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Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer Review

by Theresa December 20, 2010

Looking for that perfect purse organizer? Here’s both a video review and consumer comments on the Kangaroo Keeper to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Does the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Stand Up Over Time?

by Theresa December 13, 2010

Heres a look at the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet. Find out if you can really store all your personal items so you can transfer them quickly and easily.

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Underwhelmed by Underwired Bras? Then Barelifts May be For You!

by Theresa December 8, 2010

Wondering if Barelifts really work as advertised? Find out in this video review. There’s also a few recommendations for wearing them as well.

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Healing Dry Cracked Heels with the Heel Stick

by Theresa December 13, 2009

The Cracked Heel Stick was introduced in March, 2009, and according to the May 13 airing of the Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen show, was a huge success. The ad really catches your attention with the sandblaster being applied to the ladies feet. That’s how I feel sometimes when my heels start to crack and then bleed. It almost seems like no lotion will ever heal your skin. Just so you know, there seems to be similar looking heel sticks with slightly different names. There’s the Heel Stick (featured on The Pitchmen show) and the Heel Tastic (current infomercial). On HSN it’s called the “Earth To Skin Care Cracked Heel Renewal”. I’ve also seen it named “Luxuriant Cracked Heel Repair”. Whatever the name they go under the main point is,

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Can You Really Grow Longer Lashes With Rapid Lash?

by Theresa December 7, 2009

Rapid Lash claims to grow longer lashes naturally. You may have heard about this eye lash growth serum on the news. The story goes that Glaucoma patients received drug treatments for their eye condition. Then began seeing a surprising side effect…full, long, lush eyelashes. The ingredients in the glaucoma drugs that are responsible for this are prostaglandin and cloprostenol. Cloprostenol began to appear in more and more products, like Rapid Lash. But there’s a lot of controversy around these two key ingredients. You might be wondering if these eyelash growth products are safe….

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The Neckline Slimmer is Getting Mixed Results

by Theresa December 3, 2009

The Neckline Slimmer promises to dramatically firm up loose neck muscles and skin…in just minutes a day! You’ve seen dramatic before and after pictures but are they real? Three ladies try out this neck toner for two months and here are the results.

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Finishing Touch/Micro Touch Trimmer Pros and Cons

by Theresa November 27, 2009

Finishing Touch is that little pen shaped hair remover for the light to help remove those pesky hard to reach, unwanted hairs. Apparently good for all those hard to reach places you can never get at with the razor …upper lip, chin, ankles, knees, nose, ears bikini lines and eyebrows. BTW, I noticed that the Micro Touch Trimmer for men is almost an identical product except that it’s grey in color.

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Can You Really Beat the Frizzies with the Maxiglide Straightener?

by Theresa November 23, 2009

The Maxiglide Hair Straightener infomercial claims its better than regular flat irons due to its magical “steam burst technology”. I’m like most of you ladies out there…sooo incredibly skeptical about those fake models with their fake smiles and phony testimonials. I can’t even stand watching them and end up switching channels. Of course those of us with super curly hair would love to easily transform our hairstyle into a sleek, silky just stepped out of the salon look. So we all hold out hope that just maybe, you can you really get silky smooth hair with a few passes of the Maxiglide.

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Split Ender Saves You Money but How Valuable is Your Time?

by Theresa November 17, 2009

Split Ender is actually made by the Revo Styler company. It’s inventor – a long haired guy in a rock band who got tired of shelling out money on hair trims. Hmmm interesting. Can this really be a time saving device for those annoying split ends? I’m all for being self sufficient and saving you’re hard earned money. I know those salon costs really add up over time. Let’s see if this hair trimmer really works.

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More Techniques for Using Hair Curlers and Rollers

by Theresa May 10, 2009

I just came across some how-to videos on curling your hair with hair curlers and rollers. I know that not all of you ladies are so fond of those hot curlers and flat irons. Have a look at these four videos plus a whole YouTube channel devoted to how-to hair curler techniques!

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