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Finishing Touch/Micro Touch Trimmer Pros and Cons

by Theresa November 27, 2009

Finishing Touch is that little pen shaped hair remover for the light to help remove those pesky hard to reach, unwanted hairs. Apparently good for all those hard to reach places you can never get at with the razor …upper lip, chin, ankles, knees, nose, ears bikini lines and eyebrows. BTW, I noticed that the Micro Touch Trimmer for men is almost an identical product except that it’s grey in color.

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Can You Really Beat the Frizzies with the Maxiglide Straightener?

by Theresa November 23, 2009

The Maxiglide Hair Straightener infomercial claims its better than regular flat irons due to its magical “steam burst technology”. I’m like most of you ladies out there…sooo incredibly skeptical about those fake models with their fake smiles and phony testimonials. I can’t even stand watching them and end up switching channels. Of course those of us with super curly hair would love to easily transform our hairstyle into a sleek, silky just stepped out of the salon look. So we all hold out hope that just maybe, you can you really get silky smooth hair with a few passes of the Maxiglide.

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Split Ender Saves You Money but How Valuable is Your Time?

by Theresa November 17, 2009

Split Ender is actually made by the Revo Styler company. It’s inventor – a long haired guy in a rock band who got tired of shelling out money on hair trims. Hmmm interesting. Can this really be a time saving device for those annoying split ends? I’m all for being self sufficient and saving you’re hard earned money. I know those salon costs really add up over time. Let’s see if this hair trimmer really works.

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More Techniques for Using Hair Curlers and Rollers

by Theresa May 10, 2009

I just came across some how-to videos on curling your hair with hair curlers and rollers. I know that not all of you ladies are so fond of those hot curlers and flat irons. Have a look at these four videos plus a whole YouTube channel devoted to how-to hair curler techniques!

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EZ Combs May Not Work on All Hair Types

by Theresa May 9, 2009

EZ Combs are basically two hair combs tied together with jewel covered bands that stretch. What we wouldn’t give for a hair accessory that could give us an attractive style instantly! I usually have no luck with hair clips. That’s why I’m skeptical about these EZ Combs. I find that these sorts of hair accessories work better for people with finer hair. Can we really achieve hairstyle perfection with EZ combs?

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Does the Instyler Live Up to All That Hype?

by Theresa May 5, 2009

Instyler is supposed to be the hottest hairstyling tool since the flat iron came out on the market. The big attraction is that it supposedly saves you time styling your hair by drying and styling it at the same time. I see that this company is trying to slam flat irons… their claim? It doesn’t damage your hair because it uses less heat. You know this company should get an award for their extremely clever marketing tactics both online and off. The hype they’ve created is unbelievable!

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Bumpits Review & Video Tutorials – Look at Those Hair Styles!

by Theresa February 19, 2009

Bumpits is the newest hair accessory craze. I’m not sure how I missed this…I finally saw it on TV the other day. A lot of you ladies were looking for the Bumpits (Big Happy Hair Bumpits) over Christmas. They’re basically hair volumizing inserts to create that height or bump on the top of your head. Kind of reminds me of the 60s hairdos with the headband look! I think a lot of celebrities wear their hair this way. It’s also rumored that Sara Palin even wears a bumpit! The idea is to create a whole new look without having to tease and backcomb your hair for volume at the roots.

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How to Curl Hair With a Flat Iron – Two Unique Videos

by Theresa February 18, 2009

How to curl hair with a flat iron or curling iron is really easy once you get the hang of it. The difference between curling with a flat iron and a curling iron is that the curls last longer. Your curls will have a slightly different shape than the traditional curl with a round barrel iron. The first video shows you how to do just that. The second video is a really interesting technique if your want to make your hair soft and wavy. She uses her curling iron and her 99 cent granny rollers to create this effect!

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How to Curl Hair with Hair Curlers – Advice From the Experts

by Theresa February 17, 2009

How to curl hair with either hair curlers and soft rollers is a really common question I get. There are many of you ladies looking for As Seen on TV hair accessories and wanted to know more about curling your hair, especially adding volume to your roots. Since you asked, I wanted to add these how to videos. Two hairstylists demonstrate two techniques on how to curl your hair with both standard rollers and hot rollers.

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Wrap Snap and Go Hair Roller Tips

by Theresa December 15, 2008

Wrap Snap and Go Hair Rollers are definitely one of the easiest ways to curl your hair. Like most of us who have tried using soft rollers, all we want is two things. The rollers need to be soft, comfortable. They also need to securely stay in my hair while I wear them around the house or while sleeping.

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