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How Effective is the Amazing Handheld Electric Bug Zapper

by Theresa March 27, 2010

The Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper brings the combat sport of bug zapping to a whole new level. Unlike a traditional bug zapper you don’t have to wait for the bugs to be attracted to a light source. Instead you can go on the attack with an electric bug zapper shaped like a tennis racquet. So is this an effective way to keep the bugs away or just an amusing novelty toy?

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How Do Eagle Eye Sunglasses Compare to Regular Sunglasses?

by Theresa March 22, 2010

The Eagle Eyes Sunglasses have a whole lot of technology behind them. It sure sounds impressive enough. So what in the world is “TriLenium Gold Lens Technology”? And are they really so much better in comparison to regular sunglasses? Here’s also one important point you need to know if you’re considering picking up a pair of these shades.

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Water Jet Put to the Test Outdoors

by Theresa March 20, 2010

Water Jet seems to be a nice alternative to buying a bulky high pressure washer. This time of of year were all itching to get outside to clean off our grungy patio, sidewalks and siding. Although you’re probably wondering how well Water Jet works with regular household chores. Here’s a summary of the things that it can and can’t do.

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Say Good Riddance to Mosquitos With All Natural Bug Bam

by Theresa July 27, 2009

Bug Bam is for those of us who hate putting chemicals on our skin. That Deet Repellant is so sticky and smelly. I was very intrigued by the claims of this natural product. So how does it work you ask? These all natural wristbands mask our own human scent and fool insects into thinking that we’re actually a plant! They’re made from a combination of lemongrass oil, geranium and citronella and good for up to 100 hours of use. They are scientifically tested but I still wondered if they were “real” or bogus tests. This inventor seems pretty honest though….

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Rocket Fishing Rod for Kids – Just Pump, Launch and Reel

by Theresa July 26, 2009

Rocket Fishing Rod now makes fishing hip among the younger kids. This isn’t your average rod and reel. It’s a rod that more like a toy gun. You fire it by pumping the rod and then pulling the trigger. A capsule then flies out of the rod up to 30 feet. When it hit’s the water it opens, the bait sinks and the float bobs up and down as normal. All kids need to do is reel in the big one. Well let’s see if little Trey enjoys his first time fishing with the Rocket Fishing Rod!

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Fish Pen is Convenient but Not the Highest Quality

by Theresa July 25, 2009

The Fish Pen from Colman is for those avid fisherman who might need a rod for those unexpected fishing opportunities. The infomercial brags about the fact that it fits conveniently anywhere, your glove box, back pack, briefcase, back pocket since portability is the main selling point here. The makers claim that it transforms from an oversized pen to an light weight rod. Carl’s opinion will definitely help you figure out if the $20 Fish Pen belongs in your tackle box or glove box for that matter.

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