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My Place Laptop Table is Comfy but A Little Small

by Theresa October 5, 2009

My Place Laptop Table is supposed to create a cozy little workstation right on your lap. It’s even got it’s own cool little cup and pen holder and LED light! It almost looks a bit too cozy if you ask me. April is a an avid laptop user who enjoys taking her computer everywhere she goes. What does she think about this little laptop workstation?

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Consumer Review of the Porta Book Laptop Stand

by Theresa October 4, 2009

Porta Book at first glance looks to me like it’s a book holder as opposed to a laptop holder. I did a little research on the web and what do you know… Portabook is selling book and music stands! Now this is a great idea for any reader but will it hold a laptop well and how comfortable is it to use?

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Sonic Personal Amplifier by Bell and Howell – Does it Really Work?

by Theresa October 3, 2009

The Sonic Personal Amplifier is basically a poor mans hearing aid. It’s also marketed for the younger crowd who may want to put their super spy skills to work. Now you have the ability to eavesdrop on conversations up to 90 feet away, so they say. I also think it’s kind of clever that it’s made to resemble a blue tooth headset so no one would ever know you’re wearing a hearing aid. If you miss a lot of conversations and have been wondering if this personal sound amplifier works as good as shown on those TV infomercials, have a look at this video review.

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Riddex Plus Won’t Solve Pest Problems – Here’s Why…

by Theresa August 9, 2009

Riddex Plus is I guess, a non-toxic humane way of dealing with rodents. The device isn’t designed to actually kill the pests. You’re simply supposed to plug the device in any wall outlet and drive the pests away by altering the electric wiring within the walls. The infomercial goes out of their way to portray exterminators as “strangers spraying poison throughout your house.” You might be surprised at what independent tests and consumers are saying about this product.

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Find out How Magic Jack Compares to Cell and Landline Service

by Theresa August 8, 2009

Magic Jack is a relatively new As Seen on TV product that promises that you can reduce your phone bill down to as little as $20 a year. Unlike Skype that uses a peer-to-peer network, MAGIC JACK uses a dedicated telephone network so that quality is close to that of a land line. So are these claims to good to be true and are there any downsides to this service?

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Listen Up Is a Great Concept…But Does it Work?

by Theresa December 28, 2008

Listen Up promises that it will amplify sound so you can watch TV on a low volume, without disturbing others! All you have to do is turn up the sound on the listen up ear phones. You can also spy on your neighbours by listening in on secret conversations across the street. Watch this TV reporter test her super spy skills!

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My Lil Reminder Is Definitely Something to Forget

by Theresa December 27, 2008

My Lil Reminder is a tiny, portable digital voice recorder It allows users to record a short voice recording reminders to yourself so you can play it back later. By the looks of the infomercial it looks like such a great little invention! I’m sure you can all remember this infomercial, where the lady is running around the parking lot trying to find her parked car. For your entertainment I’ve added a My Lil Reminder Spoof Video.

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