Infinity Razor Scores a Big “D” for Dull!

by Theresa on January 27, 2009 · 0 comments

The Infinity Razor infomercials seem tempting enough.  If you use Gillette or Fusion razors and are tired of forking out big bucks for replacement blades, you might have thought this razor could save you some money. They make the razor appealing by talking about the (big breath) "carbon injected steel fused with tungsten carbide". Oooh Ahhhh! I'm so impressed already. I see now that they also have an infinity razor for women. It's basically just the same thing except it's [tags]beauty product [/tags]pink for us girls. Hey but that's not all! Guess what you get for a bonus? An infinity micro trimmer and a 7 inch chef's knife... A chef's knife? Why???? Who knows!

The crew at KFVS News put this infinity razor to the test. Doug tries it on his very thick beard and he's also got sensitive skin.

Infinity Razor Claims

This is the last razor that you'll ever have to buy! This razor blade has a special edge that never needs replacing. If it doesn't, the company promises to send you a new one…for life.

Look you get a Chef's knife as a bonus!

Look you get a Chef's knife as your Infinity Razor bonus!

Negative Points

  • Looks and feels like any disposable razor.
  • There are only two blades on it.
  • The[tags]Infinity Razor[/tags] blade is not as long as a conventional razor.
  • The blade does not have a rotating head.
  • The handle is difficult to hold because it's not straight.
  • Costs $30 by the time you pay the $10 shipping.
  • Pulls on your hair even when its brand new.
  • For the lifetime guarantee, each time you request a new razor you have to pay the shipping costs.
  • It does actually cut but you have to use it in all different directions in order to do it.
  • Less comfortable shave than a Fusion or Infinity razor you'd buy at your local store.

The news crew also recreates the infomercial where they rough up the Infinity on a piece of sandpaper then effortlessly shaves the models stubble. The Infinity ends up pulling Doug's skin and did not shave his beard at all.

The Infinity Razor didn't impress Doug too much. He'd definitely never spend $30 on it. There are also many other negative consumer comments  from guys. The said that they either threw their Infinity Razor in the garbage or returned it. BTW you can keep your standard blades longer by keeping them dry and away from humidity in between shaving.

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