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Mold n Play Soap Creates a Slimy Mess in the Tub

by Theresa October 24, 2009

The Mold n Play Soap Set by Kid Kleen sure looks like a fun activity for kids in the bath. Most kids love playing at bath time and also love Play Doh so this would naturally be a fun activity set for them. I actually first saw it as a bonus gift with the Bath Blizzard. Surprisingly, according to the majority of parents, this has got to be one of the worst products on the market!

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Grow a Heads Beats Chia Pets Hands Down

by Theresa October 13, 2009

Grow a heads are quirky little heads that grow grass hair when watered! The really neat thing about Grow a Heads is that you can style and personalize them for any occasion.They’re a unique specialty toy that were a big hit at a recent International Toy Fair in New York. I see that they’ve just been added to the AsSeenOnTV site so I thought I’d do a write up and include some consumer comments. I couldn’t help comparing them to Chia Pets. The major difference is that they actually use rye grass for hair which is not as as finicky to grow as the chia sprouts.

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Kids Get Bored Easily With the New Fun Slides Skates

by Theresa October 10, 2009

Fun Slides Carpet Skates seem to be remarkably similar to a hobby many kids have…sliding across a hardwood floor in a plain ol pair of socks. Can Carpet Skates be the next new trend in toys? Would kids and adults alike really go for a toy like this? Lets find out from 10 year old Tyler and a News Anchor doing his James Brown impersonation.

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Answers to the Common Questions Related to Toy Recalls

by Theresa February 11, 2009

Toy Recalls sparks fear in the minds of many parents. With all the talk about recalled toys especially last years As Seen on TV product “Aqua Dots”, there were a lot of parents questioning the safety of the supposedly new and improved Pixos toy. Parents were still a little leery about this product. Here’s some advice from Chris Byrne, the editor from Toys and Family Entertainment. He talks about what do to if you have a recalled toy in your home and also a few other important pointers. There’s also links where you can go to search for toy recall information.

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Eight Great Ideas for Organizing Kids’ Rooms

by Theresa February 10, 2009

Organizing kids’ rooms is such a huge problem for parents, I’ve decided to write another post on this subject. Well I kind of cheated and added two really great videos for you! It’s one of those days…The first video is actually quite long but full of useful ideas. It’s detailed advice from a professional organizer on organizing a kids room. The second video is really cute. The kids in the video are English and their parents have come up with 4 clever ideas on how to get their kids to help with the household chores, including putting away their toys in record time! I’ve never seen kids get so excited to do their chores!

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Organizing Toys the Easy Way – 7 Ideas to Get the Kids Involved

by Theresa February 8, 2009

Is organizing toys a big issue for you and your kids? I wrote a few toy reviews this Christmas and wanted to add a few how-to posts for parents as well. Here’s some handy hints to keep toy clutter from taking over your kids rooms. The more you can keep toys and clothes off the floor the less cluttered the room feels and easier it is to clean. Of course, If you can actually get your kids involved in the whole process is way easier!

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Crayola Glow Board Encourages Creativity in Kids

by Theresa December 22, 2008

This Crayola Glow Board is so unique… Are you looking for simple instructions on how the glow board works? Here’s a neat video from Crayola. As you can see it lets kids create artwork on the drawing surface of the glow board. It comes with six neon markers with special ink that allow the drawing to glow in the dark. Kids just wipe…

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Bath Time Fun With the Bath Blizzard!

by Theresa December 21, 2008

The Bath Blizzard is basically a bubble maker for your tub. What will they think of next? Here’s another great little invention I saw on TV for kids. You just hang it on the faucet or tap and blows out continuous, cascading stream of bubbles. A little bottle of bubble bath is included. It takes a couple of minutes for

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Find Out What Parents are Saying About the Pixos Toy

by Theresa December 20, 2008

The Pixos toy this year, as you all know, is a safer non-toxic version of the Aqua Dots that were recalled last year. They basically just reformulated the little beads so that they were safe for kids. Here is a review and a video for you to decide if this toy is right for your child.

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See What Your Kids Can Create With Bendaroos

by Theresa December 12, 2008

Bendaroos kind of reminds of the pipecleaners we used as a kid. We used to make little figures and animals by bending the wires. This is basically how Bendaroos works but without the wires. In the package their is a large variety of colored wax strings. You can easily conform them to any shape. They can also be cut and stuck together without tools or glue.

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