Smart Mop Review – Is it Worth Buying?

by Theresa on February 16, 2010 · 14 comments

This Smart Mop review will take a look at a mop that claims to easily wipe up both wet and dry spills. I've seen the real life demo of these mops many times at a Home Show here in Calgary and have owned one of these mops for a few years now. Here's the run down of what you should know.

Smart Mop put to the test in this review

The Smart Mop also claims to reduce back bending and also keeps your hands out of the mop water. Well the thing is most mops these days will also allow you to do this. The big selling feature for me was that it mopped up large quantities of solid food and liquids with ease. It also gets into small crevasses and up against the baseboards extremely well. The mop comes in three pieces and can be assembled easily and quickly.  The head of the mop is made out of the same material as the Sham Wow which is a chamois type cloth. It's in strips and is attached to both ends of the mop handle. There are a few downsides you should know about.

Smart Mop Test

Please click on the blog headline above to view the video. It should pop right up! Positive Points In the video review, Jeanette put the mop through the same tests that you see on the infomercial.

  • The can of soda on the floor - Jeanette easily picks it all up and is able to wring it out in a glass.
  • Brown sugar, ketchup and mustard - The mop picks it up and after you dip and wring the mop comes out pretty clean.

I viewed another Smart Mop video review and they attempted really vigorous tests!

  • They used a combination of  broken egg, barbecue sauce, egg nog, chocolate syrup, brown sugar,salt, salsa, and a can of fruit punch.

It actually mopped it all up but it did leave some egg shell and chunks of veggies on the floor. After a couple of passes they were able to pick these up as well. This is where the Smart Mop shines... if you got a big mess like this it will get the job done.

Negative Points

  • I had the exact same problem as Lauren. You can take the mop head off  to wash it in the washer but it's quite a tricky process. Remember you've got to do it all over again putting it on after the wash. MAJOR pain in the butt.
  • Lauren found orange lint in the washer after she used the mop although I don't remember personally having this problem.
  • I also found that over time, the strips of Sham Wow would not lay nice on my mop. So when you'd go to wring it out it wouldn't be in the proper position for wringing. Even though it did this I still found that I was able to effectively mop the floor and wring the mop. It was a minor annoyance though.
  • Another annoyance is when you have hair on the floor, it will ravel up into the material and its a pain to get out. Again, a minor annoyance and you definitely have to sweep before using the Smart Mop.
  • I also have to mention that in the second test that I viewed, the mop handle broke right off although they were still able to use the mop. Again this never happened to me.
  • Many of you are commenting that the quality of the mops don't stand up over the long haul which is quite disconcerting. It's possible that they are using cheaper quality materials when making the mops.

After all those negative issues, if you're still interested they are available  at, and Ebay.

Smart Living Steam Mop
Smart Living Steam Mop
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Buy It Now for only: $79.00

Smart Living Steam Mop Pads 6 Pack
Smart Living Steam Mop Pads 6 Pack
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Smart Living Steam Mop Pads 3 Pack
Smart Living Steam Mop Pads 3 Pack
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Smart Living Steam Mop Plus
Smart Living Steam Mop Plus
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Smart Living Steam Mop Chenille Pads 3 Pack
Smart Living Steam Mop Chenille Pads 3 Pack
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Smart Select Steam Mop BDH1720SM
Smart Select Steam Mop BDH1720SM
Time Remaining: 29d 20h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $92.06

Smart Sense Butterfly Sponge Mop Refill
Smart Sense Butterfly Sponge Mop Refill
Time Remaining: 8d 21h 35m
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Time Remaining: 3d 10h 37m

Smart Mop Replacement 6 Pack
Smart Mop Replacement 6 Pack
Time Remaining: 12d 4h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $29.95

Smart Sense Butterfly Sponge Mop Refill KM2031
Smart Sense Butterfly Sponge Mop Refill KM2031
Time Remaining: 26d 16h 40m
Buy It Now for only: $9.98

Smart Living Steam Mop Chenille Pads 6 Pack
Smart Living Steam Mop Chenille Pads 6 Pack
Time Remaining: 13d 23h 17m
Buy It Now for only: $39.95

Smart Mop Replacement Head Refill 3 Pack
Smart Mop Replacement Head Refill 3 Pack
Time Remaining: 16d 12h 35m
Buy It Now for only: $16.95

The Smart Mop is more useful for anyone with kids or pets that leave major spills around the house, otherwise a regular mop will suffice. And now for the revolutionary Mr Steamy review!

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1 Linda Blazek February 27, 2010

i cant get mop head off or on how do i do it smart mop

2 Theresa March 1, 2010

Linda, I also found it very frustrating to take the mop head off. There’s a little knob inside the head of the smart mop that you loosen. Then just slide it up over the handle. If you look at the video 2 minutes in, you’ll see Lauren pulling the Smart Mop head off the mop.

Also the here’s a Smart Mop instruction guide on how to take off the mop head although it’s not a very good illustration.

As long as you loosen the knob at the base of the mop and pull the mop head up the mop handle, you should be fine. It’s a bit of a stretch to pull it over the black part of the handle though.

3 Macy June 13, 2010

When you try to put the mop head back on, is the small end go over the base? Got it off but can’t get it back on.

4 Theresa June 15, 2010

Macy, Look at the video above at around 2.05 minutes into the video. You have to bring it over the handle because there’s no way to put that one mope piece over the plastic part at the bottom of the mop. I got all hung up on that as well.

5 Regina September 6, 2010

Most worthless piece of crap I have ever purchased. the screw mechanism would not hold together within 5 minutes of use. No matter how many times I screwed it down with pliers, it popped right off. If this would hold it would work fine. Other than that, its worthless without the mechanism holding.

6 Nichole Fleming October 29, 2010

I like mine ok. Still having problems getting the head off and washed, that part sucks.

7 monique October 31, 2010

The mop would be fine if it didn’t fall apart!! The mop fell apart as soon as i put it in water. Then when you screw it on, it comes off again. The screw mechanism will not hold the mop in place!!!! Therefore, I am tired of playing with the mop!!

8 Donna January 31, 2011

Will it pick up mouse pooh. The swiffer doesn’t and I hate to drag out the vacuum to clean up after the little gifts they leave on the floor.

9 Theresa February 2, 2011

Donna, yes it will pick up mouse droppings!

10 Livegently February 13, 2011

The mophead falls off repeatedly!!! First 30 minutes of use…it fell apart every time I wrung it out. Mop head comes off the handle….VERY FRUSTRATING….bottom comes unscrewed by itself…top part comes off handle. Horrible design!!!

11 Heidi February 15, 2011

The mop was okay, but the customer servirce is terrible. I got charged almost $100 extra, and tried calling for two weeks straight and kept getting a recording say no one could speak with me. i’m still attempting the return all of it to get my money back. NOT WORTH IT!

12 Laura March 10, 2011

I love my smart mop, but I only used it about four times and the handle snapped off where you wring it dry. I have written the company and am hoping they respond with a replacement. I use it to soak up water that blows in from the rain on my screen porch. It works very well.

13 Ellen April 11, 2011

The smart mop was surely made by a stupied man.
The handle is junk, broke twist.
Like most mops the handle is not long enough to mop correctly. ( standong upright and swaying back and forth) (my poor back)
Like most cheap mops the wringer is not for people over the age of fifty or wimps.
I clean for a living and I know junk when I try it out.
Take a survey and find it out for yourself. ( A real survey of wemon who clean and are not lazy)
Not people who want free stuff.

14 J Yladvik October 27, 2011

The screw mechanism keeps falling out. This product seems inherently defective. I am disappointed with the Smart Mop.