Split Ender Saves You Money but How Valuable is Your Time?

by Theresa on November 17, 2009 · 6 comments

Split Ender is actually made by the  Revo Styler company. It's inventor - a long haired guy in a rock band who got tired of shelling out money on hair trims.  Hmmm interesting. Can this really be a time saving device for those annoying split ends? I'm all for being self sufficient and saving you're hard earned money. I  know those salon costs add up over time. Let's see if this hair trimmer really works.

Split Ender Review

Split Ender Claims

[tags]Split Ender[/tags] Works on any type of hair or hair style
If you have split frayed or fried hair it will make it perfectly sexy, shiny and silky
Promotes long, healthy hair
Faster and safer than using scissors

Good Points

  • The unit itself is quite easy to handle and it does snip off the very ends of the hair if used correctly.
  • Saves you money on trips to the salon every 2 month.

Bad Points

  • You can only run very small sections of hair at a time. This is quite tedious and time consuming. It takes about 1 -2 hours to trim all your hair! Yikes!
  • You also have to run each strand through three times very slowly to do a good job.
  • It may be harder trimming the hair in the back of your head.
  • You have to keep track of which strands you've already trimmed and which you haven't.
  • As you can see in the video it's extremely loud when in use.
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Tips if you have the Split Ender

  • Xevanesco posted this excellent unbiased review/tutorial on this beauty product. Here's what she suggested to get it working properly.
  • You need to remember the number of times you pass over a strand and do the same number of passes for each strand around your head otherwise it  makes your hair uneven.
  • Hair must be completely clean, dry and product free. It will not work on damp hair.
  • The slower you pass through the hair the better the results.
Split Ender comes with all these goodies

Split Ender comes with all these goodies

How Do You Prevent Split Ends?

Regular trimming is important - around every six to 8 weeks. The biggest culprit is after you've washed you're hair. Always condition your hair and comb it out with a wide toothed comb so it easily glides through your hair. If it's full of knots and you tug at it, you'll get lots of hairs breaking. If you ever turn your hair upside down in a towel and rub it together it's very hard on your hair. Just try squeezing out excess water and wrap a towel on your head until it's dry. Unfortunately there is no way to fix split ends after their split. Hair products can only cover up the fact that they're split.

The Split Ender works but it looks like it takes far too much time to do the job. My personal thoughts are that Split Ender is basically meant for those of us with longer hair. When you head to the salon a stylist will always extend the strand of hair out quite aways from the scalp before she clips the ends. How would anyone ever be able extend their arms that far from the base of the scalp?

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1 Me Myself and I June 25, 2010

Seriously. You need to take a science class or maybe…if you’re in this UNIVERSE you might try googling before you make such an assinine statement

2 Me Myself and I June 25, 2010

BTW I was commenting on the following comment “Ends don’t split if you have a shorter hair style since the hair never grows long enough to split.”

3 Defender December 11, 2010

Maybe you should google how to spell asinine before giving her such a hard time

4 Claribel Pflugrad January 25, 2011

I think your blog is excellent I found it on Google. Definetely will return again! Best Regards, Lisa

5 Camille765 March 1, 2011

I have really dry and damaged hair. It is always getting tangled with itself because of the split-ends, and it feels brittle.

I have been looking for a good leave-in conditioner for awhile now. I’ve tried many different brands. Many left my hair stiff, like styling gel, while others left it greasy, and some just didn’t seem to do anything at all.

A couple of months ago I decided to try bottle of Shielo’s Antioxidant Leave in Protectant, because the stylist at an expensive salon in NYC recommended it. I thought “why not?”

Before I go into further detail, let me explain my hair more. It is on the longer side, straight, very fine, and color treated. I just wanted to give more info since different hair types might have different results. What works for my straight hair might not work as well for curly hair, and so forth.

The first day I used it I combed it into my towel dried hair, giving the ends of my hair a little extra. The first thing I noticed was that the product wasn’t really sticky like many of the other products I have tried, which is great. It also has a very nice scent. Once my hair had dried it was noticeably silkier, smoother, and tangle free! The scent lingered all day.

I have continued to use the product everyday for the past two months. There has been visible improvement in my hair. It isn’t as dry anymore, the split-ends haven’t gotten worse, and my hair has more shine. Overall, it just looks and feels much healthier.

6 Cathryn April 16, 2011

I haven’t had split ends in 7 years. I use apple cider vinegar rinse after washing my hair with regular shampoo. Apple cider keeps the hair shaft from splitting. Shampoo and conditions actually cause hair to split and break.