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Does Fast Brite Deliver on the Show Room Shine Claim?

by Theresa November 13, 2011

You may have heard of the the Fast Brite Headlight Lens Restorer Kit. In this review you’ll find see if it really makes a difference on foggy, dull headlights.

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Furniture Fix – A Quick Fix for Saggy Seat Cushions?

by Theresa November 13, 2011

Watch our Furniture Fix video review and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

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Does EZ Moves Furniture Slides Really Work?

by Theresa November 9, 2011

Please watch this video review on the EZ Move Furniture mover to see how easy it really is to use.

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Glass Wizard vs Paper Towel and Glass Cleaner

by Theresa January 9, 2011

Wondering if the Glass Wizard is worth buying? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this As Seen on TV product.

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Is U Glue Adhesive Tape Comparible to Super Glue?

by Theresa January 8, 2011

U Glue is meant to be a heavy duty adhesive tape. It’s put through various tests around the home in this “Does it Work” segment.

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Enraged by Clam Shell Packaging? “Open It” May Be For You

by Theresa January 4, 2011

Are you fed up with hard to open packages? Here’s a look at a three-in-one tool that might help.

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EZ Bundler Not As Easy as Billy Mays Claims

by Theresa January 31, 2010

EZ Bundler looks a pretty simplistic infomercial gadget. Billy Mays claims that he always uses and stands by the products he pitches. So lets if if this EZ Bundler Strapping tool really helps to secure and organizes clutter and recyclables around the home.

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Does the Amish Heater Really Save You Money?

by Theresa January 27, 2010

The Amish Heater infomercials claim that this is a new “miracle heater.” It definitely grabs your attention on those cold winter nights while your watching TV. Wow it looks so cozy and warm. So what’s the story behind this heater… does it really save you money and why are Amish now experts in “Fireless Flame” technology?

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Hang and Level Review and Tips For Hanging Pictures

by Theresa January 21, 2010

The Hang and Level tool claims to help us eliminate those nasty “mistake” holes and scratches for wall hangings. Personally, I find that I’m always guessing where to hang picture frames with long wires. It drives me absolutely nuts! This little gadget is put to the test by an extremely particular gallery owner. At the bottom of this post, there’s also some how to tips in video format for hanging heavier items.

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Turbo Snake Works For Only These Type of Clogs

by Theresa November 8, 2009

Turbo Snake is meant to make our lives a bit easier by clearing up slow running bathroom drains. Usually the culprit are those nasty hairballs and always the fault of us women! Turbo Snake basically looks like a piece of electrical wire with some velcro tape on the end – very high end stuff here! Can this little contraption really do what the makers claim?

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