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Kangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer Review

by Theresa December 20, 2010

Looking for that perfect purse organizer? Here’s both a video review and consumer comments on the Kangaroo Keeper to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Does the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Stand Up Over Time?

by Theresa December 13, 2010

Heres a look at the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet. Find out if you can really store all your personal items so you can transfer them quickly and easily.

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Underwhelmed by Underwired Bras? Then Barelifts May be For You!

by Theresa December 8, 2010

Wondering if Barelifts really work as advertised? Find out in this video review. There’s also a few recommendations for wearing them as well.

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Can You Really Grow Longer Lashes With Rapid Lash?

by Theresa December 7, 2009

Rapid Lash claims to grow longer lashes naturally. You may have heard about this eye lash growth serum on the news. The story goes that Glaucoma patients received drug treatments for their eye condition. Then began seeing a surprising side effect…full, long, lush eyelashes. The ingredients in the glaucoma drugs that are responsible for this are prostaglandin and cloprostenol. Cloprostenol began to appear in more and more products, like Rapid Lash. But there’s a lot of controversy around these two key ingredients. You might be wondering if these eyelash growth products are safe….

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The Neckline Slimmer is Getting Mixed Results

by Theresa December 3, 2009

The Neckline Slimmer promises to dramatically firm up loose neck muscles and skin…in just minutes a day! You’ve seen dramatic before and after pictures but are they real? Three ladies try out this neck toner for two months and here are the results.

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Chic Shaper – The Revoluntary Way to Lift and Separate?

by Theresa April 15, 2009

Chic Shaper is another “bra accessory” to lift the girls. They’re coming out with a lot of those lately. It kind of looks like a backwards bra that fastens at the front. It’s supposed to be worn over your bra to give it a boost…so it’s a bra for your bra basically. The makers claim it supports your back and improve your posture. Looks like it may have been originally marketed and sold to Chinese women but under the name “Chinese Wonderful Bra.” Haha! That bra looks EXACTLY like the Chic Shaper. This could explain why some women are finding the Chic Shaper sizes a little off.

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Save a Blade Lab Experiment – Does It Really Work?

by Theresa April 13, 2009

Save A Blade promises to help us get a close, smooth shave without spending a ton of money on those expensive replacement blades. Let’s see if one blade can now give you a whopping 200 shaves! Now that would be impressive…That’s the promise from “Save-a-Blade.”

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HD Vision Sunglasses vs Regular Sunglasses

by Theresa April 13, 2009

HD Vision Glasses bring flashbacks of the Blue Blocker eyewear from the 80′s. Even back then they wanted us to believe they were so cool looking. The makers of the HD Vision Sunglasses claim they have “modern European style”… hmmm I don’t know about that part. Even Lauren Keith from Heartland News admitted she had a little chuckle of that claim since they are incredibly bulky looking.

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Smooth Away is the Latest Hair Removal Craze

by Theresa March 12, 2009

Smooth Away has been around in many forms over the years. It seems like there’s some sort of hair removal craze going on all over the net. Even a lot of interest among guys! I see that the same company has many older versions of the product with the same name. They started with cream and the hair removal pads. Now it’s just the pads. Well I finally bought Smooth Away and tried it for the first time last night…Here’s how it went!

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Pampered Toes Promises a Spa-Like Experience For Your Feet

by Theresa March 11, 2009

Pampered Toes are marketed to ladies who want to sooth their aching feet after wearing tight or high heeled shoes. It’s supposed to relieve cramping and pain and promises a sensational spa experience for your feet. Want to know if they’re really all that great?

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