Can You Really Glide Your Way to Great Abs With Ab Flyer?

by Theresa on August 2, 2009 · 4 comments

Is Ab Flyer yet another overpriced ab machine? They sure try and hook you with that $15 trial offer.... Ahh but what about the horrendous shipping costs. And do you notice how fitness infomercials always show people writhing around in pain on the floor while trying to do their sit ups?? Well I was sort of impressed (but still skeptical as always) that it's actually endorsed by two Olympic gold medalists, swimmer Shannon Miller and Soccer Captain, Christie Rampone. Here's Elaine, a personal trainer, who takes a hard look at this ab workout device.

Ab Flyer System Includes the Following

Ab Flyer with digital timer and counter
Guide to the Ab Flyer System
Ab Flyer exercise program
Take Off the Pounds Cardio DVD
Take Off the Pounds mix and match meal plan

Ab Flyer Infomercial Claims

The secret to the Ab Flyer is the patented reverse arc motion that targets the lower, middle, and upper abs all at the same time. Totally eliminates strain on your back, neck and shoulders while engaging your entire abdominal core on every rep.


  • It's a natural bottom up motion that makes repetitive ab workout easier.
  • Already comes partially assembled.
  • Folds up easily for easy storage and transport.
  • You can turn your knees to work the side oblique muscles.
  • It works entire core abdominal muscle group.
  • Adjustable resistance for users of all fitness levels.
  • Adjustable knee pads for twisting exercises to work oblique muscles.


  • It's design is suppose to eliminate strain on neck, back and shoulders although you have to Ab Flyer Reviewcontinually watch your posture on this machine. It's natural to slouch on it which will actually cause strain you're neck and shoulders.
  • As in the video, the first level of resistance is hardly noticeable and the maximum resistance level may not be high enough to have an effect on your abs.
  • Won't work well if you can't put weight on your knees due to knee problems.
  • Comparing it to regular gym routines they usually consist of a whole series of other exercises that are beneficial to get your abs and the rest of your body in shape. This machine has it's limitations.
  • The $200 price tag plus shipping charges is quite high.

Ab Flyer doesn't have the resistance that you really need when you reach the higher levels although it really does work the lower abs. The expensive price tag is what gets me. To tell you the truth, I can't imagine that the gold medalists use only the Ab Flyer to get in shape for the Olympics. Here's another ab machine you may have heard of. Here's the Ab Sonic put to the test!

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1 Crystal Brock February 20, 2010

I was considering buying the ab flyer through the company website, put all my cc information in then changed my mind, I never hit the place order button. Next day, they sent through the order anyway. I called and told them to cancel but the customer service representative told me it had already been shipped and there was nothing he could do. He said I could pay the shipping to send it back to them and they would give me a refund for the machine only. That is 45.00 in shipping charges to fix a mistake that I never even made out of my pocket. I get an e-mail from the company later that night telling me they were processing my order and they would send me another e-mail before the order ships. The customer service rep lied to me to keep me from canceling my order.

2 Theresa February 20, 2010

Wow isn’t that something! Thanks for letting us know about this…sure makes you wonder what’s going on with some of these companies. So glad you’re able to finally get your order canceled…

3 Desiree January 25, 2011

I ordered this machine through telephone. They said it would take 4 to 6 weeks so I thought well, that would be fine. I had it in about 10 days maybe 14. That is how fast it came, I was suprised. I just got it last night so I had my husband put it together. It wasn’t that hard at all. I used it a few times because everyone wanted to try it. So I plan on using it for a full work out tonight. But I can say that in the 10 minutes or about 30 reps that I did last night i was tired and I felt a burn in my abs. You really have to do it right to feel the burn though. I am not an very fit person so the resistance was just fine for me now. I hope to be able to get ribbed abs but I am sure it is all dependant on the proper use of the machine, just buying it isn’t gonna get me abs. So… I hope this is helpful for some of you.

4 Theresa February 2, 2011

Thanks Desiree…we appreciate your feedback!