Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner Takes the Heat From Consumers

by Theresa on June 28, 2009 · 11 comments

Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner is basically a pressurized 1200 watt hand held steam cleaner. It's meant to remove built-up dirt, grime and grease on any surface around the house. But before you shell out $70, please have a look at this review...

Monster Steam Cleaner review

Monster Steam Cleaner review

Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner Claims

  • Removes mold and mildew
  • Kills 99.% of germs and bacteria
  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Deep cleans any surface
  • 15 foot standard cord
  • Combines a powerful 1200 watts of steam with a specially formulated solution to cleanse, sterilize and disinfect any household area. Has a separate supply tank for the sanitizing solution.
  • Deodorizes and removes odors from your home.

What Else Comes With the Steam Cleaner?

Monster Steam Cleaner plus a free Bonus: 10-piece accessory kit + 1 bottle of Clean Blast Solution

The accessories include the following...

  1. Round brush
  2. Bayonet tip angle nozzle to concentrate steam
  3. Upholstery nozzle for fabric
  4. Window squeegee
  5. Extension hose
  6. 8-oz. bottle of EPA Approved Clean Blast Sanitizing Solution
  7. Measuring cup and tote bag

You're supposed to be able to clean and sanitize all surfaces as well as dissolve soap scum from bathroom tiles and even squeegee your windows, clean upholstery and iron fabric with the special attachments. First you add water to the well and pour in the Clean Blast Solution into the dispenser.


  • It does relax wrinkles from fabric although not any faster than an iron.
  • There are [tags]monster-1200-steam-cleaner[/tags]consumer reports that it's great at getting rid of mysterious odors.
  • Great for disinfecting surfaces even without the Clean Blast Sanitizing Solution.


  • It takes a lot of solution and takes very long to clean a shower.
  • After blasting steam soap and stains they'll still be there and you'll still have to scrub to get them off.
  • The pressure of the steamer alone will not remove residue and you still need to use some elbow grease.
  • Awkward to carry and can get quite heavy when carrying a full steamer full of water with one hand.
  • Some reports of people burning themselves when they unscrew the cap to pour in more water.

Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner is better used to disinfect surfaces more than actually cleaning the grime off of surfaces.  Judging by your comments this is definitely not something you want to buy. Steam seems to be a method to clean almost everything these days...even your barbeque with the Grill Daddy Bbq Cleaner. Actually this product is not that necessary since barbeque cleaning can be done a much easier, non toxic way.

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1 Michelle October 15, 2009

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY!!! I purchased a Monster hoping for a more environmentally friendly cleaning option. I already use a lot of vinegar & Simple Green. For starters, the machine I received did not include instructions. I filled the unit with the MAX 200ml water as indicated on fill cup. No steam. Not even after 20 min. I had to shake it for steam to come out – and it is a heavy unit to have to shake. Then the steam pressure couldn’t even move a piece of cat hair on a tile. When I called customer service, they said to add 300ml of water and try again. So I did. Same result. Then I filled the stupid thing until it overflowed and it still did not produce any steam without shaking. (you also have to wait for it to cool down before adding more water…kinda like the radiator cap on your car). When I called a 2nd time for details on a refund & return, it was suggested that I add 200 ml of water plus 100 ml vinegar and let it sit overnight. Hello crazy…I’m not running to the store for vinegar to “clean” a brand-new product. The key of their customer service department is to NOT let you return a faulty product. Their next offer was to send me a brand new unit, free of charge. If that’s your thing, I recommend it. It is not mine. I guess I could have sold the “bad” one on e-bay – so watch out for those “deals” too. BUYER BEWARE

2 Marcus B December 16, 2009

Keep your money in your pocket; this machine lost its ability to produce steam within 3 days of use. You can get the most benefit out of this Machine by buying it and throwing it in the garbage. That way you can retain your pride and avoid disappointment. Good luck with returning the product, the operators will do everthing they can to avoid returns.

3 Bookworm February 22, 2010

RIP OFF! Do not buy this product. The steam doesn’t get hot, spurts out, or doesn’t make steam. Customer service is a joke, they barely speak English and try to push other products for a Special Low Price! Kept mine because it was a hassle to return. DO NOT BUY!

4 Theresa February 22, 2010

Yes this one is an ultimate rip off! They also add the Monster Steam Cleaner as a bonus with other offers. This always happens when the product is a complete dud.

5 skeptic March 2, 2010

This is one big scam! And now you can’t even get any refill of the clean blast solution that is supposed to be the “defining” item that makes the monster different from other steamers – but they’ve taken Clean Blast Solution off the market! You can’t get it any more! Someone got rich off this scam!

6 sally March 11, 2010

This product is a junk, don’t buy

7 Darrell S Rich May 23, 2010

I am very happy with the Monster 1200 Watt Steam Booster. It make cleaqn easy me, it loosens up the dirty & it is easy to wipe up. I am sorry that u got a bad one.

8 Deborah November 13, 2010

I used this machine 5 times and it was the best thing ever at the time! It just ‘melted’ the crud on my patio door slider runners and also for the shower besides other important things. But after that–nada. Would not work at all. So disappointed! Of course the warranty is ‘past due’ so buyer beware for the rest of you!

9 june D May 30, 2011

I got the monster 1200 thinking it would end all my problems in cleaning but the problems started after one week, spitting out water constantly can’t shut it off doesn’t do the job, this product is not good I would like my money back or a good replacement. the advertisement is false. you should make your customer’s happy not mad. This is one way that a good company will file bankrupt

10 Doreen Ekenstam March 24, 2012

What a piece of crap!!! I plugged mine in for an hour and I can get more steam just turning on the hot water in the bathroom. This thing is going back to the store this week and I’m buying a Shark, at least I know I’ll be getting something that does the job, not something that wastes my time.

11 Tom November 22, 2012

Well to each their own but I don’t know what the folks with the negative comments are smoking this product cleans great for me and both my parents and I use it at our respective homes for years now and it still works fine.

Where I get mad at this product though is two things that really peeve me:

1) Its compact size means you’ll be needing to refill the tank many times for any job larger than a very small surface like a sink or something. It takes 4-5 tank fills to clean my shower stall…6-7 if I lax and let more time slip in between cleanings…that’s just a PITA.

2) The 2nd thing that really aggravates the hell out of me is the stupid safety cap…its a pain to remove. I mean I get it — steam can cause severe burns…I also get that there are much better child proof systems to use than some illogical-makes no sense – random….hey it actually this time…type of push down and turn system. Sometimes the cap will remove in 2 seconds, other times I’m fighting it with it for 10 minutes. That’s just stupid. On a product update the company who makes need has to ditch the current safety cap and use a simple trigger system (you know …”the cap won’t release unless the safety trigger is pulled at the same time” type of deal)

Ignoring those 2 minuses — this thing cleans beautifully.