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Innovative Easter Gifts from Around the World

by Theresa April 11, 2009

Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, Easter baskets…Every family has their own special Easter tradition. Just for fun, and since I love to feature unusual gifts and weird inventions, I’ve collected 4 unique Easter gifts from around the world. Two are from the British Chocolate Company Thorntons. For the past two years they’ve come up with two really unique ideas.

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Three Crazy Gag Gifts for St Paddys Day

by Theresa March 16, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! It’s celebrated by the Irish and Irish at Heart. It’s time to go green, get jiggy and wish your dear ones good cheer and good luck. It’s biggest beer-drinking day of the year for many.  Just for a little fun and to honor of St Patrick’s Day, here are […]

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Valentines Day Gift Shopping, History and a Little Humour

by Theresa February 4, 2009

Most Valentines Day gift shopping is always left to the last minute. It’s already next Saturday! I was browsing around the net tonight found two really interesting videos. The first one is the history of the Valentines Day. We all know it was started by St. Valentine but have you ever wondered how the fully history of Valentines Day unfolded? The second video is for a little comedy relief. I’ve got Video Jugs “How to buy a lingerie for your partner”. Last but not least I’ve got a list of What NOT to get your loved one on Valentines Day. Very funny!

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Inexpensive Gift Shopping Ideas for Valentines Day

by Theresa February 3, 2009

Gift shopping ideas for Valentines Day can be inexpensive yet still be memorable. Most of us think cheap equals tacky. No not so! I personally love something that is a little different and thoughtful. Here are two videos from that I thought you might like to check out. The first video is how to make simple Valentines Day gifts. The second video is about how to choose a flower bouquet that looks great and is easy on your budget.

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Three Weird and Not So Wonderful Valentines Day Gifts

by Theresa February 2, 2009

Valentines Day gifts, cards and traditions weren’t always a part of American tradition. Valentines Day cards were mass produced in the US around 1850. Only in the 1950′s did it become common practice to give a gift along with the card. The most commonly exchanged gifts were of course only men giving women basic gifts like chocolates and roses. If your out gift shopping and wondering what to buy… why not think outside the box? Now you can express your love and affection with these most unusual Valentines Day gifts.

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Are you a Savvy Shopper? Try this Consumer Test

by Theresa December 26, 2008

Consumer buying tips are good to review from time to time. Now that all of our gift shopping is out of the way, I thought I’d put up this interesting little consumer IQ test. Take this quick quiz to see how much you know about consumer issues, laws and scams.

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Is Regifting Ok? Remember These Handy Hints

by Theresa December 24, 2008

Thinking of partaking in a little gift recycling this Christmas season? It’s so convenient especially when times running out, your panicking and it’s 4pm on Christmas Eve! I know the feeling! Here’s a really great video from showing you the ins and outs of passing on your unwanted gifts.

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Gift Wrapping With Pizazz! Watch This Unique Video…

by Theresa December 23, 2008

Gift wrapping shouldn’t be an after thought! We take so much time and care in selecting that perfect gift. It’s kind of funny how most of us don’t think twice about the packaging! Want to give your gift wrapping a little bit more pizazz this year? Why use the same old standard wrapping paper and ribbon? Watch this video to find out how!

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Gift Shopping Online This Year? Seven Tips to Keep You Safe

by Theresa December 9, 2008

Gift shopping online is convenient and comfortable. Although, have you ever paused before making a payment at an online site? You sit there wondering if the website and your credit card information will really be kept safe?

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Gift Shopping Made Easy – Five Handy Hints

by Theresa December 8, 2008

Gift shopping can be pretty darn stressful, I must admit. I love to wait till the week before Christmas hoping to find some better deals and besides I love the adrenaline rush! I wanted to share these handy tips for making your holiday shopping a little easier.

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