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Roomba Makes a Great Toy for Cats and Babies Alike

by Theresa December 15, 2009

I’ve always been fascinated watching the Roomba maneuver in and around hard to reach places. You might be wondering what other uses you can get out of this round robotic vacuum cleaner. Did you know that it’s just as entertaining to watch your pet’s reaction to it as it is to use it? The YouTube community has definitely picked up on this. Ever heard of Roomba surfing?

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The Coolest Present Under the Tree – Aibo the Robotic Dog

by Theresa November 28, 2009

Here’s a look back at one of the first mass produced robotic inventions. Sony’s Aibo, is programmed to act like a real canine companion. I never realized how cool this dog was until I watched Aibo and how it responds to his owner on video. It has some neat tricks up it’s, um paw. It recognizes it’s owners face, and Aibo’s eyes light up in green to convey happiness and red to show anger.

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The Shake Weight – Ellen’s Fun New Fitness Gadget

by Theresa November 9, 2009

Ellen Degeneres is always on the lookout for silly gadgets especially the weird ones on informercials. She just can’t seem to stop talking about the revolutionary new Shake Weight. Well Ellen of course had to test it out for herself and since she’s so generous she gave out Shake Weight’s to her crew and the entire audience.

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Crazy Inventions for Your Kitchen

by Theresa July 20, 2009

Crazy inventions for the kitchen can sometimes be bizarre, entertaining AND practical, all at the same time. Well just when you thought you’ve seen everything…Here’s more strange but clever kitchen gadgets to clog up your counter top.

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Fake Beer Gut Makes the Best Beer Storage Device

by Theresa June 22, 2009

With Fathers Day come and gone, Dad’s around the country might appreciate but may not actually use their Father’s Day gifts. These days, if you’re Dad gets a little frustrated spending $7 on a beer at the football game, there’s a solution for that!

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Two Ridiculous Inventions for Pet Lovers

by Theresa June 15, 2009

Pet lovers will enjoy these two ridiculous inventions. Bowlingual has been selling well over in Japan for years. The Perfect Pet Petter…well that’s another story. It was just a tad too creepy looking for the judges on American Inventor.

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Three Strangley Practical but Weird Umbrella Inventions

by Theresa May 11, 2009

With spring already here, you may be interested in all the newest, craziest weird umbrella inventions now on the market. Would you be caught with any of these? The first is a rather dorky looking hands free umbrella made right in the USA. The next generation of rain gear, they say. The next two are from the Chindogu line of weird Japanese inventions.

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Top Five Inventions for Lazy People

by Theresa May 3, 2009

Video Jug does a great job poking fun of the laziest inventions on the planet. Hey what do you know…we’ve got two As Seen on TV products on the list. We’ve also got a motorized spaghetti fork and ice cream cone and the Nugget cup aka “Chomp and Chug”.

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Chia Obama Called Racist and Removed From Walgreens Stores

by Theresa April 20, 2009

Chia Obama is the newest Special Edition Chia that commemorates Barack Obama. Hail to the new Ch-Ch-Ch Chief is the new Chia site slogan. Just apply chia seeds, soak the presidents scalp and watch his afro, I mean Chia-fro grow. That sure beats my chia herb garden. You can choose between the Happy Pose or Determined Pose Chia Obama. On the side of the Chia planter are inscribed his famous words…… “Yes We Can”. You get three packets of chia seeds to renew his chia afro.

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Weird Inventions from Japan – Baby Mops and Cat Duster Slippers

by Theresa April 6, 2009

Weird inventions are an actual art form in Japan called Chindogu. Can you believe that? It’s a collection of both brilliant and bizarre gizmos and gadgets that are supposed to solve annoying little problems of modern life either at work, home, leisure or commuting in traffic. These hilarious inventions have taken Japan by storm. In Japan Chindogu is promoted by Kenji Kawakami, the author of the book “The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions”. Just for fun, I wanted to share some of these with you. Those Japanese sure have a passion for cleaning…

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