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Ab Trainer

Is the TCore Yet Another Ab Device With Empty Promises?

by Theresa December 29, 2010

Wondering if the T Core ab workout is for you? Find out if this device is really everything it promises in the infomercial.

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Ab Circle Pro Featured by Fitness Celebrity Jennifer Lee

by Theresa August 3, 2009

The Ab Circle Pro just made its rounds on the Home Shopping Network back in July. This so called “treadmill for your abs” is endorsed by fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee. The first thing that struck me was the amount of hype created around this ab machine. What better way to get people talking then to create countless promo clips of Jennifer launching the product on Ft Lauderdale beach and of course the testimonials. Who knows if they’re real or not. You have to admit the design is somewhat intriguing. Can you really get an ab workout going around in circles like that? Here’s a list of the pros and cons of this latest ab trainer device.

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Can You Really Glide Your Way to Great Abs With Ab Flyer?

by Theresa August 2, 2009

Is Ab Flyer yet another overpriced ab machine? They sure try and hook you with that $15 trial offer…. Ahh but what about the horrendous shipping costs. And do you notice how fitness infomercials always show people writhing around in pain on the floor while trying to do their sit ups?? Well I was sort of impressed (but still skeptical as always) that it’s actually endorsed by two Olympic Gold Medalists, swimmer Shannon Miller and Soccer Captain, Christie Rampone. Here’s a personal trainer who takes a hard look at this ab workout device.

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A Personal Trainer Gives Her Opinion of the Ab Sonic

by Theresa August 1, 2009

Ab Sonic is yet another electric massage belt that’s come on the market. How many ab training fitness devices do they think we need? This one promises that instead of doing 600 sit-ups you can use the Ab Sonic for only ten minutes with the same results. The neat thing about this belt is that you can use it on your stomach as well as your arms and legs. Have a look at what a rather skeptical personal trainer is saying Ab Sonic.

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Bender Ball Review and Stability Ball Workouts

by Theresa April 30, 2009

The Bender Ball infomercial is making its rounds…as well as their promises of AMAZING abs. The infomercial starts out by trying to create emotional appeal. A lady reveals “I LOVE my abdominals…yes I love my belly, I LOVE my abdominals.” and another women saying “My husband can’t keep his hands off me!” Give me a break! As if we’re going to fall for that….This type of ab exercise ball isn’t even a new concept. Here’s a quick review, some alternatives to this product as well as ab workouts with a resistance ball.

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Here’s a Quick Run Down of 7 Fitness Products Seen on TV

by Theresa February 7, 2009

Fitness products seen on TV are all pretty hyped up in the infomercials and leave most of us scratching our heads in frustration. Which of them are effective and how do they perform in a side by side comparison? The students at Marion High School did a great job in this video review. Seven of the most widely advertised fitness products are tested in a their six week gym program. Find out how effective the following ab trainers really are. They tested the Body Pod, the Bean, Cross Crunch, 6 Second Abs, Red XL, Ab Lounge Chair and Ab Roller.

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Does the SlenderTone Flex Work? Here’s the Pros and Cons

by Theresa February 5, 2009

Does the SlenderTone Flex Work? Wondering if this belt is just like all those ab belt, ab trainer gadgets from the past? At first glance this product reminded me of similar ab workout belts from years ago. They were pretty much all labeled ineffective and even recalled. SlenderTone is one of the first ab belts that has actually been cleared by the FDA. Have a look at this video review, and a summary of some pros and cons and hints for using this ab trainer.

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