How to Curl Hair with Hair Curlers – Advice From the Experts

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How to curl hair with either hair curlers and soft rollers is a really common question I get. There are many of you ladies looking for As Seen on TV hair accessories and wanted to know more about curling your hair, especially adding volume to your roots. Since you asked, I wanted to add these how to videos. Two hairstylists demonstrate two techniques on how to curl your hair with both standard rollers and hot rollers.

Ladies, I just added a new blog post on how to curl your own hair with rollers. No one assisting you! I also found a whole YouTube channel on this subject you might want to check out.

How to Curl Hair With Standard Rollers

Richard Ashforth is the Director from the top hairdressing company, Saco. His work has regularly featured in top magazines such as Vogue and American Vogue. He shows us his technique on how he uses rollers in this helpful video. I guess it depends on the look you're going for but I would but the front curlers facing the other way to add more volume to the roots. But I think he was going for a more softer, sleeker look here. He did start curling with dry hair. The reason he uses the hairspray is to set the rollers. Here's the steps he took to get that look.

  1. Divide sections cleanly and tie up to separate into three panels using a tail comb.
  2. Select rollers according to the size of curls desired. The smaller the roller the tighter the curl. Set with hairspray.
  3. Allow the hair to bend around the rollers turning them in the direction you would like the curls to go.
  4. Apply hair-spray to finish and hold hair on rollers.
  5. Use a hair-dryer or dryer-with attachment to apply heat to the hair with the rollers inserted.
  6. Allow the hair to cool and set before removing the rollers.
  7. As you remove each roller brush the hair through to work it into the shape of the hair.
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Here's another [tags]how-to-curl-your-hair-with-curlers[/tags]video showing a different technique and explains the difference between standard and hot hair rollers. I really like the way the hot hair rollers add so much volume to the roots and much tighter curls as well. Don't forget that thermal protection hair spray and apply it to each piece of hair and comb it through before you put in the hot roller.

More Hair Curler Techniques

There are four elements that will affect the finished look...

How to curl hair with rollers

1.   How the hair is wound onto the roller - The way hair is wound determines your curl formation (spiral, etc.)

2.  How the roller sits - How the roller ends up sitting in relation to the scalp determines volume and direction.

3.  Use of beauty products - Where there is more product, there is more hold. Customize your curl by spraying just the ends for curl only on the bottom or spray only the roots and underneath for volume.

4.   The position the roller ends up at the scalp is a direct result of the angle at which you comb your section before wrapping. For maximum volume, sections need to be held slightly forward so they will roll down to rest upon their own base.

How to curl hair is very common question. I've found the Bump It Up product that everyone was looking for this Christmas. I'll be adding that review to as well as one more post on hair curling techiques in the next couple of days. By the way, I do have two more videos on how to curl hair with soft rollers at that link. Just scroll down the post a bit.

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