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Impact Gel Insoles Put Through the M&M Test

by Theresa March 15, 2010

Impact Gel Insoles were launched on the the Discovery Channel Show “Pitchmen”. They were made famous by two shocking tests done by Billy Mays. First he smashed his hand with a hammer with only the insoles protecting his hand. Then later on in the infomercial they had to take it up a notch by having a car drives over Billy Mays hand. Yikes! They’re going all out with the shock and awe. Here’s a comparison test between a generic gel insole and Impact Gel to see if they pass an M&M test.

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Barefoot Science Insoles – How Well Do They Work?

by Theresa March 4, 2010

Barefoot Science Insoles were something I picked up about 4 years ago at the Calgary Exhibition here at Stampede time. I had no idea that they were even featured on TV. It looks like HSN ran a segment on them and so I thought these insoles were fair game to put up on my blog. If you have foot, knee or back pain you may want to have a look at this foot strengthening system.

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Walkfit Orthotic Insoles – Find Out What the Experts Say

by Theresa March 3, 2010

Walkfit Orthotics are foot inserts that claim it will help your feet and back feel better by aligning your lower back, hips and knees. If you ever looked at the price tag on some custom made orthotics, you’d be shocked at the price, almost $400! So can the $20 Walk Fit insole really help you get rid of back and foot pain?

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The Truth About the Acai Berry and Weight Loss

by Theresa January 9, 2010

Acai Berry weight loss sites are the latest internet craze. Some of you might be looking for diet programs for a 2010 New Years Resolution so I really concerned some of you might get caught up in the the hype surrounding Acai Berry Products. You may be familiar with the Acai fruit when it was featured on Oprah with Dr Oz or with Rachel Ray. It’s also been talked about on The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Below we examine what to look for when buying Acai Berry supplements.

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Seven Things You Should Know about Hoodia Gordonii

by Theresa February 1, 2009

Hoodia Gordonii appears to be the real Hoodia because scientists claim it is the one with the active ingredient P57. Although there’s still a big problem. If you ever typed in “Hoodia” into a search engine it will return a cross section of both good and bad information. You’ll find hundreds of companies selling hoodia and cautioning you not to buy the competitor’s useless hoodia pills. There are many misconceptions, untruths and grey areas surrounding all Hoodia products. Just try to compare different brands of Hoodia diet products at your local health food store. It will literally make your head spin! Which Hoodia product is the real deal?

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What is Hoodia? Here are Some Interesting Facts

by Theresa January 31, 2009

Hoodia has got to be the most hyped up diet product ever! There’s so much information out there…both on the web and in the media. It really becomes overwhelming! I wanted to break this down into two blog posts. Tomorrow I’ll put up some news from reliable sources that might make you think twice about buying Hoodia. I don’t trust those weight loss or drug companies. Some have a tendency to mislead consumers.

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NutriSystem Launches a New Diet Plan – Here’s the Difference

by Theresa January 30, 2009

NutriSystem is one of the oldest diet programs in the world. It’s actually been around for the past 35 years. They now have a new advanced program out. It’s a relaunch of NutriSystem’s previous plan. With NutiSystem, your diet comes in the form of a non-refrigerated foil pouch. It requires participants to eat the company’s line of foods in combination with grocery store-bought food like fruits and vegetables. As part of its new program, many foods are now made with heart-healthy ingredients, including omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fibers. Why is this so much better than the old plan?

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Is the 6 Week Body Makeover Right For You?

by Theresa November 29, 2008

The 6 Week Body Makeover plan is based on the fact that each of us has different abilities to gain and lose weight. Your specific exercise and diet plan takes into account such things as your blood type, specific metabolism level and body shape.

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Does Neru Patch Therapy Really Work?

by Theresa November 17, 2008

What do the professionals say about Neru Patch Therapy? It’s a detox patch that supposedly help detoxify your body and increase your circulation. Here are some consumer comments on this product.

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Is the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet Really a Miracle?

by Theresa November 17, 2008

The Hollywood Diet claims to help you lose 10 lbs in 48 hours. Is this really true and what is the 10 lbs consist of? Can you handle these rules for two days? No eating any food, no smoking, caffeine or alcohol.

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