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The Baby Bullet Makes Organic Baby Food in Minutes

by Theresa July 25, 2012

Want to learn more about the Baby Bullet and how well it works? Please watch this video…

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Swivel Store Spice Rack Organizer Put to the Test

by Theresa November 22, 2011

Watch our Swivel Store review and decide for yourself if this kitchen gadget is right for you.

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Yet Another Time Saving Device for Cooking and Peeling Eggs?

by Theresa November 20, 2011

Eggies proves to be a disaster in the kitchen… I wouldn’t waste my money on this product!

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See the Rotato Express Potato Peeler In Action!

by Theresa January 11, 2011

Are all potato peelers created equally? Here’s a look at one infomercial product called the Rotato Peeler. You’ll find out just how effective this kitchen gadget really is.

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Make Perfect Smores All Year Round With Micro Smores

by Theresa January 10, 2011

Got a S’more addiction? No need to wait for your next camping trip. Now you can have perfect S’mores all year round with the Microsmores maker.

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Egg-Cited About the Easy Cracker? Then Here’s a Review For You!

by Theresa December 21, 2010

Easy Cracker is put through a variety of tests including, cracking fresh and hard boiled eggs. As well, we have a look at the EZ scrambler and egg separator attachment.

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The Ove Glove Hot Surface Handler Reviews

by Theresa December 21, 2010

The Ove Glove is a favorite fixture on the infomercial line up this time of year. Find out how it does the job in a real live test.

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Is the Yoshi Blade A Cut Above Other Ceramic Knives?

by Theresa June 8, 2010

Yoshi Blade is a special knife for those of us who are tired of cutting fingers while slicing and dicing fruit, vegetables and bread. I’m sure you’ve seen many over-the-top infomercials over the years with their patented ceramic knives. So is Yoshi Blade any different than the rest?

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Find Out What the Handy Chef Can and Can’t Do

by Theresa June 4, 2010

One Handy Chef is meant to replace six of your kitchen utensils. Now that’s what I call a kitchen gadget. Anything to make your time in the kitchen more efficient is good with me. Even after all the infomercial claims here’s what it REALLY does and doesn’t do.

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NuWave Twister A Magic Bullet Look Alike

by Theresa June 2, 2010

The NuWave Twister is yet another in a long line of “space saving blenders. Since there’s no point in having it save space but not blend, mix and grate properly, Linda Schneider thought she’d give it a whirl.

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