Meaningful Beauty Has Mysterious French Melon Ingredient

by Theresa on January 29, 2009 · 110 comments

Cindy Crawford and Meaningful BeautyMeaningful Beauty is based on a skin care formulation developed by Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, a French skin care expert.  Cindy Crawford is of course, a natural beauty who claims that she has never had any Botox or facial procedures done. I was a bit curious if this product was all hype or not since Cindy has put her name and reputation on the line.

What’s included in the Meaningful Beauty Kit

  • Skin Cleanser
  • Day moisturizer
  • Night moisturizer
  • Eye cream
  • Facial Masque
  • Décolleté and neck crème
  • Glowing Serum

There is also an auto ship policy where they send you product every 90 days and bill your card $30.00 ever 30 days.


  • Decreases the appearance of pore size
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Smooth visible appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduce skin redness and roughness
  • SPF 20 protection
  • The Mysterious French Melon Ingredient

Mysterious Ingredients

Meaningful Beauty has French Melon as an ingredientThe site is very scarce on details.  All they seem to keep talk about is this mysterious rare French melon.  Dr. Sebagh believes that some melons can defend our skin from the breakdown of collagen, which happens with age. The Meaningful Beauty site describes this ingredient as

A rare French melon that stayed fresh and firm much longer than similar varieties. This melon contained a powerful “first generation” antioxidant (superoxide dismutase), which preliminary studies suggest, prevents the formation of new free radical species. By utilizing this first generation antioxidant, Meaningful Beauty's formulas are designed to help protect your skin against the visible signs of aging in a remarkable way.

So the key active ingredient in this [tags]meaningful beauty[/tags]product is a powerful antioxidant that defends against the breakdown of collagen. OK many skin care products do this!! Apparently it is common to extract antioxidants from various fruits and use them as a leading source of antioxidants in many skin care products. By the way, antioxidants protect against cell oxidization, which is a leading cause of skin cell death.  So I'm wondering why should Cindy's product be so much better than the rest? Because she says so? And the clever little story about the French melon? I'm sure it does work to anti oxidize the skin than this product. The problem is that the melon is all that is special about the product.

Good Points

  • Meaningful Beauty Product LineProduct comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Some ladies, (but not all) swear buy this product and couldn't live without it. They find their skin softer, less oily, nice glow, fewer breakouts.

Bad Points

  • There are many products on the market that act as an antioxidant to protect the skin. So I honestly wouldn't have to order this specific product for just that purpose.
  • You have to be willing to pay $30 every month for continued shipment of your product.
  • Although the “rare” French melon extract is highly touted, it appears pretty far down on the ingredient list.
  • Multi-step beauty care regimen is a bit time consuming.
  • Product can only be ordered from their shipment plan.
  • Some reports of shipments being slow.
  • Many customers had issues with customer service people having bad attitudes.
  • Some ladies tried to cancel their order and then customer service tried to talk them into buying more.
  • Some ladies had the following effects on their skin. Feeling like they had burned, raw, tight skin or major skin break outs. So it doesn’t work for all women. It’s just the same as in my Proactiv review.

Some confusion with shipment and billing description on the site

On the Meaningful Beauty order page I can see where this may cause some confusion. They state that you first receive an introductory kit which is a 30 day supply along with 2 free bonus gifts, all for $30 plus shipping and handling.

Then after 30 days, you'll receive our regular 3 month supply of Meaningful Beauty every 90 days at the guaranteed low price of just $29.95 a month plus $8.95 s&h per shipment.

So you actually get billed the $29.95 30 days after your initial purchase. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee. So I can see how ladies could assume you could try the product for 60 days without getting billed. I called Guthy Renker and they mentioned that if you want to stop the auto ship you should call in before the first 30 days to cancel you're order.

By the way, it looks like Meaningful Beauty is also being sold on eBay. If you are concerned about any recurring billing issues but still want to give it a try, you can purchase it there.  Also I thought it might be nice if you're out of only one or two items you don't have to buy the whole kit. Just buy what you need as you run out.

Meaningful Beauty's story is intriguing and we all want to have skin like Cindy. After all, you’d think that she’d know a thing or two about skin care. But once you get past the great story, I'm not sure if Meaningful Beauty products really hold up to scrutiny. I'd definitely want to know more about the product ingredients and not just the mysterious French melon.

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1 Sarah February 5, 2010

HORRIBLE product. I purchased this product only two weeks ago. I noticed after only 1 week of using it that my skin was burning. The next day I was peeling and my face had dry patches all over! I have no allergies and I have never had a reaction to any beauty product. The worst part was dealing with their customer service! They refused to cancel my next shipment even though it wasn’t due to be mailed for 3 weeks! Worse they were rude about the whole thing! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! HORRIBLE!!!

2 Anj February 6, 2010

Unfortunately I was not proactive enough to do some research prior to handing over my credit card!! I’m going to call tomorrow and cancel. I don’t have time to deal with autoship issues and credit card refunds! From all the sites I’ve been too, there are overwhelmingly more negative reviews – I’ll take that as a hint! Cross you fingers for me!

3 Sharon February 17, 2010

I’ve been using this line for about 2 years, and I’m totally shocked by the reviews of bad service and burning products. I have an entirely positive experience with both the products and the service. I have at least 4 items at a time, on auto-ship, and I pay about $40, then $24 the next month, then $24 the 3rd month, then the shipment comes. It always lasts through the 3 months, an you can change products before it ships if you wan to. Also, importantly, I’ve found the products to be really great. I use the cleanser, the #1 Day Lotion, the #2 Night Lotion, and the Masque all the time, nearly every day (except when I’m too lazy!), and I love it. I’m 46 and my skin is great with this line. I really love the Masque and the Night Lotion especially. For the last several months, I’ve been using the eye serum too, and I’ve never had any of them burn.

I have no agenda with this…just sharing my experience. Sounds like mixed results for others, but I personally love the stuff.

4 swilson February 27, 2010

Does anyone get the fact that Cindy Crawford of Meaningful Beauty has had numerous plastic surgery! I saw it on the internet. How can she sponsor a skin care line? Her face will look good as long as she has stuff done to her face. I feel we have been double crossed by Cindy Crawford. Hype is not the word for it!!!!

5 Del March 3, 2010

I recieved this product from a friend who was unable to use it due to skin irritation. I’ve only used it one day so far and I love it! I noticed the fine lines on my forehead diminish overnight and my skin feels very healthy. I’m going to give the trial size the full 30 days before I decide to purchase the product myself and I may go to eBay after reading this but the product seems to work for me, no burning or exessive drying here. My advise is to try it for your self, just becuase someone elses skin reacts badly doesn’t mean yours will.

6 Carolle March 14, 2010

I thinking about buying the product, I looking for a good antiaging ceam or products

7 Jacquelyn K March 14, 2010

I will never use anything else on my skin anymore. I too was of course skeptical about this product…but it has done everything they say it would all within 90 days. It even diminished the age spots and melasma that I developed during pregancy over my lip. I have recommened this to every woman I love. Tips to readers: BEWARE OF THESE NEGATIVE COMMENTS: competitive comanies pay random people to write negative comments in order to stear you away from buying the product. You should decide for yourself ( you can buy this product to test on ebay and then if you like it, you can sign up for autoship (that is what I did).

8 Jenna Morris March 16, 2010

whats more suspicious to me is that anybody can have so much time in their hands, and so much energy to constantly preach against somethin that maybe they didnt even try..unless thats their job. look everything is not for everybody, of course the product is not gonna work for every skin type. also anybody should know to test the product first in a small skin patch for a few days to make sure theres no adverse effects. and yes even when you have proffesional work done that doesnt mean your skin wont age anymore, u still need to care for the skin, moisturize, etc.

9 kidsrock March 18, 2010

I am currently using this product. I am in my third day. I like the glow to my skin. So far I am liking it. I am noticing a little roughness but I am going to exfoliate to take care of it. I ordered it from a mail in magazine ad. If you do it this way you wont have to talk to pushy sales reps. I PAID USING A MONEY ORDER. I have seen a lot of people who didnt like the auto billing and didnt want the auto ship. If you pay this way you can avoid all that hassle.

10 KD March 20, 2010

I have info about the auto billing:

I had ordered this and had to return it when I found out I was pregnant because of some ingredients not recommended during pregnancy. I’m interested in trying it again, but not sure if it’s worth the money. Is there an over the counter product I can get in a store instead?

Auto billing: When you get the product, you can set up an online account. I was able to change the “ship” date of when I wanted the next shipment. So, I purposely changed the date to be after the 60 day trial period so I wasn’t billed or sent new bottles.

Hope that helps!

11 Theresa March 22, 2010

Thanks for your input KD! I wish I could recommend a good over the counter skin care product but I’m really not an expert in that area and don’t want to give you the wrong info. Sorry!

12 lisa March 23, 2010

I was just reading over all reviews, very interesting. I also expierenced slow shipment, especially my first. I did not recieve my first shipment when they tried to charge me for a second one. I am sure the product is good but I did not want to take any chances with the auto charge. I did cancel all future orders.

13 Vivian March 28, 2010

Hi, I actually ordered Meaningful B. before I read all of these negative reviews. So I was kind of nervous about trying it. I’m on week two, and I have to say I really like the product. I find the cleaser cleans MUCH better than any non-foaming cleaser I’ve tried. The toner is really gentle. I’ve had no problems with the eye cream. As far as the auto-billing, as soon as I received the product, I suspended shipments and billing until I decided what I want to do.

14 Jackie March 31, 2010

I’m always skeptical when ordering new beauty products and wary of claims. But I have to say, I love the product. I ordered with a “I’ll just try it” negative attitude and was sold. To each his own! And by-the-way, I’ve used most major brands and really like this one.

15 jean garcia April 6, 2010

1st of all, I’m 40 year old dont have pimples since i used this product i started have brown spots and wrinkle and acne . the price is reasonable but, maybe it’s not for i’ll say NOPE!

16 Macy April 18, 2010

The best thing to do is ignore the TV ads, they’re just the same people who used to deceive you on the streets before TVs were invented. Do you own research, get recommendations from friends or so. The most important thing is have a healthy life style!

17 Kim H April 23, 2010

I absolutely LOVE the Meaningful Beauty product line. I suffer from adult acne and these products have been the only thing I have tried in 5 years that didn’t make my skin break out in a million whiteheads! I’m 44-years old and have relatively young skin, but this stuff makes my face smooth and my skin seems tighter. It also seems to be fading my age spots. Who cares what the darn melon in it is? It works!!!

18 Grace Lee May 18, 2010

I don’t know how Meaningful Beauty stays in business. The products left my skin dry and rough. Getting them to stop charging your bank account is the real problem though. I’m still dealing with it and have now resorted to getting my bank to stop the charges. They simply will not stop billing me no matter how many times I have requested they cancel my account. If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle, do not order these products.

19 Dede K May 21, 2010

i purchased this product when I saw the TV commercial and they mentioned that it works for any age, well I’m 19 and I have been looking for a good skin care products to prevent my skin from future wrinkles etc, I thought the price was reasonable for $39.95 for 7 products, compare to paying the same amount for only one “Clinique,” lotion. From reading these reviews I’m not sure if this product is for younger skin, I don’t want my skin to get unusually tight or what ever other withdraw from using anti aging cream when i don’t have any wrinkles. I don’t know what to do, could anyone give me a feedback whether i should use it or not? will it cause damage to my skin? would it be too harsh on younger skin? thank you

20 Tanya May 25, 2010

I have the full meaningful beauty set if anyone is interested in buying?

21 Mrs R B June 28, 2010

This company is RUBBISH!
I ordered the product a few hours ago, read reviews and decided against buying their goods and they REFUSE to cancel my order AND i have to pay to return it.
Someone pls tell me how to get my money back without paying for shipping both ways?????

22 Theresa June 29, 2010

I would try talking to your credit card company and tell them your situation. I know that is so awful! I don’t know why they run a business like that!

23 reneend July 13, 2010

Im 25 good skin I just wanted something that would make it stay that way…used this stuff once bad break out red itchy dry puffy skin…I called to get my money back that was easy they said to throw away or give to someone else…now tell me why I would give this to someone else

24 Cherie July 13, 2010

I started using the Meaningful Beauty products 3 days ago and I already notice a “glow” to my skin. The glowing serum made my skin skin glow all day. I can’t wait to see what it will look like in a few weeks.

25 Sonny August 9, 2010

I just placed my order yesterday 8/8/10. You are absolutely correct. The customers representatives have bad attidtudes. I spoke to Carol (customer representative), and she is not friendly at all. She’s rude. If I were her, with the high unemployment we have right now, people like Carol should must be very enthusiastic when dealing with her customer, otherwise she’ll find herselft out in the street with no job. Based on my bad encounter with her, I will cancel my order tomorrow and post a complaint at BBB about this company with bad attitude customer service reps.

26 Jennifer August 11, 2010

I ordered this product and it arrived, I tried it and broke out! I received another order in the mail a month later which I didn’t want. I returned it with signature required, they said they never received it and sent me to a collection agency. I called to follow up after paying the collection agency so it didn’t affect my credit and am now trying to recover my funds! They did tell me on the phone that my product was inputed as received on Jan. 19, 2010 yet they still thru me to collections! DON’T BOTHER WITH PRODUCT, IT’S A RIP OFF.

27 Lee August 15, 2010

I am returning this product. It gave me painful red and white pimples which I never get, not to mention it smells terrible like chemicals. I cannot believe Cindy is actually using this stuff, pure advertising. Customer service sucks and their business practices are questionable to say the least! I will definitely be filing a complaint with the BBB.

28 Barbara August 16, 2010

I’ve been reading this websites comments. I must admit I’m a little shocked t the obsered claims made by people saying they’re “skin care specialists” and then saying their pores have shrunk.
I AM a licenced Esthetician. And I can honnestly tell you fine ladies that if anyone tells you a product made their pores smaller, they are lying to your face. Absolutely Nothing can make your pores smaller. The pores you have now will always be that way. The only thing you can do is make them contract Slightly. They will never shrink or deminish. And for your dark under eye circles, I’m sorry ladies but you are stuck with those as well. If your circles, like mine, are hereditory there is very little you can do to make them vanish, short of laser surgery which even then doesn’t remove them completely.
Beware of people making claims that are too good to be true. I urge you all to educate yourself on your skin and what it can and can’t do. Thousands of women get their money stolen by products and “experts.”

29 Theresa August 17, 2010

I agreee this is a ripoff. They are not up front about the actual charge, it will continue to bill over $175 just for the first order. If the card doesn’t go through they just bill you, so no way to get out of it. It is a very small amount of product compared to the price they are charging. Beware.

30 sherry August 17, 2010

I think this product works great! I have used all of the expensive brands at Macy’s and nothing makes my skin glow like this……FABULOUS! It is not going to work on all skin, but neither will any other product. They have a great customer service line that is available 24/7. I get compliments everyday on my skin, and I am 40.

31 Debbie September 9, 2010

Ladies…I have always had good skin, but have hit that magical age of 50, so I ordered this product to help me maintain or slow down the aging process. After 1 day, my skin started breaking out, which is something it never does. It also was getting dry patches and burning. Tonight, I broke out in bright red hives all over my face and neck. My face and neck feel like they are on fire! I have already contacted them and am sending the product back tomorrow! Buyer beware…

32 Ashley September 13, 2010

They do not “illegally obtain” your credit card number. The bank automatically reroutes charges that came in on your old credit card to the new one. Simply changing the number ( calling in and say you lost it, need a new card) won’t do it anymore. But citibank offers virtual account numbers with limit etc. So if it’s 30 bucks, the limit will be 30 and there’s nothing they can do.

33 Mary September 15, 2010

I wanted to add a comment: My husband’s grandmother used sour cream on her face for many, many years and had a beautiful, wrinkle-free complexion until she died in her 90s. Sour cream is rich in lactic acid and helps soften and remove dead skin cells.

(Your comments made me remember this; I will have to try it myself! I’m 56.)

34 Jill October 11, 2010

I am 36 yrs old. I used M.B. for about 9 mos with no remarkable results. Since then I’ve become a huge fan of Patricia Wexler products (avail online and in Bath and Body Works stores-though a bit more pricey) and a brand called Skin Effects by Dr. Dover (avail online or in CVS stores. Very reasonable$) I’ve been using a combo of these 2 lines for over 2 years now and my skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!

Bottom line….as for the M.B. Ladies, there are many, much more effective lines out there that actually produce results due to non-mysterious, proven ingredients. And without expensive celebrity infused infomercials….hhhmmm

35 Emma October 13, 2010

The product is OK, esp. for sensitive skin. That said the order process and customer service are abismal!! I called to reorder specific products, a sizeable order on 9/14. When not rec’d two wks later I called again. It seems the order was not process correctly and not sent yet. I sugg. they send it express mail at their expense. Oh sure!
That they “cannot do”! Ok, cancel the order. On 10/13, ONE MONTH LATER after I had bought other products, the delayed order arrived! grrrr

36 bryan haynes October 21, 2010

I cant use any of her products except for the glowing serum which is awesome. The other products make my skin to oily throughout the day the eye cream I admit doesn’t feel good on your eyes as well as a uncomfortable feeling forsure! But I wash my face with olay regenerist pore dextoxifier scrub and use this glowing serum as my moisture one pump is enough and I kinda put it on a damp face so it asborbs. Its smells and feels so good and my face becomes brighter is cool! Can’t mix it with a moisturizer because my face will become oily again and I may breakout. But by itself it a great fit. I got it at suphora in the mall so you don’t even have to order it anymore. They the products and you can buy them individually so you don’t have to buy the whole set. The glowing serum alone was 40.00 so not the cheapest and its in the smallest bottle in the world but I absolutely love what it does how it smells like oranges not canteloupe by the way. And it does make my skin glow. I’m stuck on it

37 amy October 29, 2010

Do Not open the box or bill on it and write “REFUSED” return to the post office.

38 alyurpal November 6, 2010

I liked meaningful beauty I think the product worked well for the price. Additionally when I visit the cosmetics department in my department store I am always offered additional products. They are just offers and its up to me to say no taking into account my budget. Additionally when I started stockpiling meaningful beauty I was able to call and stop my auto ship for 6 months as I have oily skin and sometimes my face can’t take all of the great moisturizing products. Guthy Renker is not a scam by any means nor is Cindy Crawford.

If you think its a scam ahead of time you are just not mature enough to decline an offer, or take the time to canel on the autoship which really isnt a hassle. The auto ship offers convenience of not having to go to the store or reorder.

39 belinda November 23, 2010

I have been using meaningful beauty for 6 weeks now and i must say l am getting results .
I am 45 yrs of age and i have noticed a great difference in my skin in every way.
People have their opions on this product but what i have read so far you havent even tried this product so how can you give comments……….

40 Kelli December 5, 2010

This product is worthless and the company is a rip-off!! I did not do my homework either, and ended up in a customer service nightmare! I have paid an outrageous amount of money and they have the audacity to say I still owe them $40! All I agreed to was the initial “trial” which was around $30. Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of herself to be affiliated with this type of rip-off! She is taking advantage of people and promoting a crappy product that I’m sure is nowhere near the products that she actually uses! I would never again buy anything associated with her – she obviously does not mind ripping consumers off!!

41 Stephanie December 30, 2010

Here’s MY story: I am a 29 year old teacher. I don’t work for other skin care companies… I’m just a typical woman who cares about the future of my aging skin. In the past, I never had a problem with ACNE per se, but I did notice the fine lines and “crow’s feet” starting to form around my eyes. When I came across the infomercial, of course I was persuaded because Cindy Crawford has FLAWLESS skin! Whatever she uses… I trust! I didn’t have any issues with the ordering process. It was pretty straightforward without any glitches- and it should be known that it was the FIRST time I have ever ordered anything that was advertised on an infomercial. I was surprised, however, when I received the second package in the mail with a much HIGHER price than expected… but that was my own fault for not reading the fine print. After using the product for several weeks, I didn’t notice any positive changes. As a matter of fact, I started breaking out but everyone said that my skin had to get used to the product. Friends and family said that my skin was “purging” and getting acclimated to the chemicals in this product. (I know I should’ve seeked professional help at this point, but I didn’t). Soooo… I continued using Meaningful Beauty – every morning, and every night. I started forming HUGE “volcanoes” (as I called them) on my cheeks, chin and forehead. When I researched these bumps that were forming on my skin, I realized that they were SYSTS and even dermatologists could not treat this type of acne. Since I was planning for a wedding, I blamed my new ACNE problem on STRESS. The systs turned into SCARS and the scars on my face began to affect my self-esteem. I still have issues when I look at my wedding pictures because the photographer did not touch-up some of the bumps on my cheeks. About a month after my wedding, my mom introduced me to a new skin care line and I AM BEING COMPLETELY HONEST WHEN I SAY WITHIN ONE WEEK, MY ACNE CLEARED AND MY SCARS WEAKENED! All this time, I thought it was stress or hormones causing my problems. It may have been an allergic reaction, though my skin is not sensitive to any other products. The reason I know it was the facial lotion from MB causing my acne is because recently, I tried it AGAIN for a couple of weeks and low and behold – four systs popped in, almost consecutively. So I discontinued the product for the last time. MB may work for some people but in my case, it scarred me for life!

42 Chrissy February 16, 2011

This stuff is nothing more than and overpriced version of what you can buy at Target. It hasn’t done anything positive for my skin, and my husband and animals both cant stand the smell. It’s too bad…Cindy did a good job selling it. Save your money and look elsewhere.

43 Davika February 17, 2011

Meaningful Beauty is now being sold at the Sephora inside JC Penny only, not regular mall Sephora stores. I went and the lady gave me samples without me even asking because she loved it so much and I did too. From the very first use my skin started glowing. I could probably get away with using other products, but the glow serum is to die for…LOVE it! I’ve noted that someone else said that they glow serum is really the powerhouse of the whole kit and I would have to agree, and its too bad they give you so little of it, cause that is all I would really want. I have combination skin and I’m about 29. It does not make me break out or cause any redness or rashes, if that happens to you, just try something else. Cetaphil made me break out, but it has such great reviews, everyone’s skin is different, if it doesn’t work for you, at least you tried it, and just move on, you can get your money back, and I bet if you return it to Sephora (inside JCP), you can get a store credit there and use that for something there, even if you didn’t buy it there in the first place ;)

44 Linda Barnett February 24, 2011

This product is great! I’m 60,my skin is accepting these products very well. I’ve been using it for 3 months,and I do notice a big differance! I love the combination of the 3 lotions before applying make-up, which I don’t need as much of now thanks to Meaningful Beauty, that glowing serum is so-o good!

45 Pam March 2, 2011

I wish I had read these comments before I ordered the product. I didn’t like the product and sent it back with all the proper return item instructions plus a letter stating I wanted to cancel the account and low and behold they kept sending product and billing me for items I had already returned. I’ve now sent back 2 unopened parcels and have spoken on the phone to customer service and have emailed them twice and still they have billed me for shipments I now longer have. They email me back to tell me they have received the return items and will refund my credit card less the shipping and handling charges. How can they justify charging me for shipping and handling when I never asked for the extra shipments in the first place. What do I have to do to get them to pay attention? I will never order anything from this company or their representatives ever again.

46 Linda March 23, 2011

All they do is lie to get your money. Your first shipment comes with a 90-day supply even though they tell you that you are getting a 30-day sample kit. The invoice very clearly states that you will be billed 3 times for your first shipment. Even though Customer Service lied, I figured I would just use the products but cancel any further shipments. For the last 2 months, I’ve had payments taken directly from my checking account even though I CANCELLED!!! Now I’m having to open a new checking account and moving all of my transactions to a credit union because of this ridiculous set up. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS, YOU’LL NEVER GET THEM TO STOP BILLING YOU!

Linda Collins, Phoenix, AZ

47 Donna witty March 24, 2011

I have been using meaningful beauty for a little over a week. I love the feel of my skin since I started the product. Exactly one week after I started using the product a friend called after we left a meeting and wanted to know what was different about me. I ask what he meant and he “you are glowing.” I told him I had started a new skincare.

48 Wendy L March 26, 2011

If you buy this product, try it out for a few days on a small patch of skin. I, like others, used it for about 3 days and experienced dry, bright red, itching and burning skin. I stopped using it (and didn’t let anything touch my face except water and aloe vera gel) immediately and it took almost a month for my face to clear up–after the burning subsided, my skin blistered and peeled. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything before, and hadn’t changed my makeup, soap or anything else during this time. It was like a chemical burn or severe sunburn. I live in a cold climate and this happened in the winter. Glowing skin is one thing, but I think mine glowed in the dark it was so red. Obviously some people have used this without these problems, but many others have experienced the same problems I did and so be safe and don’t put it all over your face. I travel in business, and there’s nothing worse than everyone asking what happened to your face for 3+ weeks.

49 Bails April 20, 2011

Ok first of all when it comes to products used on your face you MUST give them at least 2-4 weeks of continuously using them. the face is used to routine, ANYTIME you quit a product your face is use to there is Always going to be some type of irritation because your skin is noticing new chemicals in a sensistive area. If youre having an allergic reaction to it then def. quit using but an allergic recation has nothing to do with the product itself. To me that is common sense and any girl that is into beauty products shouldnt complain about that because it makes you like uneducated and kinda dumb since even 5 min of researching would explain it.
The only thing that I cant seem to find is a clear cut description on how much the payments are going to be after the free trial is over. I honestly could care less about the free trial because again common sense and knowing how basically anytime ANY type of service offering a free trial period is there only to catch your attention. I’ve found out that in the long run, skipping the free trial period will save you money, time, and piece of mind.

50 Sarahblenner April 29, 2011

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