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Smart Mop Review – Is it Worth Buying?

by Theresa February 16, 2010

This Smart Mop review will take a look at a mop that claims to easily wipe up both wet and dry spills. I’ve seen the real life demo of these mops many times at a Home Show here in Calgary and have owned one of these mops for a few years now. Here’s the run down of what you should know.

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The Verdict Is In On the All New Mr Steamy

by Theresa February 8, 2010

If you dread lugging out your iron and board or making that trip to the dry cleaners you’re not alone. Mister Steamy to the rescue! Yeahhh we’ll see about that. I always chuckle to myself when I hear the name. What marketing genius came up with that? The infomercial claims it will save you money by releasing steam in your dryer and immediately removing wrinkles from both damp and dry clothes.

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Silver Lightning Tarnish Remover Amazes This Product Tester

by Theresa February 8, 2010

Cleaning silver has never been my forte. I’ve discovered that it’s both a messy and time consuming process. So if the Silver Lightening Tarnish Cleaner can remove tarnish instantly with an electrolytic reaction, this just might be a great time saver to have around the home.

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Shuffles Shoe Mop – Creative Yes but Practical No!

by Theresa September 28, 2009

Shuffles Shoe Mops are a rather ridiculous looking product. I was debating if I should put it in my infomercial humor section or not. So why is it that all infomercials have to explain things to us that are totally obvious? Maybe they should even include an instruction manual. Geeze I think we can all figure out what mop shoes do just by giving us a brief demonstration. I noticed the site has a 4 step instruction guide, FAQ page and of all things a “Success Stories” page with testimonials. Wow, give me a break!

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Blox Fabric Protector Put to the Test by a Messy One Year Old

by Theresa September 26, 2009

Blox Fabric Protector is a new product on the site that promises to block stains before they begin. The infomercial claims that it acts as the barrier to coat your clothes and stop stains before they start. Looking at the ketchup and mustard demonstration on the infomercial, my first thought that it was was just way too unbelievable. If you have kids that love to make a mess while eating, you’ll get a kick out of this video. Spaghetti and juice everywhere but in the mouth!

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Slipper Genie vs Broom – Which is More Effective?

by Theresa September 22, 2009

Slipper Genie are those floor cleaning slippers that are described as the quote “ingenious new way to keep your floors clean.” Oh come on they can’t be serious! Have a look at what one father-to-be thinks about these revolutionary new slippers.

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How to Use All Natural Ingredients for Home Pest Control

by Theresa August 13, 2009

Home pest control methods like Riddex Plus (my last post) turned out to be a complete dud. I thought you might be interested in some all natural alternatives to help keep bugs from showing up in your home. Now this really surprised me that many natural ingredients can be used to deter pests like ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and roaches from moving in.

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Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner Takes the Heat From Consumers

by Theresa June 28, 2009

Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner is basically a pressurized 1200 watt hand held steam cleaner. It’s meant to remove built-up dirt, grime and grease on any surface around the house. But before you shell out $70, please have a look at this review…

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Barbeque Cleaning the Easy, Non-Toxic Way

by Theresa June 27, 2009

Barbeque cleaning was never a favorite activity of mine. ! I BBQ every chance I get… Love the barbeque parties but you have to admit, keeping the grill clean is a nasty job. Nothing makes me happier than smelling that barbeque aroma, cooking my food outdoors with good friends. Are you looking for chemical free way to keep your grill clean? Believe it or not, all that you really need for cleaning your grill is tin foil and canola oil.

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Grill Daddy Steam Cleans Grills But is it Really Necessary?

by Theresa June 23, 2009

Grill Daddy is a new barbeque cleaning brush. I know many of you are firing up the ol barbeque, especially on summer weekends. Grilling is always the fun part but clean up is a major pain. All that baked on food from last summer. Ugghh!

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