They are a little tricky to put on but you get better each day. They add the extra lift, and I am no longer fooling around wiht my bra in the afternoon. Great investment!!!

15 Tammi July 7, 2009

Just remember to loosen the straps on your bra as stated in the directions. It helps take the pressure off while still supporting and lifting the girls.

16 CJ July 12, 2009

I bought this product just the other day at Target when my friend reccommended it. I have a smaller chest and figured the “boost” the product claims to provide was a definite selling point.

Once I actually opened the package, there were only five of the Strap Perfects in the box and it was supposed to come with six (just a side complaint, not the company’s fault).

When I used a Strap Perfect on my bra, my bra was instantly too tight even after loosening the straps as far as they could go. It caused my bra to be much too high to fully cover my chest, so I was constantly trying to pull it down. As the directions indicate, I followed one of the ways it reccommended to put it on your bra; by attaching it to the straps in the front of you and then turning it around and pulling the straps up – this caused my straps to become all tangled and I practically had broken a sweat after the struggle.

Removing the Strap Perfect proved to be somewhat of a hassle too. I didn’t feel like it helped my posture and felt it was uncomfortable in general. Maybe on a looser bra, this product would have worked but for my regular fitting bras, it was unsuccessful. I returned the product the following day and got my money back.

17 Theresa July 13, 2009

Great comment CJ…thank you so much. Strap Perfect is leaving us all a bit perplexed. Obviously it works for only some ladies. At least you by passed all the hassle with ordering it from the main Strap Perfect online site. :-)

18 Cristina July 13, 2009

Wow I can’t believe women waste money on this crap. Honestly like you can buy a bra that has convertable straps? Or a pushup bra to look bigger? They sell cheap ones at wal-mart and targets that work well so you don’t have to spend a lot and you can get more for your money.

19 Annie July 14, 2009

I just bought the Strap Perfect at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $8 (with 20% off coupon!)
Anyway, I wear a D / DD cup and have tried every bra, size, material, brand and color known to man to help give me good shape. I finally bought a convertible bra and found when criss-crossing the straps it added all the lift I was looking for! The only drawbacks: 1) putting on a convertible bra is insanely difficult 2) it stretched out my straps big time 3) it really hurt my muscles between my neck and back….bad.

So I checked out strap perfect and it seems to be really nice so far. Even though it is’a little tricky doing it yourself (god, i wish I had a roommate who could help), it isnt nearly as bad as dealing with the convertible straps. It also didnt hurt my neck muscles as much, either. It also gave me the uplifting boost and cleavage!

All in all, I guess the consenus is, every lady out there is different, and it works or it doesnt! I am going to try it out everyday, just to make sure I like it, and to make sure the plastic is indestructible. I kept the reciept and box just in case I want to return it….heck of a lot better than dealing with the InfoMercial people!!

20 noway August 3, 2009

If you ever decide you’d like to give these a spin, you need to know a few things. The product makes 2 promises.

1.) No more slipping bra straps.

2.) Increase your bust by a FULL CUP SIZE!!!

So. I’m at Kroger yesterday. I see the beautiful pink box. I couldn’t resist. $9.99. When I go to the gym there is one certain exercise I do that makes me have to rassle my bra straps the whole damng time. So I can pay my $9.99 and not have to rassle my straps any more. Ever. Sweet. As I got dressed this morning, I got to the point where it was time to attach these MFers to my under garment. You need to be aware that apparently the b*****s that demonstrate this thing are A.) WAY more limber than I am. and B.) Frigging contortionists. So. Figgering out that my arms would NOT bend far enough to get the damng thing attached in the back, I decided to put the hook in the front and then attach the Strap Perfect…then…spin my bra to the back. Well. Everything was sunshine and cupcakes until I tried to put my fat little arms through the straps and position the bra somewhere in the vicinity of my titwas. S***. I had forgotten to lengthen the straps in order to make this possible. Off it had to come. I thought I might need scissors…but I managed. Thank Jesus. So. I lengthen the strap to the longest possible size and start over. Hooks in front. Spin to the back. Little fat arms…. you get the idea. I have the Strap Perfect in place. I can assure you of 2 things. My straps are not going to slip. And I probably DO look a FULL CUP SIZE larger, because my titwas are hoisted up so high that if I get the hiccups, I’m probably going to swallow one or both.

If, after reading this, you foolishly decide NOT to heed my warning, and elect to try this product…just call me. There were 6 to a pack. Only one of the black ones is slightly used. I will not be needing them.

21 Theresa August 3, 2009

WOW that’s hilarious! Quite the story…Thanks for sharing! :-)

22 christine August 18, 2009

I am actually going to buy this next week at Walgreens and try it out. I hope it works for me. I am a 34B…so I do hope it works (:

23 laura December 9, 2009

well i got a knock off at the dollar store eight for a buck why not…i actually so far like the knock off…the boost is there which i’m sure will have my boyfriend staring at my chest rather than listening to me but hey if the clothes look and fit better why not… one itty bitty trick i learned when putting mine on today put your bra on normally then slide it down to between your shoulders not up much easier and you don’t need years of gymnast training to get the bugger on… so far it doesn’t hurt my back but i’ll be sure to keep using them every day just to make sure but hey for a buck i’m not really out much

24 Emily July 9, 2010

I recently bought a strap perfect to test it. The clips are hard to use and uncomfortable. They slide or ride up on some of my bras. So i guess when they say all bras they mean limited amounts. Also when i opened my package, there was no clear stick on tapes. There was not 24 there was 0. I did no receive the box to contain them. That is a rip off and would like to know how to contact them.

25 Theresa July 15, 2010

Oh that really sucks! Emily here’s the Strap Perfect customer service number.

26 Fran July 17, 2010

I just bought a set, and found that they do not work on a petite frame. I am a 32E, and my back is too small – there is not enough space to create the V shown on the box – on me, the bra straps come way too close to my neck. All I want is something to allow me to wear classic tank tops, with shape wear underneath, with a structured bra (TAB). Is there anything out there? Help.

27 Falon December 13, 2010

I bought the Strap Perfect from Walgreen’s and it was far from perfect. I like to wear racerback tanks because of the location of the tattoo on my shoulder. Anyways… I thought everything was groovy when I first put it on and went out. After wearing one for only a couple of hours, the flimsy plastic snapped. I am sure you could imagine my embarrassment. I am a 38DD and I snapped that thing like a toothpick. Horrible. I gave them to my Mama but she hasn’t tried them yet.