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How to Get Started With Your Organic Garden

by Theresa June 13, 2009

Organic gardens have really become popular in the last few years. Do you ever wish you could avoid the pricey organic vegetables at stores and grow your own? Organic this…organic that. The word get’s tossed around so much these days. So what does it really mean to grow vegetables organically? If you want inexpensive vegetables that are free from pesticides, organic gardens are the way to go. Have a look at these tips to help you get started growing your own organic garden.

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Organic Pest Control Tips for Your Garden

by Theresa June 11, 2009

Organic pest control is an approach to gardening that naturally enables the plants to prevent diseases and pests. It’s a bug eat bug world, when it comes to insects in your garden. Don’t panic though when you see bugs because many of them are good for your plants. Now how do you go about controlling the bad ones without using chemicals? In this video Scott Meyer answers some questions on how to naturally eliminate the bad garden pests.

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Organic Lawns are Easier Than You Think!

by Theresa June 10, 2009

Organic lawns…are they easy to grow and what do you have to do to get one? Nowadays, there’s no need for using chemicals to get a lush, green lawn. Scott Meyer, expert gardener and editor for Organic Gardening magazine share a few tips and shows why the extra effort is really worth it.

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Hedge Trimming and Bush Pruning – The Basics

by Theresa June 9, 2009

Hedge trimming or bush pruning? Why bother! Well I’m no hedge trimming expert. But after checking out and reviewing the Garden Groom yesterday and realized that many of you are looking for info on this subject. I realized that sheering bushes and shrubs with Garden Groom will only come in handy if you have many box shaped shrubs. You might not want to do that on all of your bushes. Scott and Yolanda from Expert Village mention that it looks more natural by either pruning by hand or with the use of sheers.

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Garden Groom – A Hedge Trimmer on Steroids

by Theresa June 7, 2009

Garden Groom looks like a fun little garden gadget. Of course the media likes anything new and trendy and are sure having a hay day with it. But really it’s only a hedge trimmer that also collects and mulches the mess. Don’t throw away your old trimmer just yet! Let’s see how easy and effective it is to trim hedges.

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Make Your Own Topsy Turvy Planter With These Simple Techniques

by Theresa April 28, 2009

Make your own Topsy Turvy with these simple suggestions. I know many of you are looking for info on how to make your own Topsy Turvy Planter. I just came across some more how-to videos on Yolanda Vanveen has some suggestions on which tomato plants to choose for your Topsy Turvy, how to grow them in a plastic bucket and also how to prune your plants once they start growing. You might also be interested in a review of the Topsy Turvy Planter which includes how to make a Topsy Turvy Fiber Basket.

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Is Regular Hand Watering Better Than Using Aqua Globes?

by Theresa April 9, 2009

Aqua Globes is both simple and ingenious in its design. Aqua Globes is a very attractive hand blown glass bulb. At the end is a narrow glass tube that’s open on the end. It basically works exactly like an inverted water bottle for pets and water is dispersed only as needed into your plants soil. Plant gurus say that most of us kill our plants by over watering them. I’m so guilty of that! I actually quit buying plants a year ago. I eventually kill all more poor plants, either by over watering, under watering or not having enough light throughout the winter season.

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See How Regular Grass Seed Compares To Patch Perfect

by Theresa April 9, 2009

Patch Perfect is supposed to be grass seed on steroids. Can you really just set it and forget it? After seeing both “Seed in a Blanket” and “Flowers in a Blanket” fail, I thought this grass seed is going to be a dud too. Garden Guru, Doug Oster agrees to do a side by side comparison with the Patch Perfect grass seed and regular grass seed.

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Tomato Planting and Gardening Tips from a Horticulturalist

by Theresa April 8, 2009

Tomatos…There’s absolutely nothing like a juicy, ripe, fresh off the vine tomato. I know how most gardeners take so much pride in growing them, trading tips etc. Well I just happened to find these five really great videos from Sarah Browning on easy tomato planting and gardening tips. She’s a horticulturalist from the the University of Lincoln Nebraska’ and goes in depth about many different tomato topics.

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Does Roll n Grow Impress Flower Gardeners?

by Theresa March 19, 2009

Roll n Grow is another one of those pre-seeded mats with irresistible infomercials that promise luscious, beautiful aromatic flowers. It comes rolled up in a fiber mat. You can also cut it to shape your flower pots and window boxes. Sounds like a pretty neat idea…until you see the actual results!

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