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Cat Genie Review and Cat Potty Training Instructions

by Theresa May 16, 2010

Cat Genie is one of those inventions that you really wonder…Is it really necessary to overdevelop the simplicity of a litter box? Does your kitty need his own $330 cat toilet that self flushes and self washes? Find out how well this electronic, mini toilet works.

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Do Crazy Critters Stand Up to Normal Wear and Tear?

by Theresa May 13, 2010

The Crazy Critters infomercial claims that their pet toys are indestructible. If you have a dog that completely destroys pet toys, you might have been interested in introducing them to a Crazy Critter toy skunk, raccoon or fox. The reinforced fabric, stitching, lack of stuffing and two squeaker toys inside each Crazy Critter should make for a great pet toy. The main thing pet owners worry about is…does it stand up to dogs with aggressive chewing habits?

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Dog E Minder Keeps Track of Your Dog’s Activities

by Theresa May 10, 2010

The Dog E Minder is a battery powered dog tag and activity tracking device for your pet. You know how it is when you aren’t sure if someone has taken the dog for a walk or fed him. I could see this being quite useful and may interest you. Here’s a quick video and review of what Dog E Minder can do for you.

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Is Snuggie for Dogs Practical or Just a Novelty Item?

by Theresa February 23, 2010

Snuggie for Dogs…oh what next. Do dogs really need to be a part of the Snuggie culture? I’m not opposed to dog fashion. They sure do look kind of cute in them. So this more of a novelty item or practical doggy clothing for outdoor use?

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Dog Owners Share Their Experience In This Potty Patch Review

by Theresa February 23, 2010

The Potty Patch pretty much resembles a plastic boot tray with a golf green on top. Oh so this is suppose to be an indoor doggie Port-a-Potty! Apparently, the infomercial claims that your dog will think that the Potty Patch is your front lawn and do his business on it instead of your carpet. This faux grass potty isn’t anything new. There are others already on the market. Like UgoDog, Ingrass Puppy Poppy and the Lil PetZoom Pet Park and many more. Depending on the size the prices can range from from $40 to $150. So what do dog owners think about the Potty Patch?

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Emery Cat Board Review – The Real Truth

by Theresa February 21, 2010

The Emery Cat Board is creating a lot of buzz around the internet…mostly from internet marketers trying to make a buck from promoting this product. I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercials of cats having a blast scratching their nails on the honeycomb board and playing with the attached dangling toy.

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HydroSurge Rapid Bath Cleans Your Pooch in 3 Minutes Flat

by Theresa May 31, 2009

HydroSurge Rapid Bath claims they can clean up your pooch in 3 minutes or less. We’re taking wash, shampoo, condition and rinse. I thought this might be handy for pet owners especially in the spring and summer months. Dogs are always picking up the worst things in their fur. Heartland News put this cool little gadget to the test on Celie a Newfoundland and Charlie the Chihuahua.

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Pet Vac Collects Hair From Your Pet Instead of Your Furniture

by Theresa May 30, 2009

Pet Vac kind of reminds me of the Flowbee or Robocut pet attachment. The concept is very similar. Vacuum your furry friend before all that pet hair has a chance to scatter all over your house, furniture and clothes. The only problem with using a vacuum directly on your pet is that they completely freak out from the noise! That’s why this Pet Vac has an extra long hose so you can keep your vacuum over in the next room. Ahhhh genius idea but does it actually work?

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Pet Zoom is Great for Multi-Tasking Pet Owners

by Theresa May 27, 2009

Pet Zoom is a grooming/trimmer/massaging device for pets. Oh and it also removes fur from your couches. Now that’s multi-tasking! It seems to be torture for some pets and owners to go through the whole grooming process. Those brush wires tugging at the hair and hurting your poor little fur ball. The new age feature on this brush is its magic button located on the handle…You push it and it pops the hair right out from the bristles! Neato!!

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Peticure vs PediPaws – Find Out Which is Better

by Theresa April 1, 2009

Peticure and PediPaws are almost identical pet nail trimmers. I can see how a lot of pet owners could confuse the two. Most pet owners hate clipping their pet’s nails. Your pet squirms, it’s awkward to restrain them and you’re trying not to hurt them by cutting the nail below the quick. Have a look at the differences between the Peti Cure and PediPaws in this video review.

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