Exercise Equipment Put to the Test by Andrea Metcalf

by Theresa on April 29, 2009 · 1 comment

With spring already here, we'll all be clamoring to get in shape. Do we really need to buy all those As Seen on TV fitness gadgets? I should hope not! I almost wrote em all off. Anyways, on the Today Show they had a pretty good show with Certified Fitness Trainer Andrea Metcalf. She took an honest look at four, As Seen on TV exercise products. They include Tony Little’s Rock and Roll Stepper, Perfect Pushup, Rock and Go Exerciser and the Iron Gym.


Summary and Review of the four products.

Rock and Roll Stepper $80

It's a cardio workout similar to working out on a treadmill.
Good for beginners if you have reasonable balance.
The intensity of the lower body workout depends how high and low you bend.
Good instruction booklet.

Others who have tried this product claim....


  • It really does target the areas that it claims.
  • If you have weak back or knees there are modifications you can do.
  • You really feel it in your buttocks, thighs and hips.
  • You start to sweat after only a few minutes. It's a good cardio workout.


  • Two annoying things are that the machine tends to move around. They even include a mat to put underneath it but it still slides around.
  • It also squeaks when you work out on it. Some are really annoyed others are mildy irritated with that.

Perfect Pushup $40
Perfect Push Up Review

  • It's no different from doing pushups on the floor.
  • Good for pushup variations.
  • Allows you to do deeper pushups.
  • Good product to protect your shoulder joints.
  • It puts less stress on shoulders, arms or wrists.
  • Please see my perfect pushup vs push up pro review. These are two very similar products so there's a side by side comparison there.

Rock N Go Exerciser $200
Rock and Go Review

  • Resembles a bucking bronco.
  • It's much more effective to get on a floor mat to work on your abs.
  • Fun alternative for those who sit in the house all day.
  • Only good to get someone who is sedentary, moving again.
  • It does move your core muscles if you attempt to maintain your posture while riding it.
  • Honestly, I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to buy this[tags]exercise equipment[/tags] for $200 unless you wanted to entertain the kids!

Iron Gym $30
Iron Gym

  • A gym for the upper body.
  • You can do pull ups with three different hand positions.
  • Biggest problem is that it does NOT fit on all doors.
  • There are also reports of the Iron Gym falling on people.
  • Please see a previous Iron Gym review, more info, comments and various other exercises you can do with Iron Gym right here.

When ordering online or over the phone, please remember to...
Read the fine print and check shipping and handling charges. Sometimes the shipping is more than the product itself. Also check the return policy. It's really expensive to return the product if you're not happy with it. Please check my list of six online ordering issues right here. To make it easier, you can get all these products in stores that sell As Seen on TV products and avoid all these problems.

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1 Carol Moak February 3, 2011

I tried Bender Ball and found it to be surprisingly good for abs…I most certainly felt it the next day! As for cost, the entire thing was 20 bucks…not bad really. I got the ball, straw to inflate it with and the CD with the Ab and Leg/Butt workouts. I am happy with the product for 20 bucks…but, what I didn’t know is that I was automatically enrolled in a monthly CD club, which I did not want, but learned of on line while hunting for reviews. I immediately (i hadn’t even received the ball yet) cancelled any further CD shipments…and, so far so good, but I will have to check my upcoming charge card bill to be certain all is okay. For those having problems with calling the customer service line, which I hear is terrible, try doing in on line. They have Instant Customer Service, and you can cancel your order there. They supposedly don’t send you e-mail confirmation of this (which is why I am checking my next charge card bill), but hopefully they aren’t that crooked to tell you you’re cancelled when you are not! Otherwise….good workouts…and worth it! P.S. Learning how to do a plank and holding it for a while is really one of the BEST ab workouts…you will see when you try to do it! Here’s to your good abs!!