Can You Really Beat the Frizzies with the Maxiglide Straightener?

by Theresa on November 23, 2009 · 12 comments

The Maxiglide Hair Straightener infomercial claims its better than regular flat irons due to its magical "steam burst technology". I'm like most of you ladies out there...sooo incredibly skeptical about those fake models with their fake smiles and phony testimonials. I can't even stand watching them and end up switching channels. Of course those of us with super curly hair would love to easily transform our hairstyle into a sleek, silky just stepped out of the salon look. So we all hold out hope that just maybe, you can you really get silky smooth hair with a few passes of the Maxiglide.

MaxiGlide Straightener Claims

  1. The Ceramic Steamburst Technology is infuses the negative ions of your hair which makes your hair cuticles flat and smooth without damaging your hair.
  2. The main plate has detangling pins that are supposed to help create flat smooth hair. You can swap it out with an extra flat plate for more styling options and for touchups.
  3. Creates smooth, straight hair in just minutes, without blow drying the hair smooth first.
  4. Steamburst Technology - just press the gray button for a bit of steam.
  5. Removable water reservoir - easily snaps on and off for quick refills.
  6. Ten heat settings to address your specific hair texture.

I personally own a Corioliss which works extremely well for straightening hair-Available on Amazon

There are basically two different Maxiglide sets that you can get. The unusual thing I noticed is that the original large Maxiglide alone sells for the same price as the "Maxi and Miniglide combo" on HSN. They both go for around $90. I can't figure out why the combo isn't more because you get a FAR better value with the combo since it comes with a Maxi and Miniglide and all these hair care products.

Original Maxiglide XP Straightener

Original Maxiglide XP Straightener


  • Biggest positive is that it really DOES work like in the infomercial. There are many, many positive testimonials that say that it leaves your hair silky, smooth, very straight and shiny. Actually many ladies mentioned that their straight hair stayed nice all week not just one day!
  • It also works if you live in a humid climate and it won't frizz back up. Also if your hair's texture is course it still makes it sleek and smooth. Plus there are none of those little frizzies after you try and straighten your hair.
  • Many positive reviews from women with kinky African American hair it really helped their hair to stay straight.
  • Price is very reasonable for all the product that you get if you are looking at getting the Maxi and Miniglide combo for $90.
  • Clear instructions on the DVD that walks you through exactly how to use the iron.
  • Saves you the step of blow drying your hair so it cuts down your hair styling time to around 20 minutes total.


  • Biggest Problem - The plate with the detangling pins seems to be a problem with pulling and breaking hair. You can swap out this plate with the smooth plate which seems to work much better. Also you can follow the DVD or the suggestions below to try and avoid this from happening although still some ladies are having problems with the detangling pin plate.
  • Some ladies find the Maxiglide awkward, heavy and too big to use. The Maxiglide is a lot larger than a standard flat iron. The plate surface of almost 4 inches so it might take some getting used to.
  • If you have short hair you won't be able to use the Maxiglide which has the steam. You can use the mini straight iron but it doesn't have the steam.
  • Also I have to add that there are many stylers on the market that both curl and straighten your hair whereas  MaxiGlide only straightens.  It's nice to have the variety to do both because most of us get tired of one hair style.

Compare Prices on the Maxiglide at Amazon

MAXIglide XP and Maxiessentials Hair Care Set

MAXIglide XP and Maxiessentials Hair Care Set

Some Suggestions

  1. Condition your hair well and I would still use a heat resistant spray before using the iron - just so you know for sure your hair will be protected from heat damage.
  2. Comb through your hair thoroughly before using the iron than spritz a lot of the heat resistant product on each small section of hair. Then slowly run the Maxiglide through each section one piece at a time. If you still have problems you can change the detangling plate to the flat plate. The company probably doesn't tell you this but personally I would always use heat resistant spray no matter what hot, hair styling tool your using.
  3. The company suggests to first use the steam burst on the last 1/4 section of your section of hair. Then start at the top and smooth your way down.
  4. If your hair is shorter or if you want to style your kids hair you can use a Miniglide which is a smaller version of the Maxi.
  5. Vary the temperature depending on your hair type. Fine, thin hair uses a lower temperature compared to thick course hair. Only use just enough heat to straighten your hair.

The Maxiglide Straightener is getting tons of really good reviews and most ladies are seeing extremely good results. I like the fact that this company cares about their products and they've invested 7 years into designing it. So you know it's not a fly by night got-to-get-my-product-on-the-market-now kind of company. By the way, if you ever wondered if the Split Ender works as advertised have a look at this!

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1 Samah Husseini February 8, 2010

I want buy this MAXIglide XP and Maxiessentials Hair Care Set (x2)
how many each this
I live in jerusalem (israel – Paletine)
Are you neet send me on mailbox to israel
please help me
thanks regards

2 Theresa February 9, 2010

Hi Samah, I just spoke with customer service at

They mentioned that they also sell their product from this site in the Middle East listed below. You need to get the 220V Maxiglide.

If they don’t specifically ship to your country you can still buy the Maxiglide from I asked their customer service how someone who lives internationally could order one since the toll free number will only work in the USA and Canada. They mentioned to send an email requesting that you’d like to buy the 220V Maxiglide. I was a bit confused because I don’t know how you would safely order it over the email. So probably your best bet is the website above.

3 nourhen July 19, 2010

i loved and please, if you can tell us the price of this
maxi glide

4 Theresa July 21, 2010

It’s about $100 US plus shipping.

5 msd July 24, 2010

I have owned the maxiglide for over 5 years and love, love, love it. After all those years of 2x weekly use plus touch-ups (not to mention being knocked off the counter more than a few times), my first one finally died, so thanks for the tip on hsn. I also 100% agree that you have to comb through your hair before use so that the pins don’t pull. But that’s such a minor detail when you consider that I can straighten my very long, very curly hair in less than 20 minutes. Wash @ night, allow hair to air dry, and you’ll be ready to head out the door in no time in the morning.

6 Marissa October 28, 2010

That’s pretty amazing. I had no idea there was even a flat iron that had a water reservoir.
.-= Marissa´s last blog ..Quick Hair Styling Tips With A CHI Hair Iron =-.

7 lupe figueroa February 21, 2011

Can you give me a sugestion on where I can buy the flat plate only for my maxius straightner machine that I have I bought a used one on ebay but it doesn’t have the flat plate can you tell me a webside where i can buy it because I need one.Thank you hope to hear from you soon. Your webside is really helpfull. Thanks.

8 Theresa February 28, 2011

Lupe, I would try to contact the Maxius Beauty site at this link and see if they can sell you a flat iron piece. Also why not try contacting the eBay seller to see if they actually do have the flat iron piece. Maybe they just forgot to include it in the purchase. : )

9 Jenny March 8, 2011

I love this product very much. Own it for almost five years n never for once gave me a problem, until my son decided to throw it across the room:( so decided to get myself another one n hope it will last the same as my old straightner.

10 ZAHO March 18, 2011

salam alikom.
i want buy this MAXIGLIDE XP but. i don’t know his price with algerian dinar
please help me.

thank you verry much

11 Alexis October 3, 2011

After reading your review I decided to buy it MAXIglide. And have not regretted it. This is a great thing. My curls are straightened quickly and the hair looks just fine. I could not even imagine what is possible!

12 Hair Falling Treatment April 17, 2012


Thanks for the useful post on MaxiGlide Straightener. I will try to get one for my wife and test it out! Great job!

Best Regards

Wilson Tiong
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