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Impact Gel Insoles Put Through the M&M Test

by Theresa March 15, 2010

Impact Gel Insoles were launched on the the Discovery Channel Show “Pitchmen”. They were made famous by two shocking tests done by Billy Mays. First he smashed his hand with a hammer with only the insoles protecting his hand. Then later on in the infomercial they had to take it up a notch by having a car drives over Billy Mays hand. Yikes! They’re going all out with the shock and awe. Here’s a comparison test between a generic gel insole and Impact Gel to see if they pass an M&M test.

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Barefoot Science Insoles – How Well Do They Work?

by Theresa March 4, 2010

Barefoot Science Insoles were something I picked up about 4 years ago at the Calgary Exhibition here at Stampede time. I had no idea that they were even featured on TV. It looks like HSN ran a segment on them and so I thought these insoles were fair game to put up on my blog. If you have foot, knee or back pain you may want to have a look at this foot strengthening system.

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Walkfit Orthotic Insoles – Find Out What the Experts Say

by Theresa March 3, 2010

Walkfit Orthotics are foot inserts that claim it will help your feet and back feel better by aligning your lower back, hips and knees. If you ever looked at the price tag on some custom made orthotics, you’d be shocked at the price, almost $400! So can the $20 Walk Fit insole really help you get rid of back and foot pain?

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