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Unusual Bonus Gift for the Ultramatic Adjustable Bed

by Theresa March 17, 2010

Have you ever seen that Ultramatic Bed infomercial? I just can’t seem to get that image out of my head. Tony sitting there in his pajamas with that smirk on his face. Like he’s wondering “What the hell did I get myself into doing this crazy infomercial.” It looks like he’s going to burst out laughing at any moment. Well back in the good ol’ days (1980s) it was called the Craftmatic Bed. You’ll never believe what they used in that old infomercial to try and lure consumers in to buy their beds.

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“Cheers to You” – The Most Ineffective Motivational CD in the World

by Theresa March 1, 2010

The “Cheers to You” Motivational CD series claims to have been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show not once, but twice! Now that could either be a good or bad thing because we know how much Ellen loves to mock infomercial products. The only way it’ll pick your mood up is by laughing at the samples of cheesy soundtracks.

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Stop Annoying Infomercials With the Infomercial Stopper

by Theresa February 2, 2010

Do you ever wish there was a way to stop those annoying infomercials dead in their tracks? Well now there’s a way to rise up to reject this outrageous intrusion in our homes! Our TV channels were never meant to be clogged with 24 hour shopping, workout kings offering to tighten everything from your face to your thighs. Geeze, those infomercial pitches teach us things we didn’t even realize we needed to know. Well you have to admire the sheer nerve of the promoters who think we do. Watch the newest spoof infomercial of the Infomercial Stopper!

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Infomercial Parody of the Revolutionary New Milk Glove

by Theresa September 21, 2009

Did you ever think hmmm… there’s just got to be a better more efficient way to eat your morning cereal? How can we save ourselves the hassle of using those annoying bowls and spoons? Well now there is! Introducing the comfortable and stylish Milk Glove!

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Dance Like a White Guy Spoof Infomercial

by Theresa August 31, 2009

In my experience, white people (especially men) seem to struggle on the dance floor and lack rhythm. I don’t mean to pick on guys here but some men seem to count their steps or do those repetitive, awkward dance movements. So you might be asking “OK so how do we fix this?” INTRODUCING a revolutionary dance system called “How to Dance Like a White Guy.”

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When You Can’t Reach to Wipe Yourself There’s Comfort Wipe

by Theresa July 28, 2009

I’m sure many of have you seen the latest ridiculous Comfort Wipe infomercial. Thank God they spared us viewers up here in Canada. So what is this latest gizmo you ask? It’s a little arm used to apply toilet paper to help you wipe your ass. Ewww what a horrible mental image! Yessss this is seriously a real product! Have a look at this spoof video of the Comfortable Stick.

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A Nostaligic Tribute to the Top Ten Worst Infomercials

by Theresa June 1, 2009

Here’s a nostalgic tribute to the of the to ten worst infomercial gadgets of all times. Come on, you have to admit they’re kind of entertaining…That is if your in a half asleep, can’t-find-the-remote, nothing-else- on-tv-at-2am sort of way.

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Pedi Paws Spoof Infomercial on Mad TV

by Theresa May 25, 2009

Mad TV has done it again! Here’s a spoof video showing a couple settling down to watch some late night TV. I love watching them getting all squeamish and upset at the having repeated exposure to the disturbing Pedi Paws infomercial. Note: No animals were hurt in the making of the infomercial due to the use of a cartoon dog.

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A Look at Two Ridiculously Awesome Infomercial Products

by Theresa May 18, 2009

Here are two ridiculous infomercial products I’ve been storing in my “You’ve got to be kidding me” file for quite some time. IN-TRO-DUCING the amaaazing Pedi Pistol and Closer Look Makeup Glasses.

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Funny Fitness Clip – Drew Barrymore Comedy Sketch

by Theresa April 27, 2009

Remember the eighties and those crazy aerobic outfits? Yeah we try not to but it’s time to poke fun at them! Back then, fitness products and infomercials were popping up everywhere. It seems like you couldn’t get away from the big hair, spandex outfits, leggings and headbands. Back in 2007, host Drew Barrymore takes us back to the good ole days in this SNL video skit.

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