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How to Organize Your Coupons with the Couponizer

by Theresa August 22, 2009

Couponizer is labeled not as a “coupon organizer” but an “organizing system”. I’m wondering why so many ladies are so excited about cutting, sorting and storing all those little scraps of paper. Isn’t this overkill? Ok maybe there’s something more than meets the eye here. I don’t know about you but I never got around to using my coupons after clipping them. I always forget about them at the bottom of my purse only to found after they expire. If you’re into coupon clipping and need some sort of system to organize them before you get to the store, have a look at this video. There’s also some helpful tips on how to use coupons effectively to help you reach your budget goals.

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Slim Clip May Be the Solution for Eliminating Bulky Wallets

by Theresa August 16, 2009

Slim Clip is a product I think guys will really enjoy. It takes the place of a bulky wallet, basically a double sided money clip where you can store up to 6 credit cards on the one side and 30 bills on the other. Here are the differences between a Slim Clip, a wallet and a money clip and also what consumers are saying about this new fangled money clip.

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Wonder Hanger Tested in a Cramped Apartment Closet

by Theresa August 15, 2009

Wonder Hanger is a product I bought a few years back when I tried to reorganize my really small closet space. In a way, it’s kind of cheating…you don’t really need to get rid of stuff, Wonder Hangers just help you hang your clothes to make the best use of the vertical area of your closet. Julia demonstrates Wonder Hanger in her extremely cramped apartment closet. I also had the exact same problems that she has with these hangers. Have a look at how much space these Wonder Hangers actually free up.

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Huggable Hangers – Space Saving Solution for Closets

by Theresa April 18, 2009

Huggable Hangers are created Joy Mangano. I’ve never heard of her before today…guess she’s a hoity toity entrepreneur and inventor. She’s also been on 20/20 and CBS, People Magazine and Good Housekeeping! Joy designs and patents most of her products exclusively for HSN. Huggable Hangers are supposed to be designed especially to keep your clothing from slipping off hangers. Also because they’re super thin, they save you precious closet space. Since over 200 million of these “special” hangers have been sold I wondered what all the fuss was about….

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Shoes Under Review & Handy Tips For Organizing Footwear

by Theresa April 16, 2009

Shoes Under claims to be the easy solution to protect and organize shoes. Oh they can’t possibly under deliver on this infomercial product…is what I thought. Lo and behold Shoes Under is not as the infomercial claims! It’s a simple shoe organizer! How can they mess that up? What the heck is going on here?? No wonder we are all losing faith in As Seen on TV products. Arghhhh!!

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Are Space Bags the Solution For Crammed Closets?

by Theresa April 15, 2009

Space Bags are those giant Ziploc bags that you can vacuum seal to triple your storage space. After one brutal winter, it’s finally time to pack up those ol winter clothes and comforters. I bought some of these Space Bags a few years back. Storing all this stuff is always a challenge especially if your closet space is limited.

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