One Sweep Broom Has Mixed Reviews – Find Out Why

by Theresa on January 14, 2009 · 5 comments

The One Sweep Broom's pitchman raves that "Nothing stays behind." In the infomercial, he really seems to be enjoying himself as he skillfully maneuvers the One Sweep on floor and carpet. It must be that strategically placed bristle design... Maybe its the indestructible space-age polymers that are making him so happy. It is of course the, quote "Worlds Best Broom".  Now hold on there...should we all toss out our old brooms to try this amaaazing As Seen on TV product?

On one side of the [tags]one-sweep-broom[/tags]head it has polymer rubber bristles and on the other side a squeegee. It claims that it's meant for multiple types of cleanups on carpet, tile or wood. It's not suppose to scratch wood or tile surfaces. Also the directions mention that you can use it on dry or wet areas and both indoors or outdoors.


Find out how well the One Sweep Broom works1. Very easy to assemble.

2. Quickly and easily cleans snow off cars.

3. Great for doing large cleanups in your patio, shop, garage, driveway or outdoors.

4. It's getting good reviews on removing pet hair. You might still have to pick up hair clumps with your hands. If your vacuum doesn't have great suction power and you have lots of pet hair deep inside the fibers of your rug, this broom does a good job of getting it out.

5. With regular dry floor the electrostatic nature of the rubber is good for keeping dust from flying all over. Although a regular Swiffer broom can do that as well.

6. Good for indoor jobs where you have stuck on grime. You can take some hot, soapy water and use the squeegee on tough grime. Most of these hardcore jobs would more likely be outside though.

7. Mixed reviews with cleaning up grout in between tiles. I've heard that the rubber bristles really get down in between tiled floors and clean up the grout. While another lady mentioned that when she tried to clean up liquid with the squeegee the liquid stays in the grout. It probably depends on how deep the grout is in between your tiles.

8. The newer model Deluxe One Sweep, (seen in picture below) is getting better reviews than the older model. (seen in picture above)

This is the deluxe one sweep

This is the better quality Deluxe One Sweep


1. Cleanup with the broom requires you to pass over the surface more than once.

2. The squeegee leaves floors still wet and a bit streaky.

3. The handle is not so durable in the older model. The newer model has a better handle.

4. For pet hair in carpet, it takes a while and you'll need to use some elbow grease.

5. With a wet floor the mop doesn't absorb so you'd have to use a different mop to pick up the water. For this reason, it seems that most prefer to use the mop outside rather than inside. You don't have to mop up the liquid if your outside. Just push the dirty water away into the side of the driveway or wherever...

One Sweep Tips

  • The instructions mention that you will see results if you only use short strokes an pull the broom toward you.
  • On the other hand, one guy mentioned that for pet hair in rugs, he actually found it better to push the broom away rather than pull the broom toward you.
  • Since the handle on the older one sweep is not that durable, try not to push too much down on the part where the broom part joins with the handle.

To Summarize
The One Sweep Broom works great on some jobs and not others. There are many mixed reviews. The main satisfied customers seem to be those who use it for outdoor use. It's really good for the driveway, garage or the patio area. Also people with pet hair around the home seem to really like it. Many people are buying it at the stores wherever you can buy As Seen on TV products. Try Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond and maybe Walmart. I wish I could check with those U.S. stores to double check if they have it in stock. Although, since I'm in Canada we don't have those particular store chains here. You can buy it for under $10 so I guess it may be worth a try! Just don't throw away your current broom just yet, just in case! And now onto the laundry cleaning gadgets!

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1 Joe the Super July 6, 2009

All the One-Sweep broom is is a 2009 version of the common household broom.

What he did basically was reinvented and repackaged the typical push broom which doesn’t really impress me after watching the infomercial. I can get the same results from a $3.00 broom made in China rather than spending $11.00 on this piece of junk!

I really cannot believe that people are actually spending money on this product!!

2 Patty July 10, 2009

Hey Joe, can I buy your broom from you? I love the One Sweep because it has the rubber bristles that really pick up the dog hair better than my vacuum can do. I literally need to get a new one b/c my son went out on our deck and busted up ice with the rubber end. It no longer worked correctly. So, now I have to go and buy a new one. We just adopted a dog… and she is hairy!! Blessings!!!

3 Eugene January 26, 2010

Hey, Patty & Joe. I live in the midwest, and I’ve found the Deluxe model great for outdoor stuff, especially in the winter. No $3 broom has ever been able to handle our snow, but the Deluxe weathered 3 winters here, but the salt finally did the rubber in, and I’m not hesitating to get another Delux model.

4 Connie October 29, 2010

I’m trying to find a one sweep in stores my son stepped on our indoor sweep & now it won’t work any more. I’ve bought quite a few, I wanted to share the experience with other family members, but can’t ask for them back. Please tell me where I can buy another in Des Moines, Iowa. Thank you

5 Rob March 17, 2011

I have had ine if these for many years and it works great. I have pets and it quickly sweeps it up on the woods floors and gets it out of carpet. Also here in Florida we track in alot of sand and it gets that without a problem. Main advantage with this broom is that is doesn’t blow the pet hair and fine dirt around.