Shuffles Shoe Mop – Creative Yes but Practical No!

by Theresa on September 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Shuffles Shoe Mops are a rather ridiculous looking product.  I was debating if I should put it in my infomercial humor section or not.  So why is it that all infomercials have to explain things to us that are totally obvious? Maybe they should even include an instruction manual. Geeze I think we can all figure out what mop shoes do  just by giving us a brief demonstration. I noticed the site has a 4 step instruction guide, FAQ page and of all things a "Success  Stories" page with testimonials. Wow, give me a break!

Shuffles Mops come with both tub and microfiber pads

These are not to be confused with the patent pending Schmops, the Mop Shoe or the Slipper Genie! It looks like everyone’s getting into the shoe mop business these days.

Shuffles Silly Infomercial Claims

  1. We're all tired of having to clean our floors the old fashioned way.
  2. Uses the power of your lower body to clean your floors the fast and easy way.
  3. No more bending over, no more back pains and more flimsy mops. Cut your cleaning time in half with Shuffles.
  4. Use Shuffles, place the pads in the wash, lay flat to dry, and use over and over again.
  5. Save yourself hundreds on disposable cleaning pads. Shuffles washable micro fiber cleaning pads are the greener way to clean.
  6. The [tags]shuffles mop[/tags]cleaning pads consist of micro fiber that's super absorbent.  It traps dirt dust and pet hair.
  7. Use dry or, for best results, apply your favorite cleaner directly on the flooring.
  8. Micro fiber is the new advanced material for optimal cleaning.  It's safe on linoleum, tile, hardwood, and most hard flooring.

Thorough instructions
Step 1 -  Attach Shuffles micro fiber cleaning pad
Step 2  - Place Shuffles on your feet
Step 3  - Use dry or spray your favorite cleaner
Step 4  - Shuffle all your floors clean

How did Shuffles Do in Test Results?

Becky Worley actually did a test on Shuffles Mop Shoes on NBC news a while back on these and here are the highlights - errrr I mean low lights of her test.

  • Shuffles picks up really fine dust but when it comes to pet hair and debris it just gets pushed around the room.
  • After wetting the Shuffles with water and mop solution it still had the same effect. After she was done, she found dust bunnies and hairballs all around the room.
  • While she was cleaning she found they got so dirty that had to wash them by hand. Then she couldn't even get them dry enough to do the rest of the cleaning. They left pools of water on the floor.
  • You have to be careful not to fall or trip over them.
  • Overall she found them way to time consuming to take the pads off, clean them and redo sticky areas of the floor. If you're talking about efficiency like doing things cheaper easier and faster,  these aren't going to work. How can they possibly be better than a rag or mop?

A Shuffles spokesman apparently says that Shuffles is getting rave reviews if used as directed. They're of course, supposed to be used only as a mop and not for sweeping and they do say that in the instructions.  Are Shuffles really worth it? I don't think so but they make great clown shoes! By the way, here's a review on Blox Fabric Protector if you want to check that out.

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