The Blo and Go – A Simple Invention With a Risqué Name

by Theresa on December 13, 2008 · 2 comments

The Blo and Go is one of the first infomercials I watched that wasn’t cheesy! Amazing isn't it?  This neat little device allows you the freedom to dry, brush and style your hair with both hands.

It’s basically a portable hair dryer stand with a goose neck and a suction cup base. All you do is find a clean, smooth surface then push the base against it until it sticks and lock it in. Just put your blow dryer at the end and strap it down. You can easily  adjust the neck to wherever you need it. I’m sure all you ladies can relate to how nice it is to have both hands free while blow drying and styling your hair.

Blow and Glo Hair Stand - This is me styling my hair so perfectly. Not!
Blo and Glo Hair Dryer Stand - This is me styling my hair so perfectly. Not!

You can see and style the hair at the back of your head. It’s really nice to not have tired arms. Yessss! During my morning beauty regiment which normally takes me at least 45 minutes the hair stand saved me about 20 min doing my hair. I’ve got super curly hair so I like straighten it by positioning the facing blow dryer straight down. If you need more body just use a round brush.

For myself I found that it stays pretty secure on a mirror. When you want to remove it, it comes off easily.  The neck is strong and yet adjusts easily to the angle you need.


  • Holds almost all blow dryers.
  • Attaches to flat surfaces but its better to attach it to glass or a mirror, metal or non-textured tile.
  • Flexible, light weight and portable so you can fold it up and take it with you.
  • No more tired arms.
  • Made of sturdy materials.
  • Saves you time because you can dry and style your hair simultaneously.
  • Could also  be used for other tasks where an extra hand might be needed. Hold a flashlight while doing repairs, etc.
  • It doesn’t change position from the weight of a hair dryer.


  • Does not stick to a dry wall.
  • One lady commented that the neck wasn't as flexible as she would like.
  • If you have a smaller bathroom, it takes up a lot of space even if it's placed on a bathroom mirror.
  • You need to move the arm around to get the heat where you need it. Think of how you normally use your hair dryer and all the different positions you put your hair dryer in. Well unfortunately you can't do this with the Blo and Go and you'll need to keep adjusting the arm.

Handy Tips

Before attaching the [tags]blo and go[/tags]suction to the surface, make sure it's clean.

You can make it hold super tight by running a little bit of water around the rubber edges. It holds quite well even without even doing this.

It's available at and Amazon USA

The Blo and Go is one infomercial product that delivers on its word. It definitely can make your mornings a lot quicker and easier.

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1 Vickster777 January 16, 2013

That is the coolest thing! I always have difficulty styling my hair with the styling brush in one hand and the blow dryer in the other. I going to order this.

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