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Car Care

Jupiter Jack Put Through A Real Life Test

by Theresa April 12, 2010

Jupiter Jack was originally named “Black Jack” and the company soon realized that this name was under trademark restrictions. Go figure! With all the new bylaws going into effect in different provinces and states, many of us need a legal way to use our cell phones while driving. Find out what Jupiter Jack is all about and how well it works.

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Driveway Patrol Review and Handy Tips from Consumers

by Theresa April 3, 2010

Driveway Patrol claims that it increases your home security by monitoring your driveway. It’s basically a driveway motion detector that works like a door bell. So if a person or car approaches you’ll be alerted inside your home. Find out if it works on a consistent basis in this “Does it Work” test.

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SpongeTech Wash and Wax Sponge Review

by Theresa March 29, 2010

The SpongeTech Wash and Wax Sponge Kit looks like just an ordinary sponge and shammy. Although the makers say, that this is an all in one cleaning system that gives you up to 8 high quality car washes. Watch as a group cheerleaders test it out during a local car wash fund raising event.

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Auto Cool Infomercial Claims are Totally Bogus

by Theresa June 21, 2009

Auto Cool is meant to save us from those sweltering hot vehicles. I personally hate being burnt by the most unlikely surfaces. Those seat belt buckles are the worst! Summer is officially here and it sure would be nice if there was a device that could help keep our vehicles nice and cool throughout the day.

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Drop Stop – The Car Seat Add-On That Protects Your Crack

by Theresa June 20, 2009

Drop Stop? What is this thing and what does it do? Well, how many times have you thought to yourself… “Geeze, I hate that when my phones, keys, jewelry, makeup, change, bottle caps, pens, gum and greasy french fries keeping falling down the car seat crack.” How could I possibly prevent this from happening? If you’re one of the apparent millions of drivers afflicted, it turns out that you are needlessly suffering.

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No Straining to Clean Windshields With Windshield Wonder

by Theresa June 16, 2009

Windshield Wonder is supposed to take all the bending and contorting out of reaching to wash the inside of your vehicles windows. It’s definitely a tricky maneuver to get low on the dashboard to clean the front windshield. It’s clever inventors also spotted another benefit…cleaning off car condensation. You know, the kind that creeps up on your front windshield as your driving? That’s always scary and kind of dangerous. Why didn’t anyone think up this invention sooner?

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Consumer Results of Using Liquid Leather

by Theresa February 22, 2009

Liquid Leather type products have been around for decades. No other infomercial opens with quite as big a bang as this one. Actually it’s not so much a bang as a stab. Viewers see a male hand plunges a knife deep into its teal-colored cushion. Normally there could be only a couple of ways to deal with such an outrage. Either send the entire piece to the dump or duct tape the hole…but not with Liquid Leather. All you need is a little dab and a little heat and you can have that sofa looking like new again. Well hopefully it looks like new!

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Tire Minder Consumer Reports and Recommendations

by Theresa February 21, 2009

Tire Minder is suppose to save us from the annoying task of checking tire pressure on our vehicles. When we fill up for gas we all know we’re suppose to occasionally get the tire gauge out and check the air pressure on each tire. Unless a tire “looks low” we typically don’t think about or want to be bothered checking it.Here’s what some consumers are saying and the Tire Minder company has some recommendations.

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Simoniz Fix It Put To the Test – Does It Fix Vehicle Scratches?

by Theresa February 19, 2009

Simoniz Fix It is made by Simoniz the name detailers are suppose to trust. I’m not sure why they put their name behind this product! Consumers seem a little angry at Billy Mays and want to kick his butt for recommending Fix It. That’s a bad sign… If you’re looking for a quick fix for your vehicles nicks scratches and dings, here’s a video of Fix It put to the test and quick review.

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Dent Repair Made Easy with Ding King

by Theresa November 17, 2008

Ding King seems to work great in this video review! There are a lot of dent repair kits on the market… Ding King is one of the first paintless dent repair tools I’ve seen that actually works.

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