Time Life Rock Ballads – Is it Worth Buying This Collection?

by Theresa on November 22, 2008 · 0 comments

Time Life Rock Ballads sure looks great on the infomercial. There are a few negative comments from Rock Ballad fans...

The History of Rock Ballads

I thought you might find this a bit interesting. Rock ballads come into existence back in the 1970s.  Record company execs wanted to sign on heavy metal and  hard metal bands only if they  included a  ballad on their album. Their reasoning was  that the ballad would attract a larger listening audience than the bands' typical music.  Who had the first rock ballad?  It was Motley Crue's Third album "Theatre Of Pain".

Check out this video of my favorite rock ballads of all time!  I can't get these tunes out of my head. Arghhhh!!!

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What are your favorite songs of the 70's and 80's? Here are some more favs. Did I miss anything??

  1. "Dream on" by Aerosmith
  2. Rainbow :Can't let you go
  3. Alcatrazz :Suffer me
  4. Def Leppard :Bringin' on the heartbreak
  5. Vandenberg :How long
  6. 220 volt :Lorraine
  7. Europe :D reamer
  8. Pretty maids :Eye of the storm
  9. White Lion :Lady of the valley
  10. Icon :It's up to you
  11. ELP :The sage
  12. Snowy white :Bird of paradise
  13. Yngwie J.Malmsteen :D reaming (tell me)
  14. Cinderella :Nobody's fool
  15. Nelson  "Time will tell" by Nelson
  16. Eagles:Hotel California
  17. Scorpions: Yellow Raven

Time Life Rock Ballads Collection - Pros

  • Great for parties and social gatherings
  • Makes a great gift for those who are having a hard time finding all these tunes
  • It has the all the best rock groups
  • It’s a great collection of all the best rock ballads of the last five decades
  • If you grew up in the 70's this music really takes you back
  • Time Life has a 60 day return policy and they allow you to open and examine the cds
  • Nine cds for $120. Then when you click to order you have the option of getting a total of 17 cds for $220.00

Time Life Rock Ballads Review

Time Life Rock Ballads Collection - Cons

  • The majority enjoyed all the hits but there are a few people that say the biggest drawback is that there is a lack of hit songs. Only five good songs per cd.
  • Younger adults might find them a little slow and boring compared to todays music
  • I’ve heard that the best music is on the infomercial
  • Some of these old songs aren’t rock and others that aren’t ballads
  • Some of the songs are out of context for the theme and some should be omitted because they're forgettable. Can get sappy listening to too much of this continuously.
  • Occasionally Time Life has products that are extremely popular and they run out of inventory. You will need to wait for them to receive more inventory which may add to the wait of receiving your cds. If you’ve ordered them on backorder they will ship them to you as soon as they are available.

Please be aware of the following...
Sometimes the [tags]time-life-rock-ballads[/tags]product price you see on TV is different than on the internet because they occasionally offer special sales promotions. Time Life will offer you the lower of the two prices if you call them.

Since I'm from Canada, when I tried to order my cd’s from Time Life USA, I was surprised that they only take orders from the U.S. I guess its because of the license copyright laws of each country. So you basically can't ship the order to a foreign country either. There are three different sites...

Timelife Canada
Timelife Europe
Timelife South Pacific and Australia

Time Life Rock Ballads can be found on itunes as well. Just get a list of your favorite hits and buy them for $1 a piece from itunes to download to your ipod. Although I find it hard to burn the mp4s onto a cd with the copyright issues. Do you have any fav rock ballads?? Please leave a comment below!

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