Riddex Plus Won’t Solve Pest Problems – Here’s Why…

by Theresa on August 9, 2009 · 4 comments

Riddex Plus is I guess, a non-toxic humane way of dealing with rodents. The device isn't designed to actually kill the pests. You're simply supposed to plug the device in any wall outlet and drive the pests away by altering the electric wiring within the walls. The [tags]riddex plus[/tags]infomercial goes out of their way to portray exterminators as "strangers spraying poison throughout your house." You might be surprised at what independent tests and consumers are saying about this product.

Riddex Plus Independent Test Results

One unit is supposed to take care of a 2000 square foot room. I watched three different tests.

  1. On one test caged rats were placed 30 feet from the Riddex Plus. They were able to escape through a tube to another cage if they wanted but the rats actually stayed in the cage close to the device. They then moved the cage within inches of the Riddex Plus. The rats were actually curious and congregated around it.
  2. In the other test, two bins of American cockroaches were used. Entomologist Eric Benson, wrapped one bin with an electrical cord and plugged in the device. A tube connected the bins to allow the roaches to move freely. After a week, Benson opened the bin with Riddex Plus and showed us, “You can see some cockroaches are around. It doesn’t look like the device repelled any of the cockroaches from this harborage." The roaches actually slept right next to the Riddex Plus! That's pretty bad! He even repeated the test and the results came out the same.
  3. In another test a lady plugged in the Riddex Plus for a 3.5 week time period and did notice the mice and roaches leave her apartment. She mentioned that they didn't leave over night but it did take time to actually see results. I've also heard some arguments that you need to plug in two devices in a room for it to really be effective.
Riddex Plus put to the test

Riddex Plus put to the test

Separate Consumers Complaints

These are only a few of the complaints.

  • Warning do not waste your money on this product.
  • It makes the pest problem worse and actually attracts insects.
  • Shortly after plugging Riddex the entire electrical circuit stopped working.
  • Major kitchen appliances stopped working.

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Riddex Plus claims that they've done their own lab tests but there is no body of evidence to say they actually do work. Like a few As Seen on TV products on the market, whenever one fails they simply change the [tags]electronic product[/tags] name of it and create a new infomercial. Over the years there's been similar electronic pest repellent products on the market and like Benson says, there's been no substantial evidence that they actually work.

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1 Donna W October 21, 2009

I tried one of these items, within 30 days i was ready to admit myself to a mental institution. i would sit outside and cry because i didnt want to go in my house. I thought it was because of the 8 inch scorpion i found in my bathroom and was badly unnerved by this.
I called doctors, institutions and everyone i could think of. I already have mental illness, and i have been shocked with electricity very badly, i was scared for my mind.
My mom prayed for me, and then i just knew it was that riddex box. I unplugged it and within 24 hours i was back to normal, for me at least. i have been trying ever since to get ahold of the company with no luck.
If only i had checked the internet first.
there are many places that say it doesnt seem to work on anything but ants.
but i have only since one post about it bothering a person. i am still trying to find out more. be careful of all those products that have no customer support.

2 JoBeth September 12, 2010

Hey Donna,

A lot of people (especially women) are sensitive to ultrasonic waves, so it is not surprising that you were bothered by this.

This is an ultrasonic wave emitter, that is all.

Might work on rodents that are TRAINED to respond to it, but other animals just don’t care.

3 joyce rayle June 2, 2011

I have questons about my plugs I have tried everything to get ahold of them (all their e-mails) can’t find any way to reach them!!!!!!

4 Matt Rendino September 22, 2011

Say what you want, but we use Riddex and we have no problems with rodents, insects or spiders. In fact, we loaned an older Riddex unit to a friend who has a serious mice problem. She said that before Riddex, the mice were growing in numbers. After using Riddex for 2 weeks, she noticed LESS mice activity and said her problem has been solved. I attribute the ineffectiveness of Riddex to counterfeit units which have been sold on Amazon.com. I ordered 5 of them and they were ALL counterfeit. They didn’t have the UL engraving on the back and lacked the lot number. I am a VERY skeptical person and believe in this product 100%!!!!!