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Exercise Equipment Put to the Test by Andrea Metcalf

by Theresa April 29, 2009

With spring already here, we’ll all be clamoring to get in shape. Do we really need to buy all those As Seen on TV fitness gadgets? I should hope not! I almost wrote em all off. Anyways, on the Today Show they had a pretty good show with Certified Fitness Trainer Andrea Metcalf. She took an honest look at four, As Seen on TV exercise products. They include Tony Little’s Rock and Roll Stepper, Perfect Pushup, Rock and Go Exerciser and the Iron Gym.

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Here’s a Quick Run Down of 7 Fitness Products Seen on TV

by Theresa February 7, 2009

Fitness products seen on TV are all pretty hyped up in the infomercials and leave most of us scratching our heads in frustration. Which of them are effective and how do they perform in a side by side comparison? The students at Marion High School did a great job in this video review. Seven of the most widely advertised fitness products are tested in a their six week gym program. Find out how effective the following ab trainers really are. They tested the Body Pod, the Bean, Cross Crunch, 6 Second Abs, Red XL, Ab Lounge Chair and Ab Roller.

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Iron Gym Review and Handy Hints You Need to Know

by Theresa February 6, 2009

This Iron Gym Review basically summarizes what’s good and not so good as well as some door dimensions that you’ll need to have the bar fit properly in your doorway. At first glance, I like the idea that you don’t have to screw the bar into the doorway or ruin your door. Here’s a pretty good video explaining how to assemble it and showing the various workouts you can do. Including pull ups, push ups, knee raises, dips, body weight rows and crunches. The first part of the video is the Iron Gym. In the second half of the video, that’s not the Iron Gym! I did a double take there…when I watched it the first time. I’m honest not sure what the second workout device is.

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Does the SlenderTone Flex Work? Here’s the Pros and Cons

by Theresa February 5, 2009

Does the SlenderTone Flex Work? Wondering if this belt is just like all those ab belt, ab trainer gadgets from the past? At first glance this product reminded me of similar ab workout belts from years ago. They were pretty much all labeled ineffective and even recalled. SlenderTone is one of the first ab belts that has actually been cleared by the FDA. Have a look at this video review, and a summary of some pros and cons and hints for using this ab trainer.

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Feel the Burn with Billy Bootcamp on DVD

by Theresa January 3, 2009

The Billy Bootcamp series on DVD is no joke! If you want to start the news year off right and REALLY get in shape fast, here’s a very effective way to work out.

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Salsa DVD Put to the Test! Here’s a DVD Clip and Review

by Theresa January 2, 2009

This Salsa DVD is called the, Dance Off The Inches Sizzling Salsa is one DVD I had to put to the test! Just for fun I recently tried just this workout because as you know we all get into a rut with our exercise routines. I usually end up going for a run, or spending some time doing aquasize. It’s nice to try something new for a cardio workout. Salsa Dance to me looks like

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Find Out What Ladies are Saying About Yoga Booty Ballet

by Theresa December 31, 2008

Yoga Booty Ballet is a really unique combination of dance, booty sculpting and yoga. It claims to help you lose weight as well as sculpt lean, long muscles. It will not only transform your body but also your mind and spirit. They also claim that in two weeks you’ll see a dramatic difference in your body. Here’s a little sample video of what Yoga Booty Ballet is all about!

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Fitness DVD

by Theresa December 30, 2008

Wondering how to choose a fitness DVD? Fitness DVDs are great for a lot of folks who despise going to the gym. Ever wanted to work out at home but couldn’t decide on an exercise DVD that’s right for you? Which one do you choose? Here’s a breakdown of five things you can look for.

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Sweatin to the Oldies – Pros and Cons of this DVD

by Theresa November 17, 2008

Sweatin to the Oldies by Richard Simmons was originally released in the 1980s and ten years later the second version was created. It’s still fun to watch as you can see in the video below. I’m kind of amazed at how the twelve participants in the video are so inspirational and energetic! Man can they really move!

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Perfect Push Up vs the Pushup Pro – Whats the Difference?

by Theresa November 17, 2008

Here’s a Perfect Push Up review on video! There are several types of push up fitness equipment on the market but these two products, Perfect Push Up and Pushup Pro were what you were asking about the most. I found a great video comparing the two products. Have a look at Dan’s video. He does a great job of comparing the two.

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