Swivel Sweeper Still Easier to Use Than The ol’ Broom

by Theresa on May 21, 2009 · 5 comments

Swivel Sweeper boasts that it's "the most advanced sweeper in the world." Well Anthony Sullivan always makes those kind of claims... This cordless sweeper has been around forever! We had one as a kid but it was only a manual powered one and it worked just fine for everyday use. The major difference with the newer version is that this ones rechargeable. There's no suction...the brushes actually do all the cleanup. The new model is called G2. The one they are demonstrating in the video is the G1 model.

Three parts make up the Swivel Sweeper. The main sweeper, the handle, the charger unit and battery. The [tags]swivel sweeper[/tags]instructions are mostly about assembly. A long drawn out read that should hold your interest for about...what was I saying? Anyway, the one thing you do get from them is the importance of the battery. An 8 hour charge gets you 45 minutes of sweeping bliss.

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  • Swivels into hard to reach edges and corners and picks up dirt from all sides.
  • Cordless so you can take it anywhere in the house.
  • The little tray is easy to detach and re-attach.
  • Only weighs 2lbs so its nice for everyday use and it's small size is easy to store.
  • The brushes along the shorter edges work really well to get at debris trapped along the baseboards and walls.
  • It works equally as well on shorter pile carpet and on floors. It also maneuvers and cleans stairs really well.
  • It picks up soil, coffee, food, chips and even heavier items like nuts and bolts - Basically anything that can fit under the brushes.
  • You can pick it up at Bed Bath and Beyond.


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1 linda kib December 4, 2009

I bought my swivel sweeper second hand and please guide me on putting new batteries in it. Can’t get the battery holder apart.
Thanks much.

2 Theresa December 6, 2009

Linda, I have a link to the instruction manual from Thane.ca right here. You can see in “figure 4″ how to slide the battery in it. I hope this helps!

3 Holly July 27, 2010

Save your money and use a broom. Too much of a hassle emptying out the tiny dirt tray, cutting out hair from the brush mechanism, and recharging battery, awful.

4 JOHN December 24, 2010


5 Lee Fasoli January 19, 2011

The only thing wrong with the Swivel sweeper is the battery. Why don’t you offer a Lithium-Ion batterry I know they cost more than the sweeper but you would probably sell a lot of them.